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New Moon in Pisces 0^ deg, 2015.

between: February 19 to March 20, 2015

Inner wheel February 19- in green all the Planets in water. Outer wheel March 20, 2015- in red, all the planets in red- in fire signs. 
Thank you for following me from the former article. 

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Pls. let me know- for other's sake

Nobody ??? 

February 21, 2015 Shabbat

Moody downgrades Russian banks to junk ! ? ! What or who is this Moody, anyway? To put the russian bear to the wall? Doesn't smell good! 

And, they wake up now? when the index gained 55% from the low?? 

February 22, 2015 Sunday 

I wonder what can I change, add or do, in order to have thousands of downloads of my application. Any ideas? I ran out of them. I send now the alerts almost daily, on a very wide range of shares. Since the alerts disappear the next day, what I do is, I cut and paste it- you can print screen it, and save it into your calendars (outlook or yahoo or any other calendar) this was you can follow up historical alerts. 

A new week ahead. Very nervous one. Not because of the planets, those actually are very stable, but because of the many speeches during the week. I always write do not be in a position when Mr.Draghi or Ms.Yellen speaks... The Market will wipe you out. You cannot have a deep enough stop, you have to have strong nerves, or think of your money as monopoly money. And that would be hard... 

As the storm passed over here, we got it hard from Russia- snowing in the desert... LOL - Now the Sun is shining again, and they promised us 25 degrees Celsius till Tuesday- like the weather, we got a "stormy" market too, and we got new highs. The 2100- level was crossed- and we are in a higher octave now. Some calculations give me the 2266 target till June. Not that we will not have corrections, but the trend is long. I entered some trades last week against the trend, and oh boy... you have to be very alert..Before I enter any trade, I do my homework. Technical first, then I calculate the planets. I trust them most. They are never wrong! Everything else can be explained subjectively, but not the planets! 
Our market starts soon, so I have to prepare. 
You might want to read former articles on the New Moon in Pisces. 2014, 2013, 2012, 2011, 2010
Some world leaders born in Pisces were: George Washington, Andrew Jackson, Ariel Sharon, Edward Kennedy,And are: Mitt Romney, Erdugan (Turkey), Kevin Rudd. 
Here is an excellent site! And another . 

Enough reading for a day? LOL 
TA25: closed at 1486.53- Now the planets support exactly at this level. We have a positive arbitrage, so probably the rally will continue. Next targets: 1490-1492-1496-1500. 
The man on the stage is Yanis Varufakis: This is a tri-wheel. What is funny, or karmic in his chart, is, that the asteroid Angelica is right on his Sun. Who gives him a head ache? people born in Aries are the most vulnerable at theis heads....?? Angela Merkel. 


Sector that did well last week: and the first 10 shares... pick one. :) 

February 23,2015 Monday

We wake to a positive Angle between Moon and the Sun. The Moon is positive in Taurus, that is the new energy in the sky. The markets are green. what can I say? It is all merry -berry out there. So let's join them. 
Ta25: we hit 1500- Yesterday, and today it hadn't decide yet... trades at 1495- falling below 1490- it will mark that a correction is on the way. 
Europe is rising. I posted alerts about the AEX, IBEX, MIlano and FTSE in the app. No news in the East- they are green. So now we can just concentrate on some stocks... 
No news on Isis. They continue to massacre people. Nobody is looking at Turkey... some funny things are happening there... I posted Erdugan's map many times. Remember Neptune is on his SUN> Well, here are the news: Fights in different parliaments is not rare.. 

February 24, 2015 Tuesday 

In my weekly newsletter for the Nifty I wrote: US : "The US market will open with the Moon on an evil fixed star- probably a negative opening. 
One hour before the close a favorable Venus-Saturn position at 8745/ will be important to watch." 
What happened? At the opening the S&P fell to 2099- but then marched back up and now it is at 2016.81, which is exactly Neptune's line. Where is the Nifty ? 8745. 
In the next days Draghi, and Ms Yellen will speak, so better stay out of the trade! It will be a very zig-zag week. 
TA25: closed at 1506- here too it reached an important resistance line. 
Nasdaq 100: is stuck at the target given on the application. 
Dow: 18100- now.
I think market will wait- trade sideways till all the speeches are heard. 
I traded Platinium yesterday, it topped at 1171- ish area, but turned, and now it is at 1162. So when I send the alerts, one should enter immediately, and baby sit the screen- one can lose a lot or gain a lot with this commodity. I turned and am short now. target? 1160-1155. 
1162.30- is to be watched.- Basing itself on this level, it will turn up again to 1169. 
Silver: is extremely volatile! We went long yesterday at the breakout- topped at 16.60- but fell back - Stop is 16.10- if you can afford it!. 

