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New Moon in Libra 2014

 Between Sept 24- Oct 23, 2014 

September 26, 2014 Friday 

Due to Rosh Hashana, or Jewish New year, we do not have trade, everything is closed, one can only enjoy the calmest beaches, at this time of the year. Many traveled abroad, but I prefer the sands of Tel Aviv, which are smoother than in Nice, or Monte Carlo, believe me, I have been there... The water is much warmer than at the south coast of Spain, I have been there too. It is a perfect time to come to Israel after the long hot summer... No trade... time to catch up with my reading, making new friends... and learn from them... There is always something to learn... LOL... Never a dull moment. Sometimes I wonder how much space IS there, inside my head, anyways???? And more... how can one remember everything? I can assure you, I have forgotten everything I learned in my gardening course... Yes yes, in 2000 I took a 7 months intensive gardening course, and I knew by heart the names of more than 500 trees, flowers, bushes, grass... well??? NOTHING I remember of all of that! And I finished " cum laude"... But once you don't USE what you learned, it goes away... 
In my Numerology and astrology studies, I keep a large file under my pillow LOL.. well not really, but close, and always when I learn something new, I write it down.... Who knows? One day it will emerge in a book. My students tell me all the time, why don't you write a book?? Then, I would include the newly learned stuff in my analysis.. And as Robert Frost wrote:" Miles to go before I sleep"... 

So what is new in the market? I see my man climbing the cliff - see picture of the article before this one - got tired... If you are a subscriber, you got the updates... 
What to expect today? 
the fundamental world expectations are here : click on it to enlarge... 

The sky tells us the story: The Sun is approaching a nasty angle to Neptune, but it will be exact on Sunday, so it will effect us, and not the rest of the world, where there is no trade. Probably we will have a negative arbitrage- as it seems now... Next: La Luna !!! Is in the last degrees of Libra, will enter, during US hours Scorpio. But first, - hear Europe - it will conjunct Mercury- and this sometimes reflects in a gap. It is difficult to know in which direction... But we have a lot of open gaps, and they have to be filled... Next, it is the minor positive angle between Mercury- Venus, so it might point to an up wind. And last, and most important, is the angle between the slow moving planets, Jupiter - Uranus trine... at 15 degrees. This means 1965 for the S&P, 1215-1245 for the Gold. Why?
THAT!!! I teach in my "Financial Astrology" course.

Should I repeat again, that you can download my app. and receive alerts??? Pls. do 

OK . We got the German consumer climate: although it came out less than the forecast, as long as it is above 7.2- it is just a correction. The Catalonian vote is coming up on Oct 9th - so I guess this has an impact on the EU community. More and more countries are in a " demolishing" trip. Will Barcelona leave and not look back on Spain?? How long can they last, if attacked??? I can't understand these people... But then, looking harder, I can. 

These "needs" to be on myself  and manage by myself reminds me of a couple who want to divorce, because they think they will be far off better alone than together... But then, BECAUSE who they are, they will find the exact same partner in the new guy/woman, that popps up. And then, they will go back to the former, and ask for help. Or, if they stay single and "happy", they will still go back and either ask for help of attend the former partner. So let's say Catalonia votes for division. What next? They will either be attacked by ISIS, or turn to Spain for this and that. This is what disturbed me at the first time I heard about Scotland.... Now the same situation here... What army do they have? What money will they use? What sources do they have?? I read they are fed up taking care of the South. What next? Italy? they have a "south" problem too. WE have the same... 
OK. no more grumbling... LOL 
I have holiday today, you should take it easy too... markets are zig zagging. 

VIX: As long as it is below 19- no need to worry. If it does, it will point to a major turn in the markets, and we will be short. 

See what I have found.( With a little help from Martina, she writes in a group I am also a member- and I enlarged later the search for other asteroids- as presented below ) ... tell me if astrology is not absolutely fantastic, incredible and magic

What we see here is USA natal chart inner wheel, and the upcoming solar eclipse on Oct.23 in the outer. Click on the pic. to see it large. The highlighted objects are the interesting ones!!! There are asteroids actually called " Isis, America, Ukraina, Vladimir, Russia, etc.etc out there... and see where they fall ??!!!! Isis, in the natal chart of the US is close to the Galactic Center, at 28 Sag. Transit Mars, on the eclipse day will be ON IT! Russia not far from it! Nessus and Vladimir in transit will conjunct US Moon in Aquarius, pointing to a threat to the people. part of fortune and the South node will be on the cursed degree 19- Aries. Isis, America conjunct in transit in Leo will conjunct US North Node- pointing to something fated. Since the eclipse will pass and will be seen over the USA, as my friend Peter pointed out in his article, I hope very much someone will read this blog, or even without this, will prepare.... When will something happen?? the affect of a Sol. eclipse is felt up to 1 year... 

