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Towing A Fifth Wheel With A Short Bed Truck

another so-called solution that some people have tried is the idea that adding an extension to the king pin box of the Trailer will give you added clearance which as you can see it does you do gain space while towing in a straight line down the road.

but when you start turning you can see the width of the trailer hasn’t changed at all the center of the trailer is still over the axle and half the width of the trailer is ahead of the asset if you’re trying to make a 90 degree turn it’s still going to hit the back of the cab.

when you move the hitch back in the bed behind the Truck axle you are also moving the towing pivot point which creates a condition known as trailer sway.

Not really a solution to the short bed problem at all. the distance from the back of the truck cab to the axle on short bed trucks is only 38 to 42 inches depending on the make and model of the truck and the width of the trailer is fixed usually 96 on a standard trailer or could be up to 102 inches on a wide-body trailer.

You can see the problem unless you move the kingpin or the hitch back. You have not solved the problem when making short turns that we all know are going to be necessary from time to time. There are even some stories of people wanting to have their hitches installed in the back of their truck bed behind the Truck Axle, which causes two negatives: one if you move the weight of the trailer behind the truck axle you are in effect unloading the front axle and overloading the back axle meaning the truck won’t be sitting level and creating a weight distribution problem.

Travel trailer stowed behind the truck axle on a ball have trailer sway and are not as safe towing or as stable in crosswinds as fifth-wheel trailers.

In fact one of the reasons people choose fifth wheeltrailers is because they are so much more stable safe and are easier to handle than travel trailers it would be unlikely that any installer or knowledgeable RVer would accept the idea of mounting a hitch behind the truck axle it is simply not a good idea.

the negativeconsequences in safety and handlingwould eliminate it as an option anyonewould consider there are now a couple ofproducts appearing in the market thatare essentially doing just that actuallymoving the towing pivot point back fromthe truck axle which means that you losethe sway free towing characteristics ofa fifth wheel trailer you’d have atrailer that tows more like a bumperpull travel trailer but without havingthe option of using sway control orweight distribution when the trailerspivot point is behind the truck axle youcan see what happens the affects of swaywin from trucks passing and otherunexpected forces gives the trailerleverage to affect the handling of thetruck in engineering terms it’s calledoversteer or torque not what you wantwhen you’re trying to tow safely andenjoy your travels the disadvantages ofthis option once truly considered aresignificant no one would consider simplyinstalling a fifth wheel hitch behindthe axle of the truck it simply wouldn’thave the safe towing characteristics ofa fifth wheel trailer another drawbackto this option is that it placessignificant additional stress andleverage on the kingpin box and trailerframe which may not have been designedto be altered this way again not reallya solution for shortbed ownersthe only real proven solution for safetowing with short beds is the superglide hitch from pull rightit keeps the pivot point at the axle ofthe truck providing the safe towingadvantages of fifth wheel trailers andthen when making short turns itautomatically moves back as far and asfast as you turn regardless of whetheryou’re towing forward or in Reverse

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Towing A Fifth Wheel With A Short Bed Truck


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