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In the Nation, what's precious to you is precious to us. No matter where you are in life, Nationwide Insurance has you covered – get tips on what matters most.
2023-08-24 17:24
If you prefer to do your own oil changes, you might need to know how to responsibly dispose of the oil you’ve replaced. Here on some tips on disposing and recycling motor oil. [1] W… Read More
2023-08-08 19:44
Hardwood floors have the potential to last a lifetime, if properly cleaned and maintained. Dirt from frequent foot traffic or hair, fur and debris from pets can make the floors more slippery… Read More
2023-06-06 21:03
Even if you love the heat of summer, but you need to help your car keep its cool when temperatures rise. An engine that runs too hot can damage the vehicle and threaten your safety. Here are… Read More
2023-05-22 15:35
Have you ever gotten into your car to leave for the day and instead of starting up as usual, it’s making a clicking noise? This clicking can mean several things. Whether the problem is… Read More
2023-05-12 19:01
Are you shopping for a new car and considering one with a remote start? If this is your first experience with a remote start vehicle, you might be wondering whether it’s safe for the c… Read More
2023-05-12 17:56
If you’ve sat in your car, turned on the heat for a few minutes, and feel cold air blowing instead of warm, you’re not alone. While frustrating, it’s a common issue during… Read More
2023-03-22 19:52
If you just bought a new car or had it painted, you want to keep it looking new for as long as possible. Waxing your car can be very beneficial to maintaining that fresh look. What is Car… Read More
2023-03-15 14:22
Even though roundabouts are more common in European countries, they are growing in popularity everywhere in the United States, especially in cities that want to increase traffic flow and pre… Read More
2023-03-14 21:16
Few experiences are more exciting or rewarding than purchasing a home for the first time. However, the process can be more complex than it may seem. Working with a skilled agent can make thi… Read More
2023-03-08 16:38
While we typically drive a quarter of the time at night, studies show that 50% of traffic deaths happen at night. [1] It doesn’t matter whether you know the road you’re driving o… Read More
2023-02-22 22:38
Moving is stressful in itself, but it can get overwhelming if you factor in planning for your pets to make the big transition. However, you can take several steps to ensure the move goes as… Read More
2023-01-27 20:44
An automotive recall can hit home, but the process may be relatively painless. It can be quite unsettling to discover that your car has been recalled. And it’s happening more than e… Read More
2023-01-11 16:19
Some of a driver’s worst fears are a dead battery or alternator, a blown gasket, your car running out of gas and any number of other car troubles that leave you stranded on an empty st… Read More
What To Look For When Buying A Used Car
2022-12-16 20:22
Buying a used car can be daunting. No one wants to mistakenly purchase a “lemon” car, riddled with defects that aren’t apparent at first sight. Thankfully, there are many r… Read More
2022-12-13 22:12
New vehicle shortages and supply chain issues aren’t the only thing to blame for the recent spike in car prices. One of the main culprits is inflation. Consumer inflation soared to 7%… Read More
2022-12-09 15:53
A reference Trusts are an integral part of estate planning and funding a trust so that it meets the needs of a client’s estate and wealth transfer goals involves a proper and sound… Read More
2022-10-20 16:02
Many choose two-wheeled vehicles as transportation due to the ease of use, less maintenance and lower gas consumption. However, not all two-wheeled vehicles are the same. It’s importan… Read More
2022-10-07 19:18
Key Takeaways: Estate planning can be difficult to talk about—a 2021 Gallup poll showed that 64% of American adults working with a financial advisor have never discussed their estat… Read More
2022-09-28 15:37
If you’ve worried about finding quality housing that will welcome your pet, you’re in good company. Navigating a tight rental market can be especially frustrating for pet owners… Read More
2022-09-28 07:12
You’ve officially decided you want a motorcycle, but where do you begin? It’s easy to get overwhelmed with the costs, different state requirements, safety courses, permits, exams… Read More
2022-09-21 16:13
If you’ve noticed gas, sulfur, sweet, or burning smells coming from your car that you can’t get rid of, it may be time to bring your car to a mechanic for repair. These smells co… Read More
2022-09-20 18:50
