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2023-05-31 22:39
This week, I have a busy schedule planned. On Saturday, I’ll be organizing a campout for a group of special needs adults with a Jurassic Park theme. I have made arrangements for decora… Read More
2023-05-25 10:31
Finding grocery deals is not difficult as they are often advertised through in-store promotions, online advertisements, and weekly published ads. However, some deals may be posted by shopper… Read More
2023-05-17 21:24
Do you love P&G products? P&G is home to some of the top brands in household products and beauty! They carry top brands like Tide, Pampers, Bounty, and Duracell. You can find all of… Read More
2023-05-11 01:23
I went to Kroger last night to pick up a few items. I was in there to grab a bag of salad and some cream cheese for my dinner, but you know I found lots of deals. While at the store, I thoug… Read More
2023-05-04 01:34
Are you tired of trying to figure out dinner options each week? Are you tired of going to the grocery store? Frustrated with finding the time to prep and spend hours cooking? If so, have you… Read More
2023-04-27 01:52
I have been looking into more stores lately. Some I have never heard of, but maybe you have. One I came across recently was Wegmans grocery. It has 110 locations across the Mid-Atlantic and… Read More
2023-04-19 21:01
I’m in a bit of a crunch right now. I’m supposed to be hosting a cookout at work tomorrow, and I don’t have a single item yet. The person who was supposed to supply the mea… Read More
2023-04-06 01:30
It’s almost the end of the week. If you know me, it’s time for me to start planning and preparing my meals for the following week. I usually do that on Fridays, and it’s a… Read More
2023-03-30 06:02
Some people like to shop and pay with cash, but I am not one of them. Chances are, you aren’t either. I often carry one of my cards into the store with me or use my phone to pay. While… Read More
2023-03-23 02:02
Couponing is relatively simple to get started with. All you need is access to coupons and the willingness to learn to put deals together. You can get coupons from many places, including the… Read More
2023-03-15 10:53
Do you have a Publix nearby? I have several near me and the in the city where I work. The store always offers fresh produce, healthy alternatives, and great customer service. One thing they… Read More
2023-03-02 02:29
Most people struggle to figure out what they’re cooking for dinner each day. This used to be me. I have gotten a lot better now that I am on a quest for a healthier life! Now, I plan m… Read More
2023-02-23 02:24
Grocery shopping has certainly changed over the years. Some changes have made a positive splash on shoppers, and others have not. While trends come and go, there are a few grocery trends her… Read More
2023-02-08 22:57
Even though groceries have been getting more costly, nothing has grown more expensive than eggs. At this point, you might as well get some chickens and have your own egg production. If you e… Read More
2023-02-01 21:22
Walmart is a store for all kinds of shoppers. Not only do they give you access to groceries, but they also have everything else in between. There are toys, clothes, home, entertainment items… Read More
2023-01-25 22:58
Grocery shopping contributes to a large bill every month. Everyone is looking to save on costs, especially since things are going up! With that being said, I’ve given you plenty of cou… Read More
2023-01-19 01:42
I come on here and talk about Kroger all the time. It is my favorite store. I go there a couple of times a week. Last night I was there and came across a lot of great deals. If you are tryin… Read More
2023-01-12 03:02
It’s always a great time for deals and savings! While not a traditional grocery store, let me tell you what I love about Walgreens. The store has everything you can think of. Not only… Read More
2023-01-05 02:20
When you’re couponing, there are a lot of questions and things you have to navigate. The most important is how and where to acquire coupons. If you are struggling to get your hands on… Read More
2022-12-28 16:02
I am on an extended break from work due to the holidays. That means unlimited trips to the store. While I do not need to go to the store every day, I have been several times. Kroger is by fa… Read More
2022-12-22 00:29
Kroger always has great prices on all my favorite goods. I like purchasing my meats, veggies, sauces, and side dish items there. They have everyday low prices and very special savings for co… Read More
2022-12-14 22:24
Dollar General is an underrated store. I typically go there when it’s located in an area with lots of shops and I have time to browse. It’s usually on the weekend, and I do not s… Read More
2022-12-08 01:57
Christmas is right around the corner. I know many of you have already started getting your gifts, but there’s much more to do. Aside from decorating your house and getting the finishin… Read More
2022-12-01 02:47
Grocery shopping can be costly, but it doesn’t have to be. Each week new sales ads come out. That means new coupons to use and new deals to tackle that make it cheaper. Some deals even… Read More
2022-11-24 12:43
