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The Golden Rules to Become Achieving Entrepreneurs

Once a professor asked his students if they know about Risks, one of his students answered that risk means when a person endeavours to become an Entrepreneur and do Business. At this, the whole class admitted to his content and agreed. You might have agreed to him.

This is because we probably live in an environment where only spoken with a word Business; we acclaim the risks with it. After that, the professor had said a thing that made students think about the related issues. The professor quoted an entrepreneur and told his answer to the students.

When was the entrepreneur asked the same question, what is the meaning of risk? The entrepreneur replied by saying that when you depend on a single source of income. It means a jobber experiences the risks rather than a businessman.

Difference between a business and job

As businessman and entrepreneurs keep themselves with many income sources while jobbers have a single source of income, as long as they do their work, they earn the income. When they stop working or experience an obstacle in work, their income becomes scarce. Nothing is riskier than this.

Due to the pandemic outbreak, many people are still facing financial crunches, and they are relatively experiencing a shortage in their incomes.

  • When they lost their jobs?
  • What can they do then?
  • How will they pay their home loan monthly instalments?
  • What about their children school fee and tuition fee?

In short, they have ruined their lives with all these liabilities.

Today, the employment rate has become worse than in the last 45 years, which is growing continuously. There was a real-time when a person scoring good marks, getting a good job and could live a merry life. Remember it was the time when there was no access to mobile phones.

People used to use landline rather than wireless one and not at home, but they had to approach the outside phone booth. It was when computers were limited to only big operational companies, and the movies were only be watched in theatres, and for entertainment, we had to go outside.

It was all happening when there was no sign of the internet. Today, things have entirely changed. People, time, technological system, and everything and do a job after a certain education level has become outdated. It is not safe and best, though.

On the one hand, the jobbers are facing a big loss whereas on the other hand the children are starting up their business in coding and other computer language and earning in millions. It is all happening before the completion of their college.

An example

For instance, Abel was a boy of around 21 years who wished to seek admission to Business Administration. He had the scarce source of taking admission and could not wish to go with huge loans. He started thinking of saving money with different strategies so that he will not need to take huge loans.

The loans he admired to help himself were frequent in terms of providing access to the needy. It was loans for the unemployed with bad credit offered by direct lenders. He got an idea; he made a website and started selling the pixels. He thought of a plan of making an image having one million pixels.

Any company can buy the pixels and use them to advertise their products. He assigned the price of a single-pixel is approximately one pound. As one pixel has a very small resolution due to its size, he started selling 100 pixels to a company.

People brought their interest in his product, and within five months, he started earning millions. The entertaining part is that he has never pursued the course where he was saving his money. Though it was a unique situation that not everyone could copy, the truth is, you can find many examples.

It is very important to make endeavours for a small owner rather than a big jobber. Doing a job can handle your basic needs and requirements but if you want to pursue your dreams and enjoy leisure, then do a business. The self-employed people believe in it, that is why they encourage others.

They influence others to become an entrepreneur. It is not that there is no problem doing a business and the jobs are worthless despite all these, many experts believe that they both have some advantages and disadvantages.

You should have enough understanding of when to what kind of things. Perhaps since there are many problems with the job and being biased with business, I will be sharing some advantages of it.

  • Freedom- business imparts freedom while a job fastens you like a captive person. You can get the same day loans with no guarantor applied, offered by direct lenders.
  • Can create a lifestyle- many people do not like to wear formal all day, but they are still supposed to wear them with a compulsion and to be in a job. You can choose to make a dress code as per your demand and give your precious family time when you are in a business.

Being a boss of your own work, you can take a holiday without your boss’s permission as you are not a subordinate under any person. You can even do your business while sitting at your home. Thus, you can create a lifestyle according to you.

  • Achieving fast growth- the best option in life is to become an entrepreneur because you will have several chances to have a growing business and profit. If you put more efforts, you can get huge profits. You can earn a limited income when you are in a job.


The work you should keep on adjusting in your life has some connection with you and not the things that can take you back. Your job must have access to your interest and your attention. When you do a job of your interest, it automatically retains your attention and makes a huge effort.

In a job, you cannot get the time to approach your passion, while in a business, you have the majority of the time that can take you to the ultimate time sources to manipulate your passion and thus your life.

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The Golden Rules to Become Achieving Entrepreneurs


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