Have you noticed your car idling, stalling or struggling to start? These are all symptoms that your car’s gas has gone bad, especially if you haven’t driven your car in a while… Read More
2022-09-14 19:42
Driving in the rain can be a slippery situation – slick road conditions, poor visibility and possible hydroplaning or skidding are some of the potential risks, particularly in the spri… Read More
2022-09-13 18:27
If you’ve ever considered bringing your dog on vacation, you probably know that flying with a pet can be difficult due to airline restrictions. When you hit the road with your pup by y… Read More
2022-09-09 21:34
Homeownership comes with lots of responsibilities, and one of the most expensive is replacing your roof at the end of its life expectancy. But before choosing to replace your roof, there are… Read More
2022-09-08 23:06
How will inflation affect the housing market? Housing prices tend to rise with inflation. This is because the economy is dynamic and there are a lot of changes introduced to it every day… Read More
2022-06-08 20:11
Quite often, car batteries are taken for granted until they stop working. A dead battery can be an inconvenience at best and, at worst, may leave you stranded somewhere. That’s why it… Read More
2022-05-10 18:36
In any given year, weather disasters can result in billions of dollars of damages. During hurricane season, affected properties can expect to see flooding, broken windows, downed power lines… Read More
2022-05-09 16:23
If you find yourself wondering how to protect yourself from catalytic converter theft, you’re not alone. Catalytic converter theft is on the rise lately, making it a common concern amo… Read More
How Much Air Should You Put In Your Tires?
2022-05-03 15:00
From a safety and cost standpoint, tire maintenance is one of the most important things you can do for your car. The easiest way to care for your tires is both quick and inexpensive: maintai… Read More
2022-04-08 14:30
 Driving in wet conditions can cause several issues, including lowered visibility or the need for longer braking distances. It can also cause your car to hydroplane. If you’ve… Read More
Most Reliable Luxury Cars
2022-03-15 18:35
Everyone has a dream car, that sleek sports coupe or polished classic you spend years thinking about, just waiting for the right time to make it a reality. But before you go signing the dott… Read More
2022-03-14 14:22
If you’ve ever had a flat tire out on the open road, you know that a car jack can be a driver’s best friend. If you’ve been lucky enough to avoid this misfortune, you might… Read More
How Much Does It Cost To Move?
2022-03-11 17:48
Nothing stresses people out like having to uproot their lives, transporting their belongings tens, hundreds, even thousands of miles away. While the endless boxes and hours of packing and un… Read More
2022-02-24 16:55
Ever heard someone say their car needs a tune up? What exactly do they mean? What is a car tune up? In years past, cars used to regularly require intricate procedures wherein many engine par… Read More
2021-12-21 17:00
How much do you spend on groceries weekly? The cost to feed a family of four can range from about $773 to $1826 per month, according to a U.S. Department of Agriculture November 2021 Report… Read More
2021-12-20 15:00
How common are car thefts? There were 873,080 motor vehicle thefts in 2020 in the U.S., according to the National Insurance Crime Bureau.1 And when citizens are targeted in the most potentia… Read More
2021-12-15 15:43
There’s nothing quite like being in a new place and having the freedom to go wherever you like, whenever you like. Sure, public transportation is an option, and you can certainly call… Read More
2021-12-14 16:57
An oil change is a routine maintenance procedure that every car, new and old, requires – but it can be a daunting task for someone who has never completed one before. Oil changes, howe… Read More
2021-12-10 20:24
It’s something you never want to think about but losing your car keys can happen to just about anybody. No matter how careful you are, all it takes is one second of forgetfulness to se… Read More
2021-12-10 19:46
It’s dark. It’s largely uncharted. Many of the inhabitants of its vast depths are unknown. That’s right, we’re talking about your closet. It’s easy to let close… Read More
2021-12-07 21:48
What is a lien? Sometimes, a person’s word isn’t quite enough. When creditors feel that there is some risk a debt will not be repaid, they can establish what is known as a lie… Read More
2021-11-23 15:00
No one ever thinks much about their windshield wipers until it’s pouring rain and they’re listening to a symphony of squeaks. Just like tires, oil and brakes, your windshield wip… Read More
2021-10-20 19:30