February 25, 2015 Wednesday

As expected, after the speeches of Draghi and Yellen, the markets continue their rise. But, not only the markets made new highs, the Silver and Platinium too. The Gold did not move-maybe is will wake up today. We are long in the Gold with a stop at 1200- 
What is new in the sky today? The Moon moved to Gemini. This, will add to the volatility if we haven't had enough. The other important position is the Sun is conjunct Neptune. This happens once a year. This means a consolidation for the S&P between 2107-2015; and every other stock has its own points and calculations. 
TA25: 1507.99 was the top and closed at 1501.15- we have a minor positive arbitrage- Resistance levels are at: 1502-15041507. Support is only at 1485. 
FTSE: See the last alert with the outcome: 
IBEX: alert sent yesterday with outcome 

JKSE: Alert and outcome

February 26, 2015 Thursday 

The Sun is conjunct Neptune today. Neptune makes everything dizzy, and you cannot figure out why is happening what is happening.. Now when they both are - for example - on the ruler of your health, then suddenly one gets sick, but you will not know what caused it. not until Neptune leaves. Or if they both conjunct the ruler of your money, you can loose a lot of money or be the victim of a fraud, and you will not know by whom were you cheated- until Neptune leaves this position. 
Neptune is now at 7 degrees of Pisces, this degree, in the medical Astrology represents the right ankle bone. 
The markets are consolidating. No new highs. There are no powerful planetary positions to push them further up. Unfortunately, I don't see my trading platform again. Trying to fix it since yesterday noon. 
Actually, I see now, that the S&P made a new high yesterday, at 2118! 

Sectors that pushed: Services and healthcare. 

the first 6 shares that rallied, and is worth while looking at: 

AAPL: I alerted that it reached its target. Yesterday we got a serious pullback/ 

February 28, 2015 Saturday

Several news in the air. Netanyahu's trip and speech in front of the Senate against the USA agreement with Iran about the nuclear issue. It is very interesting to see, that right on time of the speech (3/3/15 ) there will be a very rare planetary position in the sky- a YOD - or Finger of God - in the chart of Netanyahu: 

Jupiter (ideals) will be in Leo, conjunct transit Moon- in his 8th house of transformation. He really believes that he is a messenger against this agreement, it is a matter of life and death. Pluto in Capricorn- is the destruction point, and Uranus in Aries symbolizes atom or nuclear war. Now these three planets trigger his natal chart. Uranus in Aries is in opposition his Libra stellium, pushes him to extreme moves. Mind you, elections are coming up in March 17, and the 25% of the population still doesn't know who to vote for. 

The other person, who also had a Libra stellium, and the Uranus opposition let him no way out: Boris Nemtsov. He was shot and killed yesterday. Leader of the opposition party in Russia. Because of Neptune-Sun conjunction at the time of the shooting we will not know who killed him. Rumors will rise, but no facts. Mind you, Putin is the third person to have a strong Libra position in his natal chart. 

March 1, 2015 Sunday 

Another month passed. It brought extreme cold, even here. The markets rallied. the politics is sinking. S&P gained 6.32%; We got a new high at 2119. mark the date May 23rd, for a major change in trend. In spite of all the negative forecasts, there is no crash on the horizon. The S&P is positive as long as it stays above 1960-70 level, and it is blocked at 2260. 
News in the sky: the Moon is at 21 Cancer. We have a stellium in Aries, Mars (wars) is getting close to Uranus ( sudden and unforeseen events, uprisings). The Sun conjuncts Neptune (ideals and religion)- Jupiter, from Leo makes a disharmonic aspect to both. Saturn in Sagittarius, ( dogmas). So here we have a situation.
The month of March got its name from the Roman God Mars- the God of agriculture and of wars. Both start in this month. 
extremely dangerous day is March 2 & 3rd & 12th. THen July 6,7, 17, Nov.26,27, Dec 8-10.
Here is what Timing Solution can do for you: the difficult days for 2015: higher of wider the line- multiple planets on the same degree. 

For the markets because of lack of energetic angles in the sky, I think we will have a consolidation week, rather than a new rally.Only we have trade on Sundays, and with a minor positive arbitrage and a close at 1517- the support is at 1514- targets: 1521-1534-1544. 