Isn't this creepy?? 

September 27,2014 Saturday 

Moon-Mercury conjunction brought the correction to the upside.... So far so good. S&P closed at 1974 after running up to 1978.47. 
I am writing next week's forecast... You might be interested to know what will happen in the sky, and how will this effect the markets...
Pls. sign up now with Paypal. 

Reading CNN news, I read, that Kim Jong Un- has not been seen for a long long time. He is sick, the article says. Using January 8,1984 date of birth and the declination chart we find, that Hygiea crossed Neptune, both pointing to health issues. Unfortunately, having no exact birth date, I cannot make a research. 

September 28, 2014 Sunday 

4 days break, because of the Rosh Hashana, and we are back to business. I tried not to eat too much... and exercise...  
So let's analyse the day.... What can we learn from today? It is a day ruled by the Sun and Saturn. They make no aspect, and the important issue of the week is Mercury entering Scorpio, where it is bad
Sky for today: we still have a trine between Jup-Uranus, The Moon is in Scorpio, conjunct Saturn, next angle to make will be with Venus.

No. 28 is a very interesting number... I had no idea till now! Wow... so many things I have never heard of! Or understand it or use it... What is a Granville number? And we can learn that it is a happy number??!! da??? why?? Now you know... I know.. 
What happened in history ? "William the bastard" invades UK, Christian I crowned king of Denmark... and many other events, where are these people now??? who remembers them ? Brigitte Bardot was born today, in 1934... Enough reading for today?? Market started.. 
Important event starts as of today till mid November, which will highly effect babies born during this period of time, but not only them, world events firstly.. 
Mars is out of Bound ! This means anger gets out of control. Fights, wars, disputes.

Don't forget to download my application !! 

I read that Chelsea gave birth to a child, on Sept 26th, at 7:03 pm. Happy birthday little one, but where I live, we don't make charts for children until at least 3 months old.

I also read that the most handsome man, George Clooney, got married. to Amal, 17 years younger then him... I don't have to look at their map... simple numerology and common sense. I give them 2 years. Oh?? that was rude... 

September 29, 2014 Monday

Re reading what I wrote about the marriage of Clooney, maybe I was a little cruel... I hope they will forgive me.... I wish them good.... 

So today we are in business again. Europe is awakening. 29.. is a peculiar number. 2 is ruled by the Moon, 9 by Mars. Guess where are they ?? Look at the sky! they are conjunct. 
Quarrels and disputes are in their bags.... George! Not a good day to marry after all... I also marked the important Moon positions to watch this month- based on this conjunction. So 10^ in Pisces Oct 6, Gemini Oct 12, Virgo, Oct 19, Oct 27 Sag. 

Other angles that the Moon will make today: gmt +3 
29.09.2014 11:42:11  5°23'26"Sgr Square Neptune
29.09.2014 13:10:22  6°11'50"Sgr Sextile Sun
29.09.2014 21:34:01 10°49'33"Sgr Conjunction Mars
29.09.2014 21:53:46 11°00'29"Sgr Semi-sextile Pluto

Besides all these Moon-Mars angles, we will have a Lunar eclipse at 15 degrees Aries, and a Solar eclipse at 0^ Scorpio. We are looking ahead of a very "busy" month. 

Mars will conjunct Antares, " The watcher of the West " - one of the most important fixed stars. 

Bernadette Brady, writes about this star in her book " the fixed stars" on page 287. In two words, Antares is the heart of the Scorpio, it offers great success worldwide. But it can also indicate that the person will cause his own undoing..." like in the Celtic parable the Scorpio and the frog... " If you want to read more about the fixed stars, go to the left panel of this blog, and search for the links. You will find a whole world in there.. 
I got a few mails to write about our George, after all.... So here it goes: 
He was born in May 6, 1961, on a Saturday. the first Solar eclipse after his birth made and exact trine to his Moon . the eclipse fell in his 7th house of marriage. Out of curiosity I searched for asteroids to fit Amal's name. and there it is " Amalia" right on his Uranus. Amal is born in the sign of Aquarius... and this sign is ruled by Uranus. Do we get an early "wake up call" for dear George, and only 4 months old... to look out for women born under this sign? His Venus is in Aries, pointing, that he will search for younger, much younger women in his life. 
Using the astrocartography we can see something very very interesting.... The solar eclipse was visible above Beirut...
It would be a very wide speculation to tell George that his future wife will be 1) MUCH younger, 2) from Beirut..and 3) it is all there in the chart... 