Your car payments and auto insurance payments may stay the same each month but gas prices can fluctuate wildly during the same period. Gas prices differ by state, by city, by season and by g… Read More
2021-10-11 14:00
The phrase “exotic pets” brings up a plethora of associations, many of them negative. Illegally sourced monkeys, baby tigers, Burmese pythons let loose in the Everglades, these a… Read More
2021-10-04 14:00
If your car has disc brakes, then you’ve got a small piece of material called a brake pad to thank every time you slow down or stop. When you press down on the brake pedal, brake pads… Read More
2021-09-30 16:00
It’s no secret that gas prices have soared over the last year. In fact, we’ve seen gasoline prices skyrocket by almost 50% since September of 2020 across the country. The reas… Read More
2021-09-30 14:00
Where once it felt like a far off promise of modern technology, nowadays owning an electric vehicle is a very real option. From environmental benefits to comparative costs of fuel, there are… Read More
2021-09-20 20:00
House flipping has become a lucrative market for many. And with number of shows dedicated to these endeavors, you may be interested in what it takes to flip a property. But first, what do… Read More
2021-09-15 20:38
Washing machines provide homeowners with endless utility. The ability to wash everything from clothes to bedding at home with minimal effort is life-changing. But most don’t realize th… Read More
2021-09-15 14:00
Driving can be expensive. Between buying or leasing the car itself, maintenance, and insurance, it can be enough to make some consider the bus. Choosing your insurance wisely can help that a… Read More
2021-09-14 14:43
In a world that only grows more digital, personal information like your credit is at greater risk than ever. If someone manages to get their hands on any of your sensitive information, they… Read More
How To Winterize A Boat
2021-09-07 14:00
A boat needs a lot of tender loving care, even when it’s going to be out of the water for the winter. Properly caring for your boat can be very cost effective in the long term, because… Read More
2021-08-27 19:00
When you experience car trouble, it’s nice to know that help is most often just a phone call away. But a little education about some basic car maintenance and repair will go a long way… Read More
2021-08-26 21:00
More than half of U.S. adults bank online, according to Pew Research Center, and about a third of them bank via cell phone. Given the popularity, it’s important to ask; Is online banki… Read More
2021-08-26 20:00
New tires are an inevitable expense, but telling when it’s time to get new tires may not be widespread knowledge to all drivers. Conflicting information from friends and family, from w… Read More
2021-08-26 19:00
As the weather gets colder and your fireplace becomes more than a decorative focal point, be sure it’s up for the task of keeping your family warm and toasty – and safe. Our list… Read More
2021-08-26 17:00
If you’re a just-married bride or groom, you may assume the planning is over. But there are lots of post-wedding logistics to help you make a smooth transition to married life. Check o… Read More
Tire Buying Guide: How To Choose Tires
2021-08-25 20:00
Buying new tires can be a confusing chore. What do all those numbers mean? Should I go with winter tires or all-season? And, of course, how do I know when I need new ones? Taking care of you… Read More
2021-08-25 18:30
Today’s cars have many different dashboard lights designed to alert drivers to possible problems and to make sure you can take care of those problems quickly. Here’s a quick guid… Read More
2021-07-13 14:30
When your child starts college and you have an empty nest, you might have a to-do list, including travel abroad and fixing up the house. But before you book a flight, borrow money to turn yo… Read More
2021-06-02 00:29
If you’re finding credit hard to get or you don’t have as much equity in your home these days, taking out a loan from your own 401(k) plan may be appealing. After all, most emplo… Read More
How To Pack For A Move
2021-05-14 14:09
Get a Life Insurance Quote   The prospect of a new home is exciting. Packing up and moving your stuff – not so much. We asked Sarah Roussos-Karakaian, whose New York company We… Read More
2021-05-13 14:00
They can come, seemingly, from out of the blue. One minute you’re driving your car and everything seems fine, and the next moment you hear a strange noise coming from your car as you a… Read More
2021-05-13 13:00
Whether you detect the odor of moisture in your car or you see other signs such as fogged-up windows, rust stains or wet carpet, windshield leaks are one of those problems that can be a real… Read More

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