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New Moon in Libra, 2015

Tags: moon mercury
Between October 13- November 11, 2015

This is the chart of today. This is how I see the maps... I think for those, who are not familiar with astrology, looks like a jungle... LOL.. Besides of the planets, there are many many tiny little asteroids, that can make our lives miserable, or awesome... There are more than 3000 of them, and what you see is only a tiny part of the list. Zet won't load more... If you click on the map, you will see, that to my extreme surprize, my dear friend Bill Meridian, pointed out to me, that there is an asteroid with my name, Gabriella. And today, it is right in the first house, near Fortuna.But, there is also Achilles, and Medusa and Lilith, and Daedalus around it... So I wouldn't fall into ecstasy...
Ok. let me delete them, and see the upcoming month.. 
Thanks again, for following me from the "New Moon in Virgo"
In the next 28 days, or Lunar month, the swiss clock, the Sun, will move exactly 30 degrees. Mercury is already Direct and will enter Scorpio. Mercury is always around the Sun, can wonder off only 28 degrees. The further it is, the better for the native. 
Venus moves also 30 degrees and will ingress Libra. Mars stays the whole month in Virgo, but moves away from Jupiter, maybe our political "situation" will calm down a little... Jupiter will move 5 degrees, still in Virgo, the others scarcely move. 

I wrote in my last article about the importance of the speed of the planets. Here is what TS shows: 
If you download the Timing Solution, TS, please mention my name to Sergey! Thanks. 

For the new readers: You can sign up to my weekly forecasts for the S&P, Nifty, or any other index, share or commodity. The fee is $225 for 3 months. 
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And, of course, you might want to download my application, though which I send market alerts. Links to Paypal, or app- at the left panel. Thank You. 

Today we are ruled by Mars and Uranus. A very hectic day ahead! The New Moon occurred on a fortunate fixed star, Mufrid.there is some hope..LOL. 

The political situation is horrible over here... People are over and over stabbed in the streets, on the busses, everywhere.. by arabs. 
Here is the chart of Israel. Outer ring is the transits right now. Mars- Jupiter conjunct in Virgo, the New Moon, the Blood moon on the last eclipse, all these were the triggers. Venus from Virgo sends an angle to the Moon ( the people), but the Moon is in Leo, so the people fight back. And we can see, that the people on the streets act and disarm, or catch/kill the terrorists. Just now, an attack in jerusalem from a person, who works in the major telecommunication company for the last 8 years.. So people, who live among us do these terror attacks. When Mars and Jupiter will move forward to 24-27 degrees in Virgo, situation will be worse.IMHO. By then, the SUn will move to Scorpio, so counter events will also starts. A curfew will start as of today in the villages surrounding Jerusalem. 

Here is something unbelievable.. 83000 immigrant arrived to Sweden. The country spends one millard ~ don't know what~ per day, and they are given pork sandwiches... LOL... Outrageous! ( since muslims are forbidden to eat pork) As per Hungarian radio news. 
Tomorrow we shall wake to the Moon in Scorpio. Scorpio is the sign of the 8th house, symbolizes life and death, money, sex, revenge, actions behind the curtains. ANother two -three difficult days to land on us. 
The aspects of the Moon for tomorrow: gmt+3

14.10.2015  0:38:17  0°00'00"Sco <<<
14.10.2015  5:05:12  2°12'37"Sco Semi-sextile Saturn
14.10.2015  5:56:24  2°38'04"Sco Semi-sextile Mercury
14.10.2015 10:12:53  4°45'44"Sco Sextile Venus
14.10.2015 15:24:34  7°21'09"Sco Trine Neptune

October 14, 2015 Wednesday

It is a double Mercury day today.. Mercury is in Libra, far from the Sun, therefore very strong, therefore very volatile. As I wrote yesterday, the Moon is already in Scorpio, conjunct the asteroid Requiem. Does this name ring a bell?? It is the name of an opera by Mozart, who wrote it at his father's death. The meaning I found for this asteroid is
:" As well as a connection to the ceremonies of death (and the formalization of grief,) Requiem stands for a place of acceptance, a cessation of struggle. Whether one should be AT PEACE with the people, actions and events shown by aspecting points is the issue!"
In any case, the Moon has already moved and there are more important positions to deal with.