I don't have the hour of birth of Amal, but we can make a solar chart for her. Let's see what we get? 
She is 36 years old, will turn 37 in Feb.3.1978 She has Sun-Venus conjunct in Aquarius- showing a woman who uses her head more than her looks. Not that she is not aware of her style and beauty, and can use it quite well. Her Moon is in Sag... a good talker, good lawyer, she will always say the last sentence. Very clever. And George, a Taurus man, needs a partner to show off with. Like a nice jewel.
What kind of man is she looking for?? That we learn looking at her 7th House, which opens in Gemini. Her Mercury, the ruler of Gem is in Capricorn, pointing out, that she will search for a clever, rich but older partner...  
Again, I searched is there an asteroid George:? and yes, at 5 Scorpio... in her 9th house. George is waiting for you abroad, Amal, he is in your chart. But, look out! Do not get in court with this man..... LOL 

It is extremely interesting, that her Mars and Mercury line- the man she looks for- runs in Kentucky...HE was born there.

Using progressed declination chart for George: self explanatory.. 

End of November,,,, hmmmm I wonder if she will surprise him and be pregnant. :) To follow... 
I don't have Amal's hour, maybe someone could find out ??!! Her declination chart, however shows the perfect meeting on Sept 12,2013  and the marriage. 
Numerology tells me, that Amal should have 3 children till she is 42 years old....How would that fit with her carreer... only she knows.  

So good luck again, to the happy couple! 

September 30, 2014 Tuesday 

It is the last day of this month, EVER..Tomorrow it will be history. During the night the S&P rallied from 1961 to 73... Now it is stuck on Saturn level.=1970. 
What to expect today... Let me see.. The day is ruled by Mars, which is at 1961 for the S&P and the Sun... 1956 for the index.. But the important move of the day is Venus entering Libra. Finally at home, after 410 days, and it will stay in Libra till Oct 24th. For the Nifty in the past it meant a small correction this ingress. 
Babies born today will be beautiful, but with an anger problem... remember Mars OOB... 
There are a lot of interesting meanings to the number 30, I found you this beautiful piece of music: Bach Goldberg Variations ( 30 variations ). 
Brazil: fell yesterday- but looking at a bigger picture, it is just correcting the last rally: support: 53570 falling lower it might go to 47000, it will still not mean a short, just a correction. The technical tools tell us to go short only if the last low brakes... That depends what time frame you trade.. 
Looking at Bloomberg's all the markets are red... remember the saying:" sell Rosh Hashana, buy Yom Kippur"? So far half of it was right. Let's see what will come after Yom Kippur, which falls on the coming Saturday. 
We read about the crises in Hong Kong: HSI: 

SSEA: makes new highs.. but oscillators are weakening.. 
NIkkei: still holds our stop at 16050...But we got a signal from RSI that a correction is on its way...Long only above 16250. short below 16050. 
BABA: support is at 87.17. 

Which sector is doing good? 

AAPL: On sale in China on Oct 17: Here is the weekly chart. It is at an interesting point: 

The last rally happened on an " empty stomach" as I call it... Napoleon said, the army marches on his stomach. No food, no energy. In our case the food is money, low volume and the share runs up? means "clever money is getting out ... Well Apple topped at 100, and it is a level that is difficult to cross, 98 is our stop for long. 

If you have my app. you are getting updates on a lot of shares... 
DAX: with supp and res. line in red 

Someone from Suriname arrived to find something on the
Euro/Dollar... Here it is, a You tube recording I made in may 2014- and we just got there now- as forecasted 
And I see Leonardo Di Caprio on TV, with beard !!! Oh goodness!!! I do hope it is for a future role... I hate it. and yes, reading that link... it IS for a role. 
Anyways, looking at his chart, he has his Sun, Venus conjunct in Scorpio, at 18 degrees, Saturn too at the same degree. A friend from FB pointed out, that 18 degrees show genes... And will show future fatal events in one's life. What do we see in this triple map? Inside is the natal one, second is the directed, outer transit for Sept 22, when he gave a speech on climate change.See how his planets are lined up at 18-ish degrees? I think this speech was just a start for a new career. 

