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Pet insurance in Canada

Pet insurance in Canada

Wondering about having pet insurance in Canada for your lovely Pet? Let us help you find companies for pet insurance in Canada. Also, insight into the value of pet insurance, deductibles, and coverages limit. 

Having a pet in your home, either a cute kitty or your lovely dog, is all-time mind refreshing. Their sweet acts make you closer to them. And being a pet owner, we all think about pets’ good health and their long stays with us.

Unfortunately, our pets are always at risk of accidents or medical issues. Pet’s illness tends to be a terrifying moment for a pet owner. Also, the medical expenses are another worrying thing for the pet owner.

Yet, there are several ways you can adapt to ensure your Pet’s health and long life. The Pet Insurance in Canada allows you to keep relax. Buying pet insurance can help you get over the medical expenses of your pets.

Pet insurance in Canada

In 1982, the concept of pet insurance started because of a tremendous increase in pet owners inspired by the television series Lassie. Back in 2018, the cost of pet insurance or insurance premiums for accident and illness was estimated at $734.10 per pet owner. The cost of pet insurance depends on the animals and area.

However, some companies in Canada offer coverages like dental care, routine care, purchasing prescribed drugs, and alternative treatments.

How does Pet insurance work?

Ensuring every precious thing leads you to have insurance of your loved pets that aims to put a smile on your face. Well, for this purpose, let’s see how pet insurance works? The processor working on pet insurance is as same as traditional insurances. Different companies provide certain coverages limits and decide your respective premium. You have to pay a certain amount of money as a premium every month. In case of an accident or mishap, the insurer provides the money for expenses, helping you deal with the situation.

Similarly, if your pet becomes ill, pet insurance pays all the medical expenses. However, you have to pay deductibles each year. The deductibles can vary from 10-30% depending on the total cost of treatment. Some pet insurance companies offer routine medical checkups of your pets, but that might get changed from pet insurance.

Pet insurance: Purpose

There are more than two options for pet insurance that pet insurance companies in Canada offer. The range of coverages may include accidents, diagnostic tests, prescribed drugs, surgeries, emergency care, and sudden illness, and more. In that case, the coverages list increases, and you might don’t need all of them. Therefore, it is better to define the purpose of your pet insurance. For this try to answer the following questions by yourself,

Does my Pet get ill more often? If so, you should go for pet insurance that offers medical checkups.

Is my Pet fuzzier and runs out of the home? If so, you should go for coverage, such as an accident.

Similarly, try to compact your coverages to buy proper pet insurance and defined purpose.

Pet insurance: Type of Pet you have 

One of the significant factors in deciding pet insurance coverage is your pet’s type. Type refers to the age and breed of your Pet. For instance, if you have cats, you will be more likely to enjoy policies that do not increase deductibles based on Pet’s age. If you have purebred dogs, you might have to buy more coverages (due to their health issues) than common and mix-breed dogs. Moreover, if you are the owner of a peculiar Pet, you will be restricted to the companies that only offer your pet insurance.

Pet insurance: Your Pocket

While going to buy pet insurance, the capacity of your pocket is another factor that defines the kind of pet insurance. If you have an emergency fund of more than $5000 and you can easily spend money on your pets, you will need to reduce pet insurance coverage. On the other hand, if you have no emergency funds and limited income, you might have to buy an expensive policy. However, if you practice making a budget and saving a specific amount for your pets, this can help you have less expensive insurance policy.

Pet insurance: Your Deductible 

Before your 90% pet insurance starts, you have to pay a specific amount of money from the veterinary bill. For instance, if your pet gets injured or needs emergency surgery, then from the total bill, you will have to pay an amount as your deductible. If a veterinary statement is $4000, you will pay the first $1000; however, the pet insurance company will pay the rest.

The deductible is inversely proportional to premiums. If you pay more deductibles, the lower your premiums will be. Similarly, lower deductibles result in higher premiums. Moreover, if you go for high deductibles, keep a fair amount in your hand to face any emergency or for your pets care services. The pet insurance companies in Canada takes several types of deductibles either all or two.

Annual: You will have to pay deductible on any veterinary bill that has been treated.

Per-condition (Lifetime or Yearly): The lifetime and yearly types require you to pay deductible for each condition. However, per condition yearly, you will have to pay every year.

