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PTC Sites That Pay Via Paypal

If you are a regular PTC user you will no doubt have become aware of problems some sites are having as a result of using Alert Pay (now Payza) as their payment processor. I am not 100% sure of the finer details but it seems Payza is having issues processing credit card payments and this has caused problems for certain sites when it comes to paying their members.

Some of these sites have withdrawn Payza as a payment processor altogether, or switched to using lesser known processors. This has caused great discussion in various PTC forums amongst honest members who are rightly concerned they are not going to be paid for all their hard work, due to circumstances beyond their control.

More recently, Payza has pretty much withdrawn its services for people from the UK - which is why from now on I personally am only interested in using Ptc Sites that pay via Paypal.

As a general rule you find the PTC sites that are authorised to pay members via Paypal are very much in the minority – but they are almost always built on solid foundations.

Here is a list of my favourite stable and paying PTC sites, all of which pay via Paypal. Another big advantage of all of these sites is that you are not required to log in every day in order to get paid for your Referrals activities. 

#1 - Clix Sense Open to all countries apart from China and Vietnam

Clix Sense has been online and paying since 2007 and is described by many as the “king” of PTC sites. It is certainly my number one choice. With over 2 million members worldwide, the last year has been an exciting time for Clix Sense - especially since they introduced the daily tasks and surveys sections of their site. Those members who are prepared to put some time and effort into these additional tasks have noticed a serious increase in their account balances. 

In addition to the tasks and surveys, new PTC ads are published regularly throughout the day and there are  daily opportunities to earn extra money and daily prizes with the Clix Grid. Hardworking members are  rewarded even further by being given an extra $5 every time they complete $50 worth of tasks and they can earn extra money every day simply by completing all of the items on the daily bonus checklist (this is very do-able!).

However, it has to be said that if you want to make more serious money with Clix Sense you should consider paying the annual $14.95 to upgrade to a premium membership. It’s one of  the cheapest upgrade options there is in the PTC world, and (unlike with most PTC sites) it is worth considering even if you have no referrals. Here are some of the benefits:

  • Premium members are guaranteed a minimum of four x $0.01 ads every day - but it is almost always more than this. You also get an unlimited amount of lower paying ads, worth between $0.005 and $0.001 - all of which have a quick timer and can really boost your income over a period of time.
  • You get paid down 8 levels of referrals as opposed to 1 level as a free member
  • You earn 40% of your referrals earnings as opposed to 20% as a free member
  • You earn $2 for any 1st level referral who upgrades for both membership types, but as a premium member you also earn $1 for any referral who upgrades in your 2nd - 8th level.
  • Premium members earn bonus commissions for each referral they sign up who remains active.

You can have an unlimited amount of referrals with Clix Sense and payments are made by Paypal within one week once your balance reaches $8.

#2 - Hits 4 Pay Open to all countries

Hits 4 Pay is owned by Multiple Stream Marketing - a New York company that has been involved in internet marketing since 1998. It is a well established and respected PTC program with an excellent reputation for paying  members on time. All new members of Hits 4 Pay are instantly credited with $5 in their account to help them get started. There is also a two tier referral system meaning you not only get paid for each ad your own referrals click, but also for any ad their first level referrals click.

This program works in a slightly different way to other PTC programs in that it tends to notify members by e mail when new ads are available to click on. Having said that, I always log into my account every day to check for new ads, as sometimes they become available before you have been  e mailed.

There is no requirement to log in each day in order to be paid for your referrals activities, but your account can be deleted after a long period of inactivity. There is no upgrade option - all members are paid $0.02 for each ad they view, $0.01 for each ad their referrals click - and for each ad their second level referral clicks also. 

Payment is made via Paypal between 15th and 25th of the following month after your balance reaches a minimum of $25.

#3 - Deals n Cash Open to members from USA, Canada, UK and Australia

Deals n Cash is another long established PTC site, owned by the same parent company as Hits 4 Pay. It has an equally good reputation for paying members on time. All new members are credited with an instant $5 into their account when they first join.

The program is the same as Hits 4 Pay in every way other than the following: (1) Only members from the four countries listed above are accepted.  (2) Payment is made via Paypal between 15th and 25th of the following month after your balance reaches a minimum of $30. (3) There is a one tier referral system.. (4) You are paid $0.01 for every ad you view and $0.01 for every ad your referrals view down one level.

#4 - Bux P Open to members from all countries but China

This site has been online since 2008 and continues to steadily develop and increase earning opportunities for its members whilst maintaining an excellent record for paying on time every time. It is one of only a handful of sites considered eligible to be placed in the “elite” category at PTC Investigation.

As a free member you get at least 30 - 60 new ads each day the majority of which pay $0.001. The advantage is that each $0.001 ad has a quick 5 second timer, so you can easily work this site alongside of two or three of the higher paying sites without it taking up any extra time. There are daily cash bonuses for the 5 members who view the most sites.

You also have the opportunity to earn in other ways such as by viewing and rating You Tube videos and completing surveys and offers. Ads are refreshed automatically throughout the day, so it’s well worth logging in several times each day if you have the chance.

Once you have  around 20 active referrals in this program, it is certainly worth considering upgrading your membership. For a monthly fee of $7.95 ($4.99 if you upgrade for 6 months) you get between 50-100 ads per day to click, all of which are higher paying. You are also paid a higher percentage for your referrals’ activities. 

Other advantages of Bux P are that free members are allowed to have an unlimited amount of referrals and you don’t have to be active every day to earn from your referrals either.

Payments are made within 15 days via Paypal  and instantly for upgraded members.

#5 - Link Grand Open to all countries where Paypal is accepted

Link Grand is yet another well established and reliable paying PTC site. Up until last year the site ran entirely on advertising revenue, but the owner has now introduced an upgraded membership option which enables members to earn double for the ads they click. Prices start from as little as $2 for 4 months premium membership. Unlike most PTC premium memberships, those members with no referrals stand to benefit in just the same way as those who have lots of referrals. In addition to the many PTC ads that are published throughout the day every day, members also have daily opportunities to enter contests for cash prizes and can also earn extra cash by signing up to receive paid e mails.

Payments are made via Paypal within 24 hours of requesting.

You will also find that Link Grand offers very reasonably priced advertising packages. You can target your ads to reach specific countries and this can be very effective when promoting certain PTC sites.

#6 - Word Linx Open to all countries where Paypal is accepted

Word Linx has been online since 2003 and has a huge membership base worldwide. It has gained an excellent reputation for paying members instantly via Paypal. Many new ads are published throughout the day and members can earn extra cash by sharing advertisers links via Facebook and Twitter. This is a service not offered by many PTC sites and really makes Word Linx stand head and shoulders above many other sites. From the advertisers point of view it means your ad stands a very good chance of being viewed countless times, so you are getting excellent value for money. This in turn benefits the members because it means there is never any shortage of ads to click on. There is an active forum and new features are being introduced all the time. A series of upgraded membership options are available, starting from as little as $15 per year.

If you know of any other sites that pay via Paypal, please do send a comment below and share with other readers.

Many thanks for reading once again and happy clicking!

Jill Webb

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PTC Sites That Pay Via Paypal


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