When is he going to marry?? Or will he wait to be 53 like dear George? He is looking for a very sexy girl... He has Sun-Venus conjunct. Once I met someone who had the same, he said, yes, I am always surrounded by beautiful ladies. God knows why he is alone till now.. 

October 1, 2014 Wednesday 

We wave bye bye to September... I found you a nice song..September ended with a big "finale" a huge vulcanic eruption in the New Guineas..

I also check up upon Kim Jong Un, seems he has been hospitalized and operated on his ankles. 
During the night the markets flipped. Here is the S&P future. As it declines we turn short, using the former top as a stop. Targets on the graph. 

I am welcoming my visitor from Dubai! I checked your index and this is how it looks : 

Since 2013 it rallied with lower volume. failing to run above last top, it will make an M pattern. Pls. download my application to receive alerts! Tell your friends. How many people trade in Dubai?? only 0.1% would have my application would make me very happy.... Not to speak about India! Where are your millions of people?? Why only a few have my application? Share it! and you from the US??? 

October 5, 2014 Sunday 

We are after the Yom Kippur fast. Next holiday is Succoth. 
So what has happened in the markets while we were off trading ? I see the S&P dropped to 1917, and rallied to 1959. The proverb "Sell on Rosh hashana and buy on Yom Kippur" worked. 
What is new in the sky? 

We have a "fire" triangle at 14-16 degrees between Mars-Jupiter-Uranus. Triangles in the past marked a top or bottom for the markets. We also have a Sun-square -Pluto in the sky, but it will fade out till trade starts tomorrow in the world. And, Mercury turned retro - for 3 weeks - and will return to 16 Libra. Mercury is in trine to Neptune, pointing to disinformation. Read twice everything before you sign it, or believe it. 
The coming week will be full of events in the sky, so down here... We have Mars breaking out the borders, or OOB- bringing a lot of anger problems, anger that cannot be cornered. We also have a Lunar eclipse, about what I already wrote, scroll up... 
News in the world? Seems, that Kim Jong Un was removed, Sweden to be the first European country that recognizes Palestine... ISIS is alive and kicking, in spite of the coalition taking steps against them... Or make us believe, that they take steps... hmmm.... Decapitulations are normal now... the more they do it, the more we get used to it- how awful that can be? And US media is pomping hysteria about Ebola, saying the first person in the US has it, while this is a lie. There was a doctor and nurse who were flown home from Africa and completely cured! in August...Media wants people to think about something else than ISIS.... This is what feels to me... But maybe I am wrong. 
Today we are ruled by the Sun and Uranus. Aha... This planet did not turn up since a long long time. Uranus brings unforeseen events. All in all the sky is bad. Take care. 
A few words about the Hong Kong uprising...I checked China's map with the transits and future charts. See how it shows: 

In the inner chart, the natal chart, we can see that China has a lot of planets in Libra. Sun, Mercury, Neptune and the south node. This stellium - or group of planets - was and will be triggered by transit Pluto and Uranus.Two very difficult planets. Uranus brings the uprising, Pluto demands the change. Why now? Because transit Jupiter- in Leo is conjunct natal Mars. Jupiter makes everything bigger,, and lasting. So the situation will not go away soon. 
I made an analysis on the Euro Dollar and the Mars cycle , now, that it reached the target I gave back in May, 2014- here is the weekly chart with next moves. 
I sent my Gold fore cast to subscribers, you can subscribe too - with Paypal... Same for the S&P. 
Here is another You Tube recording about the S&P: I am under the name of GMAMA in Youtube, look up the other uploads, spread the word... :) 

You can also download my app.- I send alerts at least twice a week!!
TA25: closed at 1451. - targets up : 1454-1460-1470-72-75-76.

Many ask me about the Queen and Charles. In both natal charts Venus is at 14 degrees, and it will be effected by the Oct 8th Lunar eclipse. 
I made the declination chart for the Queen- a prediction system I also teach, and here is what we get: 

As I already wrote, the effect of the Lunar eclipse is for 6 months, so since her Venus will be triggered, and Venus represents her career, rules house 10- will she step down soon??! 
But, when I checked Charles' map... Saturn, the one that "crowns kings" is not in the right position for him... Seems he will be passed. 
Now I am curious, and I checked Prince William's chart- and there is Saturn- in opposition to his Venus, which - strangely enough - is the ruler of his 10th house as well. 
William was born under a Solar eclipse, and his Sun is at 0^ Cancer. The upcoming Solar eclipse will trigger his Sun, because it will trine his natal Sun. Numerology "crowns" him after June 2015. He will be in his 8th personal year...Perfect to be crowned. I would not want him see BEFORE that date on the throne.. 