March 2, 2015 Monday

Our market closed at 1536.17 - reached 2 targets given yesterday. Now we sill raise stop, and look around see what is Bloomberg telling us? OHO!! the East is dark green, so there is no argument.- till the US will open we are very long. But, let me look at the sky too. there is the objective situation: today we are ruled by the Moon and Uranus. another OHO... There is some surprise around the corner! Also it is a difficult day- as I posted yesterday- see above. 
What do we see in the sky? a stellium in Aries, and a lot of planets at 15 degrees. 15 degree of any sign is a dangerous degree. During the night the Moon moved to Leo and it is in a disharmonic angle to the Sun.  

It is also a turning day for the Nifty. Where is it? Crossed the difficult 8900 level! and reached 4 of my targets. 
I receive more and more mails about UFO-s approaching and visiting. So don't be surprised. I wrote when Uranus entered Aries- that this is a possibility. Uranus rules Aquarius, and this is the sign of everything that is trans-human- in Aries- it is a new start- so the gates are open. 
March 3, 2015 Tuesday 

Yesterday I sent 20 alerts about different shares. Hope it helped to take the right position. 
Today there is no news in the sky. The Moon joins Jupiter at 15 Leo- See the map above, now we have 5 planets at 15 degrees. Just now a very good German announcement, will pump the markets higher. The top till now was 11431.68- 
Nikkei: Support: 18797.

JKSE: target:5535 


Since everybody is speaking about the upcoming eclipses, here are a few thoughts: The eclipse falls on 29^ Pisces.- for Israel it will trigger the 9th house of foreign affairs. No wonder Netanyahu's speech to the congress makes a lot of waves. 
The eclipse belongs to the Saros cycle 120. with the shadows of affect: the shadow shows the area it will be mostly affected . But, one should look at the natal chart to see You chart will be triggered!.

Teheran, the eclipse will fall too in the 9th house.It is interesting, that the charts of Netanyahu and Rouhani are both triggered by this eclipse. Also both are much criticized at home. This map shows the charts of the two leaders, with the upcoming Solar and Lunar eclipses; I highlighted the positions, you can see the vulnerable points. 

For NY the eclipse will fall in the 2nd house of money.- For Moscow on the cusp of the 9th house. etc etc- depending where the eclipse falls, it triggers the issues of that house.;

The Lunar eclipse on April 4, will fall on 14 degrees Libra. 14 degrees in the decanate of Saturn, So we have to look where will be Venus and Saturn. Venus will be in Taurus- good, since it is a sign that it rules, Saturn in Sag- receiving a disharmonc angle from mars in Taurus. so it is bad. For Moscow it falls in the H2 of money, for Israel too. For NY- on the 5-11 axis, etc... Important issue will be , that the Sun conjuncts Uranus, at this point, so people with planets at 14-16 degrees- be alert! Some unforeseen events to happen. The effect of the Lunar eclipse is half a year.- ish. while the Solar eclipse + - a year. Cast for NY: The Sun will be on "Alpheratz" a fortunate fixed star. So its effect should be very positive.

I am busy with the future, and I am missing great trades! 
Babylon- break out on a good announcement: 

March 4, 2015 Wednesday

With the Moon still in Leo, we see the Nifty rally and the S&P consolidate. These small pieces of infos can be useful in the future! 
Some indices I sent alerts in the past: 
Bahrain: the stop for long is at 1457: 
Kuwait: the stop is at 448; 
QATAR: short below 12490
Saudia: Long above 9400, 
Dubai: Stop at 3650
Oil: stop is at 47.80- short below it. All the above indices depend on the oil. 

Ok. So let us look up at the sky and search for some guidance: 
The Moon is at 26 Leo, here are its angles for the day: 
4.03.2015 12:22:50 29°13'17"Leo Sesqui-quadrate Venus
4.03.2015 13:12:45 29°37'55"Leo Sesqui-quadrate Uranus
4.03.2015 13:57:32  0°00'00"Vir <<<
4.03.2015 14:05:49  0°04'05"Vir Sesqui-quadrate Pluto

4.03.2015 23:47:58  4°51'01"Vir Square Saturn
Did you know, that on this day, in 1957- the S&P 500 was introduced to the market for the first time? Till then, it was S&P 90. 
Did you know, that Antonio Vivaldi was born today in 1678? His famous " Four Seasons" is beautiful! ONCE they know how to write beautiful music .Some words about him
" Italian famous violinist, a composer of concertos for various instruments. He is said to have written nearly 50 operas, 500 concertos, 70 sonatas and religious music, but is best known for his instrumental compositions, including "La Pastorella" and "The Four Seasons." He spent most of his life in Venice, where he served as a violinist at the cathedral of Saint Mark.
Vivaldi was a Roman Catholic priest known as "the red priest" because of his red hair. In 1740 he accepted a position at the court of Emperor Charles VI of Vienna. He virtually established the three-movement format for the concerto and was among the first to introduce cadenzas for soloists.
He died in poverty on 7/28/1741, Vienna, Italy and was buried the same day as his death in a grave for the poor.

