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Do paid surveys pay more than PTC sites?

I have recently received a number of e mails from people asking me why I spend so much time promoting making money from Ptc Sites when paid survey sites pay a great deal more.

As someone who has a great deal of experience using both paid survey sites and PTC sites to earn extra cash, I have decided to throw some light on this issue.

First of all I have to admit that as an individual it is indeed possible to make more taking Paid Surveys than it is clicking ads on a PTC site. The average amount earned through a genuine market research company is around $3.30 (£2) for 10 minutes of your time, whereas with a PTC site you only stand to earn a handful of cents every 10 minutes.

However… as I have said many times before, both in this blog and on my Best Paying PTC website (and I will keep saying it again and again!), the only way to make real money from PTC sites is entirely dependant on how many active Referrals you have working with you. The money you make as an individual from PTC sites could indeed be regarded as peanuts but you have got to look at the bigger picture and work out what  you could earn with  20… 30… 100… referrals in your downline! 

Let me give you one example:

Hits4Pay is a well respected PTC site that pays it’s members $0.02 for every ad they click and $0.01 for every ad their referrals click. The average number of ads made available each day is 5, meaning the average figure you as an individual will earn is 10 cents per day. 10 cents for 2 -3 minutes of clicking may seem like a total waste of time. But now imagine you have 50 referrals all clicking 5 ads each day too. Your daily income has instantly risen by $2.50, without you having to lift a finger! That’s $75 a month residual cash. And 50 referrals is a conservative figure. Once you’ve built up to 100 referrals you are looking at monthly earnings of at least $150... $300 for 200 referrals... and so it goes on.

And there I am just talking about one PTC program! If you join 10 other programs and have 200 referrals repeating the same process... well I’m sure you can work it out for yourself!

In my experience, the focus of most genuine market research sites is not to provide a profitable affiliate program for their panelists - it is purely to collect data for their clients.  Whilst many companies operate what are known as refer a friend programs, where you are rewarded for providing the names and e mail addresses of a small number of personal friends who you personally have invited to join the site, wide scale promotion is frowned upon.

The complete reverse could be said of PTC sites.

When you weigh up all the pros and cons you will see that whilst the earning potential for an individual is much higher from a paid survey site, the overall earning potential from PTC sites is in actual fact higher.

Another point I want to make is that there is a massive difference between completing paid to sign up offers (often passed off as taking paid surveys) and taking part in online market research. You will find that genuine market research companies will pay you for answering specific questions about various products and services purely for the purpose of gaining your opinion, whereas the aim of most paid offers is to try and tempt you to sign up for some product or service in order to obtain your reward.

You should also never consider paying to join a Paid Survey Company. I have never come across a genuine paid survey company yet who has asked for one penny from their panelists. They want to pay you – not the other way around!

If you want the best of both worlds then you may well be interested in taking a look at Clix Sense. This trusted 5+ year old PTC site with over 2 million members is already a firm favourite amongst paid-to-clickers world wide. However in addition to publishing unlimited PTC ads Clix Sense now also offers its members the chance to earn much more serious money every day by taking part in a selection of paid surveys on behalf of some of the top market research companies. You can read a full review of all the benefits of being a Clix Sense member here.

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Do paid surveys pay more than PTC sites?


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