Yesterday I sent many alerts, saying for example, to move the stop in the Dow to 17080- and short below. At 3:25 pm this stop was broken, after a top at 17175. today we are 34 days from the last low.=CIT. Day to watch : Oct 29th 

GS: I read that it is under the FBI investigation. So I go to my data base, and I find the first trade chart: 4 Mat 1999 on a Tuesday, at 9:30 I also wrote in my comments, that on 16 April 2010 there was some fraud. I don't remember.. You, in the US probably do. ( Fell by 30 % )
In any case, I see in the chart, that Sun in Tau at 13 degrees, is trined by transit Jupiter.- Law issues, probably another fraud. Natal Moon at 26 Sag, on the Galactic Center, in the 6th house of work and routine,Mercury just squared it, a few day ago. When Mercury makes an aspect, some news will pop out around that time... The Moon also rules the Ascendant, so it is a very vulnerable stock, has many ups and downs. The Asc is at 10 Cancer, and transit mars is in 50^ to it, Mars representing the MC, or somebody from the "up in the ladder" we get an FBI investigation. House 9 ruler, house of law is represented by Neptune, is at 4 Aquarius, the degree of the last Lunar eclipse,- here is the trigger! and transit Saturn with Mercury each send different aspects to Neptune. Saturn is the government... Mercury brings the news. 

weekly graph: failing to run above 190- will retest 141-128

BAC: earnings report today! May 29, 1986 in NY. Sun at 7Gem54 in opposition Saturn at 6Sag16. Moon at 26Aqua; Asc 4Leo23. Money is Mercury in this chart, so any transit to this planet will effect the outcome. 
resistance at 16.00 
Alerted today about a local share, Medivi. stop 23- target 32. Look here what happened: 

October 15, 2015 Thursday 

For some reason, I cannot add my answers to the "comments" window below... Can anyone help me out with that?? 

Let's see what has changed since last night? 
my last alert for the S&P was to go short below 2015, now: the index touched for a minute 2022, on Oct 15th, and fell to 1990~ so far ~ 

As per the graph attached, you can see, where is the next resistance line. 
The planets today are not moving much, just La Luna continues her walk in Scorpio, the underworld. We have a black Moon today, a bad day for decisions. 
Important angle of the day and week is the Mars Jupiter conjunction, and both are 150^ to Pluto.Planetary supports are at: 1993.68- 1992.55-1990.60-1987.33-1985.55-1983.55-1982.30
Upside targets: 1998.35-2001.55-2007.

I use ZET for astrology/ When it alerts for VOC Moon, it does not take in consideration minor aspects, as 30 or 45 degrees. It doesn't count the Galactic Center either. So sometimes I have to correct what it shows... 
Here are the Moon's angles gmt+3 

15.10.2015 13:22:48 18°22'20"Sco Quincunx Uranus
15.10.2015 14:08:08 18°45'11"Sco Semi-square Mercury
15.10.2015 20:39:21 22°02'50"Sco Semi-sextile Sun

October 16, 2015 Friday.

Yesterday, the S&P turned again, and rallied to 2025.- a new historical high. I gave 1990.60 as a down target, which was reached. If you look at the 5 min. graph, it was there 3 times, and with a huge marabuzu, turned and rallied, under a favorable Moon-Sun aspect- and a major Mars+Jupiter 120 to Pluto position. Price wise=2023, a target given to subscribers, last week. 

Today we will have a new symphony to listen to... la Luna moves on, to Sag. here, Ts tells up, that in the past brought a fall... let's see the percentage.. 
Ok... here is the outcome: the Moon cycle for the DOW is not reliable.. 

Today we are ruled by Venus and Neptune, they bring a change! so watch your steps! 
Subscribe to the weekly reports~~!!!! Be ahead of the robots, that rule the markets... They cannot know Financial Astrology, the best tool ~ for me ~ to rely on... 

The Moon is at 28Sco44 now, it will soon move to Sag, the first aspect will be a sextile to the Nodes, which is good. later: gmt+3 
16.10.2015 12:18:05  0°00'00"Sgr <<<
16.10.2015 17:06:30  2°27'29"Sgr Conjunction Saturn
16.10.2015 18:47:42  3°19'21"Sgr Sesqui-quadrate Uranus
16.10.2015 22:14:35  5°05'33"Sgr Sextile Mercury

Triple witching day today!! Look out! 
Notice! I am corrected by a reader, and thanks, that this was not a triple witching day...
only double expiry.. 