Why does a great talent go hand in hand with great poverty? Beats me! I don't recall any artist in the history who was a rich man too... Do you? While he was still alive I mean... 
I don't know if you know, or if you heard about the Druze minority that lives in Israel. They serve in the army, and only is Israel! they reach the highest ranks. One of the most admired and appreciated colonels is Rasan Alian , the commander of the Golani Brigade, a brigade 90% of the enlisting youngsters want to go, if not to air force. Rasan Alian born on March 21, 1972. Why am I speaking about him? See his birthday? On the spring equinox. 
But, not only! He has a stellium in Aries. this sigh is the sigh of the army, warfare, accidents. fire etc. He was seriously wounded during the last war, Zuk Eitan, on July 17th. After recovery he returned to the war-field. On March 1 he survived a heart attack. Just look at his chart, and see how the planets affect us. During the war - second wheel- Mars- ruler of his sign, was in Libra- opposition to his Sun and groups of planets. Now, 2 days ago, Mars was conjunct. But the key to his chart is Uranus- unforeseen events- is at 16 degrees Libra- and Chiron- the in both cases triggered it. And he was lucky ! Jupiter --- search for Jupiter- is a life -saver. 

Wishing him a quick recovery! And take care of yourself! Jupiter will not be always there. Actually Jupiter turns direct on April 7. - and will touch your Moon during the first 3 weeks of June. 


March 5, 2015 Thursday 

It is Purim today. Holiday, no trade. here is a very interesting article about ancient Babylon, the story of Purim, and Benjamin Netanyahu's speech in front of the congress. Isn't it fantastic, how time flies, and we still live the same scenario? What has changed in 2500 years? 
OK, the Sun is shining, and I shall probably go to the beach. Water does good to the soul. But first, let me see what is going on up there. The Moon moved to Virgo. Did you know, that Virgos are the most critical people in the wheel? They have a magnifying glass instead of eyes, a very harsh tongue, and very clever too. Mercury rules this sign, so their mind is quick. When I make a synastry between two people, it is most important to see how do their Moons or Mercury interact...Having them in Virgo- in both charts, it is a recipe of divorce. 
There isn't much move in the sky today, so consolidation is expected. It is most difficult to trade during such times. 
looking at Bloomberg: 
BSESN: Our stop was 29160- on Feb 22- sent on the application. Since March 2nd- it is above this level- so you could gain a few cents. It topped at 30025. The stop is the same, and we are long. 
HSI: On Feb 11 I alerted, that "we were stopped out at 24310-- falling below 24230- it will revisit 23900". Now it trades at 24180. 
AXJO: Wrote on feb 18:  Target given on Feb 13 was 5915- reached. raise stop to 5888
AORD: " wrote on March 2nd: AORD: topped so far at 5949 and closed at 5926- only opening above 5940- WILL MOVE IT HIGHER! Now it trades at 5869/
JKSE: Alert from yesterday: short with a stop at 5480. 

As you can see, if you have the application, you could earn extra income just in a few days. 
Case study: JPMorgan: First trade :April 1, 1969 at 10:00 NY the upcoming Solar eclipse will hit Jupiter, and from the second wheel- progressed Uranus is in opposition to natal Saturn- ruler of "others' money"- The share topped at 63. Failing to run above this level, it will correct the rally from Jan 30th. 

Untill TS figures out the next moves for JPM, here is a good link to what s really going on: Iran is interfering everywhere. Some are good, or look  good, some can raise an eye brow...
 Iran is fighting against ISIS with Iraqi forces- trying to recapture Tikrit, the home town of Saddam. The thing is, that Tikrit is just in the neighborhood of Baghdad... Is Iran planning to conquer Iraq?

The other article, which is no news anymore, since it is going on since 2-3 years, Iran is everywhere in South America! Under the Nose of USA. 