Pet insurance: Your Coverage limit 

Some pet insurance companies in Canada office either limited or unlimited coverages. The coverage limit is also known as a cap. Pet insurance companies have coverage limits, either annual cap or lifetime cap. Depending on your Pet’s (for instance, purebred, which is more prone to medical issues), it will lead to regular face caps. Also, keep in mind that policy with no coverage limit might charge expensive premiums.


Pet insurance: Reimbursement

The reimbursement in pet insurance is the amount of money that the insurance company pays after the incident. The percentages of reimbursement vary from company to company. Some pet insurance companies pay reimbursement at the time, or others take the time up to six months. The payment of reimbursement occurs after your deductibles are paid.

Worth of pet insurance in Canada 

As the fingers in your hand do not match, the opinions about pet insurance in Canada are also not the same. Some people have valuable comments regarding pet insurance, whereas others think it’s only a waste of money.

Here in this article, you will find ways that will help you find pet insurance is either suitable for you or not.

Considering the first situation (I hope it will never happen), if you experience a traumatic incident of your pet’s severe illness or accident, it would require thousands of dollars to help cure your Pet. However, if your pocket is not full enough, what will you do? How painful it would be to let your Pet go because of a shortage of money. In this case, pet insurance tends to be a caring and helping hand.

Pet insurance: Emotional and Financial Problems

Giving food on time and a soft bed to your pets does not fulfill your duty. Like humans, pets also suffer from medical issues and require special care on those days. You might make every effort to help save your friends (pets), but there are several incidents that you cannot control. Have sudden accidents or illness and unexpected experiences that result in your Pet’s severe conditions and leading to expensive recovery. Therefore, having pet insurance, in this case, would help you get over emotional and financial problems.

Pet insurance: Advantages

As discussed earlier, the pet insurance shares your financial burden and help you take better care of your pets. Through pet insurance, you can ensure your pets better medical condition due to on-time funding.

Several pet insurance companies in Canada also provide flexible pet plans that provide coverages for accident, illness, and complete plans, including care services such as dental cleaning, physiotherapy, vaccinations, acupuncture, parasites prevention, routine lab check-up, and hydrotherapy.

Pet insurance: Disadvantages

The only disadvantage of pet insurance is the misunderstanding of the coverages. Therefore, you might have to face several problems due to not having insight into what coverages you have and what you don’t.

Some pet plans only provide coverages only for dogs and cats, and if you have other small animals or exotics, it might become a problem. Moreover, the other disadvantages depend upon the company’s policies, whether they ask for reimbursement claims or yearly deductibles.

Even though if you do not feel pet insurance as a necessary thing to buy either because of a short pocket for any other reason, you can check an alternative at the last of this article.

Best Pet insurance companies in Canada

The standard features you should look before buying a pet insurance company in Canada are coverages range, increase in premiums with the increase in Pet’s age, reimbursement percentages, deductibles, and other benefits offering by companies, either discounts or optional wellness offers.

Trupanion Canada

The Trupanion was founded in 2000 and tended to Canada’s number one pet insurance company. In comparison to all other pet insurance companies in Canada, the Trupanion is the one who did not work with the reimbursement process at all.

Instead, they have started paying 90% of the veterinary bills within a matter of minutes. You won’t have to wait for approvals and lengthy paperwork. The Trupanion pays your Pet’s vet bill in participating hospitals, giving you mental peace. The Trupanion does not increase premium rates as your Pet gets older.

The Trupanions coverages for a cat are,

Further, there is no coverage limit or cap and claim penalties. The deductible is lifetime per condition means you won’t have to pay again and again for a condition that occurred once.

The Trupanions coverages for dogs are,


  • Pays 90% veterinary bills without waiting for approval
  • No age limit of Pet for enrolment
  • Per condition deductible
  • No coverage limit or caps


  • No customization of plans
  • The age limit of pets (14years)

PetPlan Canada

Petplan Canada provides comprehensive pet insurance in a single plan. The company has coverages both in Canada and the U.S., so; you can get benefits if you travel through countries. You don’t have to pay sign-up fees, which might be up to $35 in some companies. Another feature of the Petplan is that it allows customizing the insurance plan, such as paying on dates decided by you. Further, like Trupanion, the Petplan also provides 90% coverage and no coverage limit.


