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Need a Resolution? Put Yourself on a Money Cleanse

Cleanses are all the rage. We drink juice for seven days straight, swear off alcohol for a month and sweat it out in the steam room. Why not do a Cleanse for our wallets to improve our financial health? How about a Money Cleanse? Most people I work with are looking to save more. They might be saving to buy a house, to pay down debt or to stop living paycheck to paycheck. A cleanse is a great way to flush financial bad habits and start anew. It’s an opportunity to be intentional about where our money is going. It’s away to eliminate money toxins from our life.

If you do it right, it’s also a great way to shed excess spending and keep it off long after the cleanse is over! Sounds good, right? Why not set up a Money Cleanse for you and your friends. Here’s how.

  1. Pick a month. Gather your group and set the date. I recommend 30 days of Money Cleansing.
  2. Schedule a weekly check-in. A very important part of the Money Cleanse process is accountability. You will want to set up a weekly check-in with your group and may even want to assign accountability buddies that you can text or call for moral support.
  3. Share your goals. Starting off with why you are cleansing. Are you looking to save up for a certain something, get rid of your credit card debt or reduce money stress in your life? Share your goals with one another. This will be your motivation for the Money Cleanse.
  4. Commit to guidelines. I believe personal finance is personal so each of your money cleanses will look different.

Week 1: For the first week, strip out all frivolous spending. We each define frivolous spending differently but it’s important that you define it before you go off and start your Money Cleanse.

Week 2: Add back in spending based on your values and what’s most important to you. This will provide meaning and fulfillment for your spending. Again, this will be different for everyone.

Week 3: Identify your environmental toxins which are the people, places and things that get the best of your spending. How can you mitigate these toxins when they’re unavoidable?

Week 4: Identify your dream team or the friends and family closest to you that will support you in your goals. Share your goals with them and ask them to support you!

5. Practice forgiveness throughout your Money Cleanse. When it comes to cleanses, we often give up when we make a mistake or break the guidelines of our cleanse. Maybe you slip up and have a carb (errr.. 100). Or buy something you deemed frivolous. Share with your accountability buddy, forgive yourself and get back to cleansing! Forgiveness is the key to success.

Doing a Money Cleanse has tremendous benefits. Here are a few.

  • It creates a magic money shift
  • It will improve your love life
  • You get to live your dreams faster

I’d love to hear about the Money Cleanse you create. Read more about my 30 Day Money Cleanse here to take it to the next level or to get fun ideas!

Happy Money Cleansing!

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Need a Resolution? Put Yourself on a Money Cleanse


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