And more articles, if you want not to sleep in the night: under And they say Netanyahu is paranoid? 
Next threat will be on Saudia, and all the small arab countries. Will the US interfere? Forget about it. You saw what happened with Mubaraq. Now Sisi- is strong. but for how long? 
Achhhhhhhhh better go to the beach. I cannot bear this. 

Have a good day. 
OK . I am back from the beach. It was marvellous! Full of tourists, who can't believe their luck- 27 degrees! meanwhile TS finished calculating JPM: here is the outcome: 

A similar calculation can be done for every share, if we know the time of birth. a... first trade date. 
I just read, that the supreme leader of Iran, Khamenai was urgently hospitalized, cancer all over. 
Report: Iran's Supreme Leader Hospitalized in Critical Condition- IN Purim??? ARE YOU KIDDING ME??

progressed Uranus(CANCER) crossed natal Pluto (prostate) 6-7 years ago, I guess he was with the disease since then.lately it spread all over.
Another scandal that I hear on CNN now is Hillary's e-mails. well her map tells all the story!
Inner wheel: a stellium in Scorpio. Outer wheel -transit for today- a stellium in Aries- two signs that do't go together- since they are 150^ from each other- so the timing sucks. Now what triggered exactly now this incident? transit Jupiter- ON her Mars- in the 9th house of LAw! Will she be charged? Yes, looks so. More!! transit Saturn will turn retro on march 14- till August! it will "iron" all her Scorpio stellium.- Next, see how many planets are at 14 degrees in the chart! They all trigger natal mars, ruler of her Ascendant, and 6th house of work. 
Those who want to follow me on different pages, I am on Twitter, under GabriellaM13, and on facebook- of course - lol -  under my name. Gabriella.Mittelman
Something I wrote in January 17, then it traded at 10280- about the DAX- I gave target 11428- that this is the target for 2015.Well, we got 11533- till now.  

March 6, 2015 Friday

After Mr.Draghi's speech yesterday, the $ fell to 1.1012- it is back now to the level it was in 2003. Next major support is at 1.0530. Those who followed my YouTube analysis on the Euro/Dollar, made a few bucks... Since 1.4890. :) 
Today we are ruled by Venus, and Saturn. In my reports last week, I wrote to expect some banking news- and we got it, in Draghi's speech. Why ? Venus in Aries is bad. Venus rules banks. About Saturn I wrote a lot in the past. On the 14th it will turn retro, till Aug.2nd. Depending what angles it makes in your chart, will affect you. It will return till 28 Scorpio- affecting those born in the sign of Scorpio, Taurus, Leo and Aquarius. And it's more complicated than that... but not now. 
Good trading. 
Will be back later. 

March 7, 2015 Saturday

I have a request. If you download Timing Solution, because you see that I use it, PLEASE mention my name, when you sign up , or download the software. Thank you . 

And if you wish to subscribe to any of my services, please use paypal. The little man on the star is not working for the time being. Thanks. 

I have an announcement!!!! Thanks a Million to RG, a devoted subscriber, the Android users got their problems solved! Download an app called Notification History= for free! and you will see more than 400 PAST NOTIFICATIONS.! So if you miss any of my alerts, it will be waiting for you there. 

I must show you something, see the universe in action: The historical low of the S&P wa on March 6, 2009- right? Yesterday we got a breakdown, first sign for a deeper correction. It was March 6, 2015- 6 years from the low! Now watch the planets: Inner wheel- 2009- outer yesterday: Jupiter made an exact 180^ move- in yellow- and!!! it got a back wind from Mercury and Venus, which on the same day returned to 2009- position!. Isn't this marvellous? 

Based on this, between Feb-April 2021- we should see another turning point. mark that in the calendar. LOL. Just a blink of the eye, and we will be there... Don't worry. 
taking the 666 low- and 2119 top- so far: next correction phases are easy to calculate. But all that is in my weekly report... 

March 8, 2015 Sunday 

They changed the name from "mother's day, to "women's day. Under either name, I accept flowers, thank you. 
Let me see what is new in the sky? The Sun, like a swiss clock, moves 1 degree per day, now at 17 Pisces.It is written about this degree: " Sun's Position at 8:00:27 AM is 17°Pi20'
You may find that there is a need to organise and stage a display of the situation, bringing a feeling of community together in a common goal. Sometimes this pictures a situation of hysteria, overstating one's case, so there's needs to be some feeling of moderation here. Is the audience listening? Is the cause just? Energy and inspiration. If negative - using spiritualism for greedy financial gain. Overblown feelings of one's abilities."