  • Customized plans
  • Pays 70%-90% vet bills
  • No age limit of pets for enrolment


  • No wellness or check-up plans
  • Screening of older pets before enrolment

CAA pet insurance

CAA pet insurance is one of the products of the CAA insurance. CAA is not only roadside assistance, plus it allows easy to understand plans divided into three levels. CAA pet insurance gives coverages for accidents and illness. However, the standard claiming time is five days. The three levels of CAA pet insurance plan are;


  • 3-leveled easy plans
  • Coverage for accidents and illness up to $4500


  • 5 days standard claim processing
  • Coverage limit resets every year

Pet Secure

A pure Canadian company founded in 1989, is a subsidizer of Petline Insurance Canada. The Pet secure offers four levels of a plan named as Secure1 to Secure4. The Pet secure pay the reimbursement directly to the pet owner either depositing or by cheque. They allow you to buy insurance on the phone or through online services.

The four pet insurance levels are;


  • Offers wellness plans
  • Pays 80% of the vet bill
  • Discounts on covering of pets up to 10%
  • Coverage for accidents and illness up to $1000 and unlimited


  • Exceptional wellness plans are expensive

Pet Plus Us

The Pet Plus Us is a subsidiary or underwritten Pethealth Inc. The working headquarters of Pet plus Us are located in Ontario and Oakville that offers pet insurance through Canada. The Pet plus Us is new in the insurance market with highlighting features such as two plans, $500 and $15,000 coverage limit, and others.


  • Two insurance plans
  • Coverage limit up to $5,000 and in between $15,000 based on your plan
  • Pays 70%-90% of vet bills
  • Exceptional wellness packages


  • Payments occur within six months (slow reimbursement)

Comparison of Pet insurance companies 

Companies Deductibles Vet bill payouts Coverage Cap/limit Drawbacks
Trupanion Per condition 90% No limit No customization of plans


PetPlan Canada Per condition or annually 70%-90% $2500 to unlimited (see terms) Screening of older pets before enrolment


CAA pet insurance     $4500 Coverage limit resets every year


Pet Secure Per condition 80% $1000 to unlimited (see terms) Exceptional wellness plans are expensive


Pet Plus Us Age based and annually 70%-90% In between $5,000 to $15,000 (see terms)s Payments occur within 6 months

How to choose the right pet insurance

Ending up the discussion about the best pet insurance companies in Canada and after providing you with a chain of features, benefits, and other details. You can choose the pet insurance that suits your Pet’s requirements or coverages.

However, the best company in the list would not help you fulfill your requirements if you have an exotic pet. Similarly, according to your pet type, the insurance companies and their policies may vary.

Moreover, if you keep your needs, such as coverages, exclusions, reimbursement, and deductibles in mind, it will help you choose the right pet insurance company in Canada.

A Trending Alternative 

However, if you are not interested in buying pet insurance, the trending alternative for pet insurance in Canada is to make a savings account. Further, if you don’t find yourself committing or giving premiums every month and year for pet insurance, you can create a savings account. But if you still want to have a safe side in case of financial issues related to your Pet. You can opt for a savings account or emergency fund.

The savings account requires you to pay a specific amount of money each month. These savings will turn to be pet insurance payouts without any particular coverages.

You can check the link to have more insight into the savings account in Canada.


What is the procedure for paying insurance?

You can use your credit card, including Visa, MasterCard, and American, or debit card to pay insurance premiums or setting bank accounts to monthly withdrawals to pay your premiums monthly.

What is the cost of pet insurance?

The cost of pet insurance varies from company to company. Some companies, such as PetPlan, offers a free, no-obligation quote for pet insurance. Similarly, you can get a quote (cost) for pet insurance according to your pet through companies’ online platforms.

What coverages do pet insurance covers in Canada?

Pet insurance covers accidents, emergency care, surgeries, sudden illness, diagnostic tests, and hospitalization.

Is it better to buy pet insurance for my dog?

Depending on your dog type and breed, if your pet is pure-breed, than you might face frequent health problems that will lead you to financial pressure. In this case, pet insurance is a better option; however, if your dog remains healthy without any other issues, you might not need to think for pet insurance.

What is the applicable deductible for my pet insurance?

The higher deductible is equal to less premium, and less deductible leads to more cashback. Therefore, if you want to pay fewer premiums, pay more deductibles depending on your company’s deductible type.

In case of an accident, what does the pet insurance covers?

The accidental damages occurred by pets, repairing the broken items, and pet damage after the accident occurred. Make sure to look for your company policy to find what coverages they provide in case of an accident.


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Pet insurance in Canada


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