October 6, 2014 Monday. 

Just wrote about Charles yesterday, and what do I read now? He has an ongoing affair with Barbara Streisand?? Since 1994 - Now Camilla plans to divorce him... LOL... How fate comes around and goes around... 
Of course, I had to check where are the asteroids Diana, Camilla and Barbara in his natal chart.... And you won't believe it! 

Camilla is in his second house- money link between them- it will be an expensive divorce! Barbara is right on his Venus in Libra, reflecting the woman he looks for.. But she is not alone. Venus is conjunct Neptune, it shows there are other secret ladies in his life...Diana in in his 5th house, she was the one who brought him kids, and it is conjunct Chiron- it is a wounded and painful relationship. All this we see in the inner wheel. 
Looking at the outer - his Saturn - now no connection to the ladies- is trapped between Directed Uranus and Jupiter and Neptune. There goes the throne! Not under Uranus!! Neptune ... 
The markets are consolidating... I had to buy a new screen, had my technician here, so I was busy in the morning. 
The Moon is in Pisces now, we are waiting to enter Aries, to get some action. Meanwhile I sent out tens of alerts- those who bought my application, have them 
The Moon today : gmt+3: 
6.10.2014 12:03:29 14°34'27"Psc Semi-sextile Uranus
 6.10.2014 13:35:06 15°30'58"Psc Square Mars
 6.10.2014 15:45:49 16°51'35"Psc Quincunx Jupiter
 6.10.2014 16:09:55 17°06'26"Psc Sesqui-quadrate Mercury
 6.10.2014 22:38:07 21°05'44"Psc Trine Saturn
I just realized, that on October 24, it will be 85 years of the Big crash since 1929! 

Back then the Sun was at 0 degrees Scorpio, on the 24th we will have the same placement. Venus will conjunct the Sun. Venus rules the banks and it is bad in Scorpio. All that under the upcoming Solar eclipse on the 0 degrees Scorpio. So keep your stops tight VERRRY TIGHT.. 
Back in 1929 the crash was triggered by Uranus, which was in the USA natal chart at Mars- Pluto-midpoint. that means, at 8.33 Aries. 
In October 24, 2014- Uranus will NOT MAKE such an angle, actually, it will never make it, in the next 85 years, because it reverts to 12 degrees, and then walks away of the cliff. 
2) The other bad position in 1929 was Jupiter at Mars- Uranus midpoint.- This too is non existent this time. 
SO, I think, a correction might come, but no crashes.. 
I wrote many times in the past about Putin. I think this Solar eclipse will affect him hard. His map is so full of difficult aspects, that I don't even want to look at it. His life may be in danger. =somewhere abroad - and by a woman. 

Here is an interesting transit on the
DOW natal chart.: Right now transit Mars is squaring natal Mars,which is pumping in energy.The upcoming eclipses will add to this energy- by triggering the Sun and Mercury on Oct 23rd. 
We are long with a stop at 16550. 
More than 72000 people read this blog, and 4!!!!!!!!!!!!!! likes ??? What is wrong with your finger, folks ?? 

October 7,2014 Tuesday 

We are ruled today by Mars and Venus. The card of the day is "the Devil". This card tells us to watch any advise someone gives you- it might be to fail you and not to help you / or of friends that smile to us, but stab in the back. Watch out of lawyers, watch it when you sign any contract. The Sun is on Algorab, a most destructive and unfortunate fixed star.
The Moon is VOC till noon- so I would postpone decisions till after 13:10 gmt+3.
The S&P is now at 1955.26- it would be a long above 1956. It made a correction overnight of 21 points, what the DOW did not! I would expect the Gold and Silver to rally if there would be a crash around the corner, but the Gold is still in a declining channel.. 
What are the news?? It is Putin's 62's birthday/ You don't want to miss this exhibition.
I checked who else is born today, and guess who popped up ?? Simon Cowell- from X-Factor... Now I read, that he has a child with Lauren, who is 17 years younger then him! Remember dear George? well... same here... 17 years difference. 
They brace a son together. .. Well, happy birthday to all, born today... 
Let me see the market
But before that, I read, that Kim Yo Jong has taken over the throne in North Korea. This is only interesting, because, looking at her chart,- she is 27 - she can join the club of Putin and Natanyahu, people with a strong stellium in Libra. Her Sun is at 2^ Libra, and as per astrologer Nikola Stojanovic, it is a degree of power. 