October 17, 2015 Saturday

As usual, I am writing my reports for the coming week. Sign up now... 
Major changes are coming..

Aren't you shocked, to see, that right on time, when the Moon made a sextile to Mercury, the S&P made another up leg? 

To understand this and prepare before it happens, you should take my course. Read what students wrote me- their letters are in the left panel... 

OK... see you later. 

I have to share with you, what I wrote last week to S&P subscribers!! 

October 16th : Friday : it is a day ruled by Venus and Neptune. They are in opposition in the sky. Price wise 2017.50 Prepare for a major turn, also the Moon is VOC till 12:18 gmt+3; Price wise: better be above 2032- This is the key. Short below it. Trade range is between 2017-2032.
US markets will open with the Moon in Sag.- which is a positive sign, but the Moon is departing from the Sun, next aspect to make will be a 45^- even before that, will conjunct Saturn, blocking any move, and make a really bad aspect to Uranus! Possible gap down. – at 6-7 pm gmt+3 .

Towards the closing a try for a higher close… Go with the trend!

October 18, 2015 Sunday

Our market starts with a favorable Moon-Sun aspect. Today we also have a major planetary event! Mars conjunct Jupiter in Virgo. This happened before only in September 2004.
TA25: closed at 1527. Here we have a support, targets up: 1532.55-1536.90-1537.25
I ran TS to see how did our index behave when this conjunction occurred in the past: 
For the time being, the index made new highs, ran above 1544- a critical level- now heading towards 1552-57.
Oct. 24: Mars will make 150^ separating position to Uranus, which , for our index caused in the past, the following: a culmination and then a huge fall. 

I was greatly honored today! This blog, and my name was added among the world Financial Astrology leaders, in this site: 

October 19, 2015 Monday 

We wake to a Capricorn Moon, at 5 degrees. La Luna will stay here for 2 days... so we have to check, is this position good for our own chart? Of course, for that, one should be familiar with his natal chart. For me, for example, is not the best position. What else is happening in the sky this week, that we should pay attention? There is a Mars-Jupiter conjunction in Virgo, this is a lasting angle. Both are at 14^ Virgo, in trine to Pluto. Then we have a nice sextile between the Sun and the Galactic Center,, which will be exact in two days...This one is a good position, and finally, a nasty Mercury-Neptune angle, which will bring a lot of lies, disinformation to the media, which is already so corrupt. can I say this?? Maybe not corrupt, but definitely taking sides.. while they should just show what is happening, without giving their opinion on the In any case, I am here to check how these angles affect the trades, and to compare it to the past... So let's see... Without Timing Solution I would be incapable of doing such a statistics, of course... This software gan answer to any question, if you know how to put it.. and how to search for it.. 
It takes a while till it loads.. Meanwhile, let's see what is happening in the world. 
A surprising news: China has now more billionaires,than the USA! Mao Che Tung is turning in his grave.. LOL, this is a Hungarian saying, when something incredible happens.. 
There goes the socialism... I wonder how many billionaires are in Russia?

Today is October 19, and I knew, this date tells me something... no better place than WIki, to get an answer.. and 10.19.1987- was a day of a crash.. it happened exactly 28 years ago, which is the cycle of Saturn. Let's see what do we have in common now, with that date? If at all... 
First, you can see, in the green circle, Pluto, Mercury and Venus conjunct in Scorpio, the sign of other's money, life and death, revival... Then there were some major position in the sky: Mars conjunct the SNode, squared Neptune, and Uranus trined Jupiter. For the Fun of it, the Sun was conjunct the part of Fortune.. 
Any similarity today? no, but it will come around Nov 3-11... 

Answer to R Grover: "Thank you, R Grover... This is really nice to hear.. Ray and I were co-writers in the "Schogt Market Timing" monthly column in Holland. And I must give a lot of credit to Bill Meridian, whose books are "must have " ones. 
Meanwhile TS loaded, and here are the outcomes: 
for the S&P: when Mercury makes a 150 to Neptune the index rallies 3 days after culmination.
Sun 60^to Galactic Center:  Happened before on Feb 15-20, 2015... we had a top! 

Ooops... we have a controversy here... one point up, the other down.. Which way to turn??
we have to check what other for or contra aspects are there... My job is not that simple.. 
Market starts, see you later. 