Or, by "Keane":17 HYPOTHESIS. 17° Pisces denotes one who may dream, but who tries to bring that dream into our stage of reality. A good, conscientious researcher.

Every degree has a meaning. that is why rectification, or the exact hour of birth is so important. 

As I write my weekly newsletters about the markets, the picture always gets clear about how will the week enfold. This week, the main actor is Mars. Mars is in Aries, a sign it rules, strong. From here it sends several aspects to different planets. These aspects will define the mood of the crowds. 
The S&P made it's first slide on Friday, so this will be picked up by other indices. However, not all behave the same as the US markets! Each has it's own rhythm. 
TA25: using the 1036.66 low of March 6, 2012- a perfect target for a top was 1536.42- till now it topped at 1540- Now we have a negative arbitrage, so we are short, with the stop at 1540- targeting 1524-1518-1515. 
TA25: closed at 1537.69- this is the second try to cross 1540- failing to do so for the third time, we will get a deeper correction. 

Tomorrow- the East will receive the Moon VOID of Course-- till 15:10- gmt+2- so it is better to stay out of trade! 
Here are the angles of the Moon: major change when it enters Scorpio!
9.03.2015  3:23:57 24°05'33"Lib Trine Mercury
9.03.2015 15:09:46  0°00'00"Sco <<<
9.03.2015 23:00:47  3°57'48"Sco Sesqui-quadrate Sun

March 9, 2015 Monday 

Today we got a double Moon day. What does this mean? I teach that in my course. In any case, the Moon is VOC, and it's better not to trade- also, it will enter Scorpio, adding to the stage a new energy. 
I see the markets received a red outfit. 

March 10, 2015 Tuesday 

good morning. I got up at 5:30 today.... so as the proverb has it in Hungarian," get up early, find some Gold..." Now I am ready to find it haha.. 
As of today there is a major conjunction in the sky: Mars is conjunct Uranus. This angle happens every two years. But they are conjunct in Aries! and THAT!!! HAPPENS ONLY ONCE IN 85 years. What happened 85 years age? 1930?? I don't have to tell you. Bad times. 
Besides this angle we also have Mars-Jupiter and Mars Pluto positions- these three give a controversial energy to the markets. One pushes up, the other blocks. 
So let me see what happened yesterday, with the Moon is Scorpio. You see, small planets are the triggers to events. And, as I wrote last week in my weekly forecasts, the SIlver, Gold and Platinium all made great shorts. The crude is holding the 50- price level, and the Arab countries are also rallying. Would you like to trade the Crude? one can earn a lot or lose a lot! but, sign up to the forecasts... 
The US markets are trying not to fall. 
Japan came out with positive announcements yesterday, and I wrote in the alerts- sent yesterday in the application - that we shall turn short only below 18590! Now we are on the fence. Not necessary to be in a position all the time! 
China, on the other end- negative announcements - and the Hang Seng-HSCE- is trying to make a reversal. - Announcements have nothing to do with Fibonacci days- and since it fell for 5 days, not it can try to correct this fall for the next 3. Yesterday's stop was 11550- we can use that as a stop for long - but just for a few days, till 12040, then,  I am afraid it will turn down again. 
For my new visitors from Pakistan:KSE100: now this is a rally! 

TA25 rallied yesterday to 1550.33. next targets up: 1551-1555.60- running above that- nothing to hold it to 1565
Aaple launched yesterday the Apple watch- I don't see a rally... 

March 11, 2015  Wednesday

TA25 topped at 1564.72= and closed at 1561.81. See my target of yesterday. The S&P seems that is turning. 2040- is the low, this should be the stop. 

Too busy now... see u later. 

March 12, 2015 Thursday 

The news in the sky: the Moon entered Sag. and we got these news: 
CCAR winner Citigroup quintupling dividend to a nickel per share • 5:14 PM
Stephen Alpher, SA News Editor
Passing the CCAR by the widest margin of all the TBTF banks, Citigroup (NYSE:C) lifts its quarterly dividend to $0.05 per share from $0.01, and sets a buyback program of up to $7.8B through the end of 2016 Q2. The new annualized dividend yield is a chunky 3.8%.
Shares +3.3% after hours
Previously: Corbat likely keeping his job as Citi cruises through CCAR (March 11)

    fell back to Jan 2011 level- they had to do something... the trade range is between 50-57- let's see if it will rise above 57. 

