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New Moon in Pisces, 2018

between March 17- April 16, 2018

thanks for following from the former article.

The New Moon occurred at 26Pisc.53, for Israel, in the 8th House of transformation, life and death, sex and others money. Events to come will be connected to these issues. But not only. Mars is at the 29th degree, and OOB!!!, ready to enter Capricorn, where it is very strong. On the New Moon it trines Uranus, in the 9th, house of law and foreign issues. (Netanyahu's interrogations by the police is still an ongoing fact, and with Uranus staying in the 9th house for very long, these issues will not end or solved either). Saturn is at 8th degree, on a destructive fixed star, Facies, approaching Pluto, that will not happen this year, but as the proverb says, the route is important not the final point. Before Saturn to meet Pluto, Mars will meet Saturn. -see my weekly reports- finally, Neptune, oh, Neptune, the big illusion, in the 7th house of partnerships, dissolving them. Neptune is solitary, aspectless, and that is worse than when aspected. 
During the Lunar month Mercury will Turn Retro in Aries, Mars will move to 16 Cap., Jupiter moves back 2 degrees in its retro movement, SATURN will turn stationary, preparing to turn Retro as well, the rest will not move much. However, Uranus will sextile the Feb.15,2018  eclipse degree, and trine the Aug.21,2017 eclipse degree. 
What all the above means for people or countries, that, of course depends on your own data.

Important aspects of the month: 

                                       Aspect Exact gmt +2
Mercury          120 Node              16.03.2018 23:37
Sun               90 Center of Galaxy  17.03.2018 20:21
Sun                0 Chiron            19.03.2018  1:15
Mercury            0 Venus             20.03.2018  6:03
Uranus           120 Vesta             22.03.2018  6:58
Center of Galaxy   0 Vesta             22.03.2018 18:40
Venus             90 Pluto             24.03.2018  1:17
Sun               90 Mars              24.03.2018 18:08
Uranus           120 Center of Galaxy  25.03.2018  1:53
Venus            150 Jupiter           25.03.2018 11:08
Venus            120 Center of Galaxy  28.03.2018 22:31
Vesta             90 Chiron            28.03.2018 22:45
Venus              0 Uranus            29.03.2018  2:47
Sun               90 Saturn            29.03.2018 16:16
Mars              45 Jupiter           31.03.2018  1:45
Venus             45 Neptune           31.03.2018  5:15
Sun                0 Mercury            1.04.2018 19:53
Mars               0 Saturn             2.04.2018 17:45
Sun              120 Node               2.04.2018 22:15
Mercury           90 Mars               4.04.2018  9:05
Mercury           90 Saturn             5.04.2018 10:22
Venus            120 Saturn             7.04.2018 15:36
Sun               90 Pluto             11.04.2018  6:54
Venus            120 Mars              11.04.2018  8:02
Sun              150 Jupiter           11.04.2018 14:15
Jupiter           60 Pluto             14.04.2018 12:00

I picked the major aspects, but there are hundreds more every day.

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I was busy the last few days, and I did not write about Angela Merkel, and Putin, who got into the chair again. But, it was expected. So no news there... 
Here, the whistleblowers are under magnifying glass, and 20-30-40 years issues thrown on them. One starts to think who ARE these people?? how did they get so high?
Anyways, our interest is in the markets, and these refuse to fall. In spite of all. except the Bitcoin, which is now around 8300- the value, they came up, that costs it's mining. So this is the even point. I read this on FB, and also here. But who knows? maybe it's fake news. Like so many other news that we read... And this article is a must read! Cambridge Analytica. How 50 million people data was leaked, but not only, how people are manipulated on FB, it's i n c r e d i b l e ! - All under Neptune in Pisces. 
Here is someone who made it up the ladder, and down he fell. 

I use Twitter more and more these days, instead of FB. 
This is how we start this lunar month: 





I send alerts on most of them in the app. 

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New Moon in Pisces, 2018


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