Ok, had to arrange some things, now I am back.. today the Moon, as I already said, is in Capricorn. Here are the angles it makes for GMT: +1 - I think it is the easiest to calculate your area this way. 
19.10.2015 11:13:30  8°14'48"Cap Square Mercury
19.10.2015 13:36:53  9°32'28"Cap Trine Venus
19.10.2015 20:12:23 13°07'37"Cap Conjunction Pluto
19.10.2015 22:49:45 14°33'38"Cap Trine Jupiter

Now, I shall send the alerts... If you still don't have my application, you are welcome to download it. Links below, or in the left panel. 

On August 16th I posted the charts of all major Arab countries... I see since then they fell further down. 
Bahrain was around 1400, now at 1240. 
UAC: We went short below 4015; we can lower stop to 3700. 
Kuwait fell to 380~ Long above 400. 
Saudia we went short below 8654~ bottomed at 7753.. Long above 7830

I see there is a visitor from Denmark in the blog... Wellcome :) . Looking at the Danish stock market, I see it was founded in 1625! no exact date given, than it is written that started to trade in 2003, and since 2008 it trades under OMX ~ the Northern countries index.. It is quite difficult to figure out anything, in lack if exact start date, or even the date of connection to OMX.. 

There is also a returning visitor from Afghanistan... I wish you came forward, and tell me what you trade, and how did you find this blog? 

Stanley?? Really??  Should have looked at it before! South Node on the Sun, Jupiter is the leading planet for the share, and Neptune is on it, will not be surprised to find out about some fraud.. transit Moon conjunct Pluto, on the cusp of the 8th house of money.. too. 

October 20,2015 Tuesday

Today is a day ruled by Mars and the Moon. Not surprised to find them in a trine  120^ , a favorable, but lazy angle.
Later today the Moon will make an aspect to Neptune, adding to the disinformation that the Mercury-Neptune angle in the background brings. When I write " in the background" I mean aspects that are there since yesterday, or last week, or even last month... or aspects that are due to become exact, but their affect is already felt. 
In natal chart reading I use 5-8 degree orb, to define aspects, but in Financial Astrology I use 1 degree only. 
It will be interesting to listen and search for hints in Yellen's today speech... After all, they, up there are so much aware of numerology and astrology, that you won't believe!! Everything is planned. So is she speaks under such angles, I would be very very skeptic. 

Here is the Thai market,SET as per a reader's request. Looking at it roughly, broke a support line, failing to go above that line, will fall back and deeper. 
It trades now at 1422, there are multiple resistances at 1424.50-1425.60-1428.15- Support is only at 1417-1408. 
I don't know why I cannot post in the comments window ??? Anyone?? 

Yesterday I posted 23 alerts... hope you took good advantage of them. 
One of them was AEX: Gave target 452, and stop 447. This is what happened: 
AORD: we moved stop to 5290, and went short below. 

AXJO: we raised stop to 5260, and were stopped out, turned short. 
BSESN: We raised stop to 27300, one of the targets given was 27416- went to 27413! 
Dow: Stop 17160 , target 17232,17263 etc.. check out where is it now.. 

and so on ...  subscribe to the weekly newsletter now!! 

October 21,2015 Tuesday

It is a day ruled by Mercury and Jupiter. Mars at 16 Virgo, Jupiter at 14 Virgo, The "spell " of the conjunction is over. 
I ran TS to see if this cycle "works"" for the S^P, and it says it doesn't 

Well... what do I know?? if the machine says no.. 

The Moon is now in Aquarius. It makes a sextile to Saturn. Also a sextile to the SNode. No other changes in the sky.
Nifty is trying to break former top, stop is still at 8255.
TA25: I wrote a few days ago, that 1544 will be difficult to cross. Well, it didn't, and now it opened at 1533, after a whole day consolidation yesterday.. 

Nice to meet you , Harry, from Kabul ! I am glad you like my blog... Spread the word! let your friends know about it too. 

And Joe, thanks! You too, and all, have a nice day. 
We wave bye bye to Nifty, top and fall - stopped out. 

Nifty outcome: 

Ferrari ~RACE~ opened at 4:45 pm my time, at 60 $
Opened to trade on a Wednesday, - ruled by Mercury- high volatility,- on a date ruled by Jupiter,~ in the hour of Saturn, at 60$...NY time. so, in spite of a lot of optimism, at the opening, Saturn will always linger on its shoulder.. Resistance at 61.10-  
They choose a good day to start trading... Mercury = cars = is in trine Moon... so for a short period it's OK, but soon Mercury will square Pluto, let's see what will happen to car shares then! 