    The sky today: 

    Pluto-Uranus-Mars on the same degree-the Cardinal Aries. All are triggered by Jupiter. We had this issue the whole week- it is a culmination week, to which we have to add the bad influence that Mercury will bring to the stage when enters Pisces. 
    Surely, not for all the indices in the world it is bad, - it all depends on the natal data of each. In the past-, for the S&P this signaled a rally, actually. 
    Let me see what happened yesterday: no news... the US is weak. the rest of the world is green. 
    I tweeted yesterday, that if it bases itself above 2044- it might turn up- well, it didn't. Closed at 2040. Now 2044 is a resistance, only a gap up will help.Watch these hours: gmt+2
    Mercury       45 Uranus        13.03.2015  7:19
    Mercury       45 Pluto         13.03.2015  9:43

    Now I have to send my alerts in the app... see you later. 

    March 13, 2015 Friday 

    It's Friday the 13th... for all the superstitious people out there. As I wrote yesterday, Mercury in Pisces- will bring a turn for the S&P- and it did! After a bottom at 2039- it turned- and closed at 2065.87- the stop now should be at 2060. 
    Nasdaq fell for 7 trading days- perfect Fibonacci timing, and also turned. We are long here as well. Stop 4850. Strong resistance at 4970. 
    DAX: topped at 11830- and closed with a Doji. We are long here too. stop 11600. 

    Download the application, receive alerts for indices, stocks, etc. 

    Rumors about Putin's death all over. Facebook, and other social media. They say, no one saw him for a week. Looking at his chart, and as I wrote in the last year, having a stellium in Libra, he has a crucial year this year. The outer chart is the transit for March 10- transit Mars ar 13 degrees is in exact opposition to his Sun- an angle that happens every 2 years. next, transit Jupiter is 60^ to his Sun- an angle each 12 years.- BUT! Pluto- and this never happened before- squares his Sun. + Uranus is in opposition to his Sun. So many malefic planets targeting his Sun? No doubt something happened. More: His 8th house of life and death, ruled by Neptune, gets Venus in opposition- in Aries- where it is bad- and in a foreign house-H9-. Was he abroad in the last week? 

    In the declination chart Mars crossed Uranus on March 10th. 

    But, As Khamenai appeared on TV today in Iran, in spite of his final cancer, so can he appear in any minute. I guess he has a very good astrologer, who told him to stay home till Mars moves on. These world leaders don't take a step with out consulting an astrologer. LOL. Not like here, that we don't even have their right dates. By the way! scroll up, see what I wrote on March 4th... maybe he is reading my blog ??? LOL.... 

    March 14, 2015 Saturday 

    Lost and found... Putin- is a proud father of a new born daughter- in Switzerland- from his girlfriend. Why am I always thinking about bad events?? beats me! 
    I got it right, asking myself if he was abroad last week- he was. In Switzerland. ( as the article points out). I should have known better, and look upon Venus as a leader and reason for him being abroad. His 8th house of life ( in this case ) and death- Neptune in opposition to Venus- point to the birth of a child. Who would have thought about this? at his age? Any ways, MAZAL TOV!

    This day is also called the PI day, because if you write the date: 3.14= you will get the number Pi. read more under this link!!! 

    My weekly reports are ready- for the S&P, Nifty, SIlver, etc... If you would like to sign up- the best time is now. 

    March 15, 2015 Sunday/ 

    This is a very crucial time for Israel. This week, that opens with no planets in AIR! - we will have the elections.

    On the day of the elections, March 17, the Moon will be in Aquarius. Only looking at the Moon- which in a country's chart represents the people, and Aquarius is revolution, we get a clue about the outcome of the votes. It will be a big change, a turning point, an "Israeli spring". I hope it will not turn out as the "Arab Spring"... It would be very painful. The elections were initiated by Netanyahu, who stated, that he cannot work with his coalition. He called for the this new elections, and he decided on the timing. I guess, whoever advised him was wrong in choosing the date, because it falls 3 days before the Solar eclipse. We learn from the book of eclipses by Bill Meridian, that events that occur before an eclipse will enfold in an unexpected way. Surprises, and unforeseen events. It will not be as expected. The eclipse occurs on 29^ Pisces, on a fixed star, called
    Scheat. We learn from ZET, that this star is most evil and malefic:"Scheat (53 Beta Pegasi m 2.42)
    Keywords: Imprisonment, murder, suicide, drowning, extreme misfortune
    Effect: Unfortunate
    Character: Mars/ Mercury"