The Lunar eclipse tomorrow has triggered her Saturn- And the Solar eclipse on Oct 23- will hit her Sun & South Node.- 

On this day Helsinki Stock exchange was born, in 1912 - It is 102 years old today. 
It had difficulty crossing 3011- Which is Jupiter's level in the natal chart. 

I am a member in many groups, where I post different charts, and discuss things.. I like to receive a fit back to my thoughts... Only in the blog, God knows why no one comments or thinks lound... 
Anyways, I posted in Noel Tyl's forum, that people who will be affected by tomorrow Lunar eclipse are: France and Luciano Pavarotti have their moons at 15 Aries,
Others -whom I have and SF found: Diana Ross, Sean Connery, Shirley MCLain, Paul Simon, Clint Eastwood, Tony Blair.all have planets on 15 Aries. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

October 8,2014 Wednesday 

We have Tabernacle holidays, therefore no trade till Sunday. But I want to draw your attention, that today we have a Full Moon, a Lunar eclipse, and Mars trines Jupiter. All these might point to a CIT! 

October 9,2014 Thursday

We saw a remarkable re-bounce yesterday. I was "on-line on the application, so I hope you did well. I wrote on the app. that 1925 is a critical level. Once it broke, it could have crashed, but I alerted in all possible ways, that the Mars- Jupiter trine, the Full Moon, and the eclipse will make the difference! And it did, big time. It rallied to 1965- which is a former important planetary line. The secret of trading is flexibility. It is OK to be stopped out! But we must have enough guts to get in again, when the time is right. While everybody is waiting for a crash, I always wrote we might have a correction, but no crash. Not just yet. Those who took my course, can calculate in their heads- no computer necessary, the price levels. That is what I do. After studying hundreds of oscillators, I use only the Stochastic and the Astrology. No need of other stuff, it just makes decisions more difficult. 

We have no trade today, but let me look up to the sky see what is there it want us to know? 
First, we had the Lunar eclipse at 15 Aries- Libra axis. Now, for the next few months, when a planet will cross this degree it will be important to watch. 
I ran TS to see when will we have some hits of 15 degrees, that might effect the index. 

Look, Aug 8 low- exact hit, Next: Nov 3-7, Nov 11-18, 27th, Dec 5-7, Dec 27- Jan 7, so on.. till we get to March 4-7 . I put these dates in my outlook, and they pop up... 
Using the Oracle on Spark it tells us about 15 degree of Libra: 
Sun's Position at 9:12:32 AM is 15°Li53'

Even situations built on solid foundations can be swept away by the tidalwave forces of emotion. You may be feeling overpowered in this way. You will have to reconstruct some usually secure part of your life, but you are wiser and will in future build something stronger. Having `no-where to dock' one's emotions. Temporary loss.  Emotional repair. If negative - making excuses instead of taking the necessary responsibility.

Speaking of degrees, this degree is under the spell of the sign of the twins, thus combining with all the other signs we got, and I already wrote about, we got the up swing yesterday. 
The Moon's aspects for today: gmt+3
9.10.2014 14:43:55  0°00'00"Tau <<<
 9.10.2014 16:08:10  0°49'53"Tau Opposition Mercury
 9.10.2014 19:30:45  2°49'33"Tau Sesqui-quadrate Mars
 9.10.2014 23:29:57  5°10'19"Tau Sextile Neptune

In the last 2-3 days I sent more than 30-40 alerts. Did anyone have problem receiving them ??? I got them... I hope you got them as well. 

October 10,2014 Friday 

It is the day of Venus and Mars. There is no connection between them - I use 1 degree orb - What is important today, is Mercury entrance to the sign of Scorpio, where it is bad. Mercury is in retrograde position, and it is now re-visiting this sign. It will go back to 16th Libra. This motion gives another chance for people born under the sign of Libra, Aries, Cancer and Capricorn. Mercury in Scorpio means a very manipulating media... Just look what they are doing with the Ebola! 6 people are sick out of 8 billion population...Fear is planted in the hearts of people. 
Besides that, the Moon is in Taurus, -good - but 150 to the Sun - bad -. 
And, we have a fire trine between Mars- South Node - Jupiter.- which contributes to the negativity of the day. 
Any announcements? any news?? I have been absent... Let me see. 
Yes, Australia, Japan, all negative announcements, and a lot to come during the day. Also G20 meeting... So do like me. Close positions, and go to the beach. 