Harley Davidson: HOG ;Born July 1, 1987, is ruled by Venus and the Moon. It was born in the year of the great fall. trades between 10-75.. We are short below 60.. 

Mercedes Benz: Maybe a nice and good car, but what a boring share! 

Toyota: September 29,1999 at 9:30 NY - ruled by Jupiter... No wonder, even after a huge recall, the share is still alive and kicking.We are long above 118. 

Here is a comparison chart between the above and DOW and Nasdaq.

October 22, 2015 Thursday

It is incredible, that the week is over already... 
Checking what I wrote last week, I thought to share it with you" 

"US: crude inventories… it is blocked at 47.80. Since the US is producing its own oil, they have pulled out of all Arab countries, and we see the outcome. The eyes of interest are on China, Indonesia, India now.. Saturn-Neptune cycle in the background, is working here. While Neptune rules oil, and Saturn the government… The policy is clear.
It is interesting to note, that at 5pm, just before the crude inventories announcement, the Moon will be in a favorable and exact aspect to Neptune, so the report will be positive."
I see the outcome now, it was positive... 

We are short since 10/9. 

Before market opens, in the US, there is the unemployment announcement. The forecast is negative~266~. Mind you, only in 2006, it was this low: 

TA25: Ran above the resistance level, 1544- yesterday, and topped at 1553,59. Planetary supports are now at: 1546- 1543-1542-  resistances, or targets are at 1548-1558. There is a negative arbitrage, and it's a Thursday, probably people will not want to stay in position, over the week end. 
Earning reports today! Watch these stocks: 

One of them is McDonald.MCD Searching for its first trade date, I read, that " it will never fall below 100$.".. Now this is interesting... First, never say never.. Looking at the weekly chart, it traded at 9 $ in 2003, now at 102.. Very nice! 12 years, 1142%. 
July 5,1966: 9:30 NY
MCD: Asc at 29.39 Leo, Sun at 13 Cancer, Moon 14 Aqua. they chose a very good date! Sun on Sirius, in Cancer, signifies food, stomach; Moon in Aquarius~ all the world is friend, and eating hamburgers.. Asc. Leo- a leading company.  Jupiter, LOL, was conjunct the Sun, on that day! 

But... today, Pluto, for the first time in McDonald's history is in opposition the lucky Jupiter and Sun...transit Venus, Mars, and Jupiter, are in Virgo AND conjunct natal Uranus and Pluto! The Sun is in bad angle to Saturn, ruler of the 6th house of health, and the point of age sends an angle to the last Lunar Eclipse. It is incredible to see, that the asteroid Damocles is right on natal Moon, in the 6th house of health.. today both will be exact...
After all, what can I say? for someone who does not eat McDonalds?? LOL ( I prefer prefer steaks)... Never say never.. 
Support at 102- falling from there, next 100-97!
resistance 105. 

Hello to my visitor from Bielefeld, Germany... I had a friend in your town, Uli Opperman.. if you are him, then hi!! if not, say hi for me.. Lost contact several years ago. ~~~~~~~~~~~

October 23, 2015 Friday. 

In my September 27th weekly report, I wrote to subscribers that Oct 22 will be a major important turning date. 
Yesterday, the S&P was trading between 2019-2023, until the Moon made an exact trine to the Sun, ~ meanwhile announces were also out,~ just before market opening, and the index rallied, to 2055-2068, I see now was the top. 
New historical high..( Highs are reached when the Moon in Aquarius~ for the S&P~/// I wrote that many times in this blog.. . We moved now an "octave" higher... all calculations will have to be adjusted.
News in the sky for today: the Moon just moved to Pisces and the Sun will move today to Scorpio. We have several planets at 13, 15,17 degrees, they are supportive. 

I have guests today... so I must run now, will catch  up later. 

October 24, 2015 Shabbat, Saturday. 

Looking back on car shares, I wrote two days ago, that for RACE it was a good day to open, but Saturn will always be in the background... Opened at 60$ now at $56,38, support is only at 58.55 - 
HOG: I wrote: we are short below 60- fell to 46.47!
Mercedes Benz: long only above 104.50 
TM: We were long above 118- went to 127- raise stop to 125.50. 
MCD: broke above the 105 resistance, went to 112.87.