    Mars will be on the MC, at 21 degrees Aries, which  tells us about the danger of   21 Abscesses; accidents; electricity. while Mercury will be at 11 Pisces, in Detriment, or bad. 
    other signs of bad timing will be a Voc Moon on this day. from 20:18 to March 18:12:58- we know, that no decisions should be made during a VOC Moon! Any news, deeds or decisions made during a VOC moon is reversible!! What is news? It is Mercury. why? because Mercury was the "flying messenger" it delivered messages to the Gods in the Olympus. And where is Mercury now? In Pisces! where it is the worst it can be. Now not only in Pisces, but conjunct Neptune! the ruler of this sign. And Neptune brings illusions, fakes, mis informations, fraud. Any planet that lines up with Neptune is "on a cloud" not clear... So as long as Mercury will not move on, and be in the clear - meaning, will leave Pisces! We will know what has happened with the votes. There can be re-counting. or votes faked, stolen, boxes burnt, or "lost". 

    At 10 pm - usually we receive the first results of the counting. At that time the Ascendant will be in Scorpio. This sign tells us about "behind the curtains" mischief. Secret plots, secret issues.... The Sun will be at 26 Pisces, 150 to the MC- bad for the current PM. The Sun will also square the Galactic Center! Yes, exactly now, this angle occurs only twice a year. In March and September. It shows that fate is involved in whatever happens down here. Another fated point will be Venus 120^ to Transpluto. At the same exact time, at 10 pm, Venus, the ruler of Israel, will be at 0 Taurus! 

    Looking at Netanyahu's chart with the transit for the day, and remembering that the eclipse is at 29^- his Sun gets a malefic angle from the eclipse. 
    In the Solar map his career is represented by the Moon, at 17 Libra, and see all the planets in opposition, attacking it? The 150^ between the Suns is also bad, and Finally, transit Saturn is at exact malefic 150^ angle to natal Uranus. 

    There is no argument, that he is one of the cleverest people in the area- Will he fall on his feet like a cat? AGAIN ? 

    Looking at the map of Izhak Herzog, born 22 Sept. 1960- His Sun is at 29 Virgo! He too will get the Solar eclipse right in the heart.from opposition! In his Solar map- the ruler of the MC- career, is Mercury -which right now is bad! His natal Saturn at 11.51 Capricorn- is triggered by transit Pluto, and Uranus. A huge change to come. Natal Mars, on the MC at 0 Cancer- most powerful Cardinal position! Will be squared by the eclipse. 

    And I have to ask another question: How will Herzog cope - if elected - with Netanyahu in the opposition? Tip: while Netanyahu's Mercury is rising before the Sun, Herzog's after the Sun. 
    The best show in town! 

    back later. 

    March 16, 2015 Monday

    Today we are ruled by the Moon and Mars. The Moon is at 26 Capricorn, in the last quarter to the Sun, 30 degrees to the Sun, before the New Moon and the SOlar eclipse.
    16.03.2015 10:01:46 28°40'50"Cap Square Venus
    16.03.2015 12:13:42  0°00'00"Aqr <<<
    16.03.2015 20:23:24  4°55'34"Aqr Sextile Saturn
    16.03.2015 21:26:11  5°33'39"Aqr Semi-sextile Mercury
    These are the times to watch for a change in trend for intraday traders, ( gmt+2) 

    Mars is at 18 Aries. It is separating from the malefic Pluto-Uranus positions. Mars is solitary- makes no angles till tomorrow, March 17th -14:42- and it is very bad when it is solitary, also the angle that it will make is not a good one. This angle- a 135^ to Saturn will linger the whole week! 
    Other aspects to pay attention to, is an energetic Mercury-Saturn square- at 4 degrees.- THis angle culminates at 11:40 gmt+2 today, after that it will fade away- so the US markets will not get it. 
    The East is mixed. I sent alerts last week about targets and stops. I hope you did well. Europe is still rallying: 
    DAX- raise stop to 11800, 
    AEX- our stop was 491- we were stopped out- it reached the perfect target of 492-  
    Milano stop was 24300- targeting 24460, 
    CAC - here I sent alert on FEB 11- long with a stop at 4572- now it trades at 4969.47! 8.50% rally! Now I would raise stop to 4950
    IBEX: last alert was on March 5, saying that I would go short below 10900- Guess what: it bottomed at 10902- and turned up again! But it is weakening, so watch it. 

    To get these alerts your should download my application. Search for "Financial astrology" on Itunes or Android. 
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~On this day Rimsky Korsakov was born. This is one of his masterpieces: the Flight of a Bumble bee.- where are those geniuses today?? Also the performers, are outstanding! 

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