Crude oil: I gave alert in the application to go short- I hope you did! 

S&P: only falling below 1887- would mark the beginning of a correction. 
Sign up to the weekly forecast to know what is coming... 
Gold: rallied nicely and got stuck at 1233- From 1183- it is a nice move, but looking at the big picture, It is still in a declining channel. 

I sent lots of good 

October 11,2014 Saturday 

I hope you took my advice, and closed position yesterday. US markets were zig zagging, not a tradable day! All stops - longs and shorts were wiped out. Just a head ache. Closed ar 1899... It is close to the edge! I wrote 1887... 
Now I am writing next week's report. 
Sign up now to know what is happening in the sky next week, and how will they affect us. 

I want to show you how last week's forecast came out: 
Pls. click on it to enlarge. 

October 13: is Columbus day! Bank holiday in the US and Canada.. 

October 12, 2014 Sunday 

Between the 12 to 14th we have trade only till 14:15. Because of Tabernacle holiday. Then no trade, on the 15th and 16th, Friday,Saturday and we shall return to full work only on the 19th. I expect Volume to be very low, but those who do trade, will be able to dump or raise the market with absolutely no volume. 
It made me smile now, after written the above, I opened my astrology software, and what does it say about the Sun's position today? which is at 18 Libra? 

"Sun's Position at 8:18:24 AM is 18°Li48'
You may feel that you have been wronged or something has been taken from you. At the moment there is, however, no way of finding who or what is the cause. You could spend your time searching for perpetrators, but a much better solution is to just get on with your life. Things will most probably come to light at a later time. Gaining unfair advantage. If negative - gaining unfair advantage at someone else's expense. Finding it hard to trust anything."

That is the best word... Robbers- manipulations of some on the people.. 
I wrote a lot about the cursed 18 degree- during the last war " Zuk Eitan" everybody !!! who died - and I could find his date of birth- the 18 degree was there.! Go to the former articles, and see. Or make a search at the left panel of the blog. 
What else is happening in the sky?? We have a stellium in Libra: Venus, Sun, North Node and Mercury are all in Libra. To remind you, the Libra world leaders are Putin, Natanyahu, and now Kim Yo Jong- the 27 year old sister of Kim Jong Un, who disappeared. So these planets now again in Libra will trigger their charts, each in their private way. 

What else? The Moon is in Gemini- also an air sign- so good- but being in gemini brings a lot of nervousness and double facedness- is this a correct word?? Maybe it is not a nice word, but you understand. Gemini makes people change their views often, able to do several things at one time, have multiple works, girl- boy-friends, read 4 books at a time, be hasty, etc... Market wise: zig zagging. What else? There is a fire triangle between Jupiter- Mars- South Node- at 19 degrees.- this degree is a Libra degree- so here too we get a lot of air thus, volatility will be high. Oh... we are going to get a huge gap down... as I see it from all this. 

TA25: closed at 1465.30- There is a support at 1461.65 and a resistance at 1468.70
And here is the gap: 
Till options expiry we have 12 trading days.( Oct 30 ). If the index will stay above 1420- I think it will hit 1531... let's see... Options, and particularly TA options is very difficult to trade. Most of the people lose money. 
Stay out! 

Our market closed at 1434.50- see the gap? from the opening ? 
What is coming tomorrow? No trade in the US- due to Columbus day- it's a bank holiday. No trade in Japan, nor in Canada. So it's only the DAX that can give the tone. Looking at the planets- to opening will be positive, but later around 1:30 pm - it will turn negative again. 
Looking at the DAX.. it's not flourishing at all. Fell by 11.20% from the top of Sept 19th' it is definitely in an M pattern. But, tomorrow is a CIT day- so a correction might come. Opening above 8810- would signal that. 

have a good day :) 

The VIX: 

October 13, 2014 Monday. 

It is the day of La Luna and Jupiter. The Moon is still in Gemini- volatility is at max! A N D in a sextile to Jupiter, so we have extremes here, ladies and gentlemen... 
S&P slides down to 1880- during the East's trading hours... 
This is what I wrote in my forecast for today... : " October 13: monday: The East opens with the Sun at 19 Libra, the Moon at 17 Gemini – two air signs- they are in a good position. But, Moon is Gemini brings a nervous and zig zag opening and trade. Gap will be wide- since the Moon is 60^ to Jupiter at the same time."
Are you a subscriber?? Good for you.. 