I am preparing now my next week's forecast. Sign up now! The sky is full of clouds... Know what, when, how to trade.. 
Have a nice weekend :) 

Oh... one last thing, to plan your future trades: here are the days to watch: 

Some of you, who read my bog long enough, know, that I am a proverb freak. Here is one I just received: 
 "Those who tell, don't know, and those who know, don't  tell."
What do you think of it? 
I am writing my reports, and I am shocked of what I see. Sign up now, read the report... 
October 25, 2015 Sunday 

Here is the proverb for today" What is reading, but silent conversation." Walter SAvage Landor.
So we are now conversating... 
We are one hour earlier, winter time, till March 25th. they said it will be a rainy week, instead, the Sun shining thru the curtains, woke me. at 6. Market starts in another 3 hours... So I have time to catch up. 

There 6 more days in October. The planets are in a very powerful position. On this day, in 1861, the Toronto stock exchange was created. Johann Strauss, " The Waltz King" was born in 1825, he wrote the famous Blue Danube, and 400 other waltzes...why can't modern composers write musical pieces any more??
George Bizet was also born on this day, in 1838, only to write "Carmen".. this was his life purpose, I guess... He died before knowing that it was a hit!
and Pablo Picasso, in 1881. And many more... 
So, you can see, that the sign of Scorpio produces very talented people too, but I guess in each sign we can find talent.
Politicians born in this sign are: Roosevelt, Indira Gandhi, Joe Biden, Hillery, Prince Charles, Ahmadinejad, just to name some.. 
Market will start with the Moon in Aries, a gap up, I guess, with the help of a positive arbitrage. 
What a stormmmmmmmmmmmmmm!!!!! 

TA25: taking the Sept. 29th low, 1468.93, one of the targets is 1572.89- next 1586.16. There are multiple resistances at 1573,74,75,78. SO' let's see, how high it'll go. 

October 26, 2015 Monday

The day is ruled by the Moon and Saturn. The Moon is now at 15 Aries, soon to conjunct Uranus. Watch out for a gap!- for markets that trade now... It will also make 150 to Venus, and Mars later today. THe US will get an opposition to Mercury... 

The main positions are in the slow moving planets, Jupiter 150 to Uranus, and Uranus 90 to PLuto. Not an exact position, but still it is felt in the background. All my calculations are based on these positions. 
The worst for today is Mars on 19 degrees... wrote so much about it. 
A quick look at Bloomberg, shows everything green. In the East ~ so far.. so good. 
BSESN: last alert sent was on 10/19- Stop was 27300- target given 27554- Topped so far at 27618. Now raise stop to 27420
Sent a lot of alerts... Enjoy.. 

Sweet Joe! Thanks for keeping me company. Seems like everyone else filled their mouth with water... 

DAX: raise stop to 10800 :) 

Peter Nalitch, is one of my favorite singers.. 
7.5 Earthquake in Pakistan... Moon conjunct Uranus, exact angle..Moon in opposition Mercury, didn't I wrote this morning? Neptune, where is Neptune? Must take part in quakes! But not this time... It is solitary. 
 I will never know how to forecast where these disasters will happen... uffff. 

It's Hillary's, the Clinton, of course,  birthday today... he is 68. She has a stellium in Scorpio, Sun at 2, Venus at 16, Mercury at 21 retro, and the South Node on her Mercury, and on her Asc. Not a favorable position, I should say! Chiron, the healer is also in Sco, together with some asteroids, Karma, and Requiem... Age wise she is at 3 Scorpio. We remember the last Lunar eclipse, of course?! , was on 4 Aries, in 150 to all her planets so far. Good that the elections are only next year... The last solar eclipse was at 22^, so it hits her Mercury, Moon, Saturn, and the Nodes. With a wider orb, also Uranus is hit. Again, good that elections are only in a year...
What else? Moon at 22 Pisces. She can be as vague, is that the word? as she likes... On her Moon sits the asteroid Chaos.. Nu... what can I say? Not a fantastic position. If the time is correct, 8:09,am. Mars brings the drive, the energy . For her, it serves her great! being at the mid of the royal Leo. BUT, oyyy, on Pluto. and in the 9th house, house of foreign affairs.. Mars-Pluto conjunct, will produce an either /or person, not much of a diplomat. By the way, I saw her questioning in the Senate... I don't think she was at her best. Do you?? I always wrote, that Saturn crowns kings.. in her case Saturn is at 21 Leo, in the 9th house. Numerologically she is a 3, Jupiter, rules her date. November 8th 2016 , will be a positive date for her, and transit Saturn will be in exact trine her Mars and Pluto.~ of foreign affairs~ which will backfire on her. 
Transit Mercury - ruler of her career, will conjunct the South Node..  = bad. Venus, ruler of her adversary, will be in exact opposition Uranus in the 8th house. 
Something unexpected will happen, the week before the elections. 

have 8:09 am, which puts the Asc. at 23 Sco. I use Equal house by Asc, because I use the Huber system, of the age point.
When the scandal of Monica Lewinsky broke out, ~ Nov 1995, ~ she was 48 years old. At this age, she met “ Amor and “Cupido” on the cusp of her 9th house.
Ruler of 7th is Venus- is Bill, and his lover, 5th from 7th , is H11,= Mercury.
On Nov. 15th 1995 ~ approximate date~ transit Mercury was conj Venus, in the 12th, = Bill. It was also hitting Karma… and Chiron.
It is very interesting, that the Benghazi attack happened on 9/11/2012, another 9/11! 
11 years after the Twin Towers attack.9/11/2001

I find it even creepy.

October 27, 2015 Tuesday

This is a double Mars day! And Mars is at 19Virgo58- just about to leave this dreadful degree. We will have some peace of mind for the time being, with no planets on 19 degrees. 
Today we wake to a Taurus Moon. The Moon is exalted and good in this sign., in natal charts, not so for trade. The first aspect to make will be , or already made, to the Nodes, next in the line is Saturn. 
Moon angles, gmt+2 
27.10.2015  8:07:17  0°00'00"Tau <<<
27.10.2015  9:34:01  0°54'33"Tau 135^ Jupiter
27.10.2015 11:38:09  2°12'36"Tau 135^ Venus
27.10.2015 13:50:27  3°35'43"Tau Quincunx Saturn
27.10.2015 14:05:07  3°44'55"Tau Opposition Sun
27.10.2015 16:15:04  5°06'30"Tau 135^ Mars
27.10.2015 19:30:43  7°09'12"Tau Sextile Neptune

October 28, 2015 Wednesday

Ha... life is strange.. I was born on a Wednesday,and today, for the first time in my life I took medicine for my heart, that started to beat unequally...I have an electricity problem, but my chart is shouting at me, telling me this, for a long time, but I lived in denial.. Not any more... 

In the sky it's Mercury and the Sun that rule today. The Sun at 4 Scorpio, squares my Sun. So there you are.. I have an issue ( Sun = Heart). 
I am taking long walks in the mornings, so I guess my heart will go and get stronger.. 

The market is also moving nervously. Yesterday I sent alert to go short in the S&P- Stop now is at 2070. 
This is what I wrote in the weekly forecast, with the outcome: 

DAX: last alert sent on 10.26: long term traders stop was 10600- they are still in trade. Intraday traders stop was 10770- and the outcome: 

Moon 120 Mars pushes the US markets higher ! If you used 2070 as stop-your are gaining now,and I can see a huge smile on your face.. They are blocking at 2090.65. T
he main aspect today is still Jupiter-Uranus 150^- at 2087-86 level. 
And the outcome:
technically that stop should be raise to 2084- former top. 

October 29, 2015 Thursday

The Moon is on the Pleiades. A bad position. Around 11 am , it will leave it behind, we can take our breath. Till then it makes a sextile to the Nodes, and when the Nodes are involved, there are always some troubles, even if its a positive position. 
Planetary support for the S&P is now at 2086-2087- so better use this one, than the technical one. 
For the Dax, which made a high at 10848, it is at 10837.80
On Oct 14th , I wrote in the blog, that Oct 29th will be a CIT day for the DOW> ,topped at 17780, planetary support is at 17770-17755, while target up is 17832-17860-17866.... 