I am going to send now alerts... see you later. - Do you have the application?? 
AEX: I have to put up this graph to show my Dutch readers their index. It is very interesting ! 

The pattern shows, that it falls with 4-7%- and makes a reversal. The only difference now is, that the RSI broke support!!! 
390 is the historical support, falling from there, it will be a crazyyyyyyyyyy short. But I doubt this will be the scenario! X-mas rally is still to come... 
But, use tight stops. And don't hesitate to turn short if 390 breaks. 
What is wrong with the Russian index?? Our stop was at 1540- now it trades 1518 ! Falling below 1497- it will be a hard shoooooooort ! 

Yesterday I wrote, that about 1:30 market would turn negative again... Well, I think the last high for today is 1445- it is already 12:22 market closes 14:15- so not much time for a rally. You, watch out ! the correction is coming. 
Ta25: long with a stop at 1443. 
Our market closed at 1445.35- which is a very important support level. Tomorrow its a new comedy store... During the night the Moon will cross over to Cancer, a sign it rules.- much calmer than in Gemini... cancer is a fixed sign, so it can point to a consolidation, or side trades-- next target will be 1451.-54-57.... uncle Sam willing... a very nervous opening, thou.. so keep your stops close. - This is valid for Tel Aviv only.. 

well, I am done for today, market closed here... see you later. 

October 14, 2014 Tuesday 

Today we are under the ruler-ship of Mars ( energy, power, war) and Uranus (unexpected). 
The Moon moved on, and is now in Cancer, the sign it rules. 
I see the S&P continued to fall yesterday, after 2 failed tries to go above 1905. If you have my report, that is the level I wrote last week to watch. During the night - my night - the index fell to 1865, - which again is a support. 
Let's see if there are any positions that can give a back wind and make the index rise today? First, we have - till 24th of October a Stellium in Libra. They are between 17-26 degrees. This only points to a strong resistance at  1877-1886. Their support is at 1856-47. 
But, I think I already said enough... 
Oh... our market opened. 
see you 

Today is the last day of trade over here- next one will be only on the 19th. So I guess this Mars will bring its full power in- for us. When I write my reports, and I have people from the East, Europe and the US, I always point out what will be in effect when THEIR market works, during their market hours. Because if we watch the Moon, Mercury, Venus and Mars for the intraday trade, the angles they make at 3 o'clock am -my time -is not the same as 21:00... right ? 
TA25: is now at 1430 - 

October 15, 2014 Wednesday 

I thought the East will fall further today at their opening, but I was wrong. 
BSESN: consolidating since Sept 9- between 27330- 26090- which can be sued for a stop for long. 
Nifty: the stop was 7843- we were stopped out there. I would stay put for the time being. 
HSI: sideway trading since Oct 3, here too: wait.. 
AORD: seems the short is over- we were stopped out at 5185 

All these targets were given in the app.  
So what is new in the sky today, that can point to a reversal? Besides the Moon moving to Cancer, that brought today's morning shower, while I was exercising tin the park... nothing new. 
In the fundamental world, look out when Draghi speaks, and a lot of other announcements.. 
We don't have trade till the 19th... so I am off. 

Watch for a change in trend in 3 hours, at 18:00 pm gmt +3! 

I wrote in the weekly report: 
Bottom line: the last low was 1899 –in the future – falling below 1887- which was the low of August, it will make a correction of the rally since 2009 , to 1860-1841-1813.
Where was the low today ?? 1813... 
Since Mars entered Aquarius today, the index fell from 1880- to 1813.... 

October 16, Thursday 

I don't envy those who trade these days....It is a crazy merry go round. But, I am sending my alerts, I hope they help.. 
We are at the last quarter of the Moon now.- before the New Moon. Today there is a perfect sextile between the Mars- and the Sun- at 22 degrees. 
About the Alerts: DO NOT DOWNLOAD THE IOS 8 !!!! It is blocking the notifications. I contacted Apple, waiting for their response. 

I have an Iphone 4S- I never downloaded the updates. If you do, the phone will slow down, and it will mal function! They want you to buy the 5 or 6- so when downloading the updates, the older ones will not work! This is the reason some people who have downloaded my app. do not receive my alerts! 


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