Some share, that I uploaded on FB yesterday: AMZN: 
CAC: forecast and outcome 

October 30, 2015 Friday

The important planetary position for today is the Sun opposition to Neptune.- at 7 degrees. Venus is also catching up with Mars. The Moon is in the middle of Gemini. Several planets are conjunct by declination, a very very rare event! ~ for so many planets to be in a cluster. 
All these mean: 2090-01-95 level for the S&P. rising above 2095- next level will be 2103-2107-2113-2116-etc. 
See long term chart: 

There is a very interesting stock, Starbux, that is in constant rally, since the opening, in 1992. If you invested in it, 23 years ago, your grandchildren are very very wealthy now! 
I am amazed to find, that the name Starbux adds up to 6= Venus, and this rules the MC, and it is at 8 degrees Cancer, degree of money. Furthermore, Venus sextiles Jupiter, and is conjunct the SUn, separating from it. mars, is in taurus, ruled by Venus, at 8 degrees as well..Saturn is at 17 Aquarius, adds up to 8, Neptune is at 17 degrees Capricorn, adds up to 8... and you get a winning share! 
Starbucks went public on June 26, 1992 at a price of $17 per share (or $0.27 per share, adjusted for our six subsequent stock splits) and closed trading that first day at $21.50 per share (or $0.34 per share, on a split-adjusted basis).
So taking the 0.27 price- some calculations give me a support at 61.66- targeting 63.51-72-
CIT: Nov.11 

October 31, 2015 Saturday

This is from my last report, on the S&P: 

I completed my weekly reports, and I decided to go to the beach... its 26 Celsius out there! But when I looked out to the sky, I saw, that the Sun moved into my balcony... 

So, I took a towel, 4 books, and enjoyed every minute! !!! For 3 hours... Then I cleaned my aura... LOL,,, I took a shower, and I am as good as new. 
Try it! I loved it. 
Watch it, next week! language will be poisonous! Mercury moves to Scorpio! Insults, intrigues, malinformation, for the purpose of gain, "You are quick-witted, resourceful, shrewd, direct, sharp-tongued, and will readily say what is on your mind, in a most stinging manner. You enjoy satire and other forms of critical humor. You want to know everything while at the same time disclosing nothing to no one. You have the ability to penetrate beneath the surface of problems and people and really understand them. You have abundant manual dexterity with the ability to repair anything. On the negative side, you can be stubborn, quarrelsome, skeptical, cynical, headstrong, and always holding the opposite views to others. There is interest in the occult.". of course, this does not stand alone, depends in which house your Mercury is, the aspects it gets, and another trillion things.Just sayin... When your hear something, think first, what is behind it? Why was it said? What is expected of you , after this? When was it said? Every single thing has a reason. Be a Sherlock!

November 1, 2015 Sunday. 

It is the day of the dead. Universally, people remember their loved ones. I don't know what was this day assigned to the dead, but I can, if I look up to the sky. The Sun is in Scorpio, and at 8 degrees, in the 8th house of death. 

TA25: RAN UP TO 1576.28 today, as I sent in the alert. 

Market in the East will start tomorrow with the Moon still in Cancer, soon to get VOC.- So not a great time to trade. 

2.11.2015    7:06:06 > Sco Mercury
2.11.2015   15:47:33 > Leo Moon
5.11.2015    2:22:23 > Vir Moon
7.11.2015   15:14:07 > Lib Moon
8.11.2015   15:30:53 > Lib Venus

What these all mean??? Well, take my course, and life will change for you. 

November 3, 2015 Tuesday 

Sorry folks, for being away. I am well, just had to look after my grandson, 1 years old, got a little bit sick. 
I sent a lot of alerts today in the application, hope you took good advantage of them.
Today at 9 pm gmt+2 - Draghi speaks! Sit on your hands!!! 

Yesterday I sent 23 alerts in my application. Here is the outcome of some.. .- All correct in green. I could not find Italy index, the Gold and the Crude on Yahoo. Which also turned out right. 

November 4, 2015 Wednesday

There are no news in the sky today. On the Earth, a lot of announcements today. 

November 5, 2015 Thursday

Those who have my application, could gain yesterday nicely! I sent in the alerts to go short under 2113! the index fell to 2098. 
I guess the other alerts "delivered" too..
What now? 
The Moon moved on, to Virgo. We have a Sun 60^ Pluto, a Moon 135^ Uranus, Mercury 30^ Saturn, Jupiter 150^ Uranus, Mars conj Venus, and, something new my attention was driven to, by my student! transpluto. The Moon is conjunct. There are many other small details, but I'll skip them now. 
Bottom line is, we are short below 2104. NOV 8! Important to watch... 
Watch these stocks today: 

Support now is at 1187.45- 1183.30 
Targets: 1195-96. 

On Oct 30th, I wrote about SBUX, target given was 63.50- here is the outcome: 

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