As a grocery coupon user, you are always in search of a great deal. When you go to the store, you never leave home without your coupons, your list, and without knowing what’s on sale f… Read More
2022-11-17 01:04
I know most of you are still doing Thanksgiving shopping. I don’t have much of anything right now, but I am going to stock up this weekend. There are many staples to get like side dish… Read More
2022-11-10 02:34
Listen, sometimes you get burnt out with coupons. Sometimes, you don’t have the time to clip them out or the energy to go through the process of putting deals together. That’s OK… Read More
2022-11-03 01:33
Thanksgiving is only a couple of weeks away. I’m ready for the good food, conversation, and family. I’ve gotten my recipes together and convinced my family to have a fancy dinner… Read More
2022-10-27 03:24
Halloween is only a few days away. I know I’m ready. Alongside having a party, going to Halloween events, and just getting ready for the holiday, I’m unprepared for Halloween Nig… Read More
2022-10-20 01:55
Who doesn’t love a good snack? I know you do. I don’t have a lot of junk food at my house, but now and again, I want some good cookies, chips, and other snack foods to keep me co… Read More
2022-10-14 19:49
There are hundreds of different stores you can grocery shop at. Each one has unique reasons why you go in there. For me, I love Kroger, Publix, and Aldi. Each one offers me a good selection… Read More
2022-10-05 21:40
One of my favorite stores to shop at is Kroger, as you guys know. I love getting all of my meats and side dish items there. They always have fantastic closeout prices and deals that save me… Read More
2022-09-29 04:04
This month at work, we are all about Georgia history. That’s the state we live in, and that is what we are learning about with our special needs clients. Our clients love to cook, so o… Read More
2022-09-22 02:18
One thing we all love about grocery shopping is our ability to get cash back. Cashback opportunities come in different forms, including using cashback apps like Ibotta or sites Retailmenot… Read More
2022-09-15 02:08
We always talk about the power of couponing while grocery shopping. Most of the time we’re talking about physical paper coupons or coupons that you can use on your loyalty account. But… Read More
2022-09-08 05:05
Football season is among us. If you’re a college football fan or even an NFL fan, stand up and get ready. Football season is here now. If you love the art of the game, come together wi… Read More
2022-09-01 01:34
When you get into couponing, you realize that sometimes you need more coupons than what comes in the Sunday paper. To execute most deals, your need at least four like coupons. After a while… Read More
2022-08-25 02:05
If you’re new to couponing, you may have a lot of questions. I’ve already answered some and always assumed you guys know how to use a coupon. If that’s not true and you nee… Read More
2022-08-18 01:43
Grocery shopping is a weekly occurrence for most people. As for me, I like to go twice a month. The grocery store is often a crowded place to shop. While COVID and other viruses still spread… Read More
2022-08-10 22:46
It’s almost time for me to go grocery shopping again. We are down to a few pieces of fish, fries, and instant meals. It’s not going to get us through next week, so I am searching… Read More
2022-08-03 23:50
When it comes to grocery shopping, there’s more to it than a list. When you hunt for deals and use coupons, you have to know what day and time is best for shopping. Going on the right… Read More
Are Double Coupons Still A Thing?
2022-07-27 22:31
If you have been in the coupon game a while, you know all about double coupons. For the newbies, you may be wondering, “are double coupons still a thing”? The truth is that doubl… Read More
Best Grocery Shopping Events This Week
2022-07-21 04:52
Each week a new sales ad comes out at your favorite grocer. Along with special savings, there are often new coupons that come out. Alongside that, stores often run special promotions for you… Read More
2022-07-14 01:16
By now, you know all the familiar places to find coupons. You regularly buy your newspaper in-store on Sunday, add coupons to your loyalty card, and find grocery store offers all the time. Y… Read More
2022-07-07 02:29
As most of you are, I am always looking for the best deals on products I use every day. I spend countless hours looking over deal websites, coupons, and ads each week. While I know it seems… Read More
2022-06-30 02:35
Over the years, we have seen the grocery industry change. People have moved away from the old norms of shopping and are letting technology and convenience lead the way. How have you coped wi… Read More
2022-06-24 02:12
I hope you all are having a great shopping week. With the prices of food on the rise, I know we all love a good coupon deal to hit our inbox or come to our attention. One of the best sites t… Read More
2022-06-16 00:54
We all make mistakes, however, making mistakes couponing can be costly. If you’re a newbie, you are more prone to making mistakes at the register, and that’s OK. If you want to l… Read More
2022-06-09 01:33
Are you a disorganized shopper? Can’t corral the kids to think? Make several trips to the store during the week because you’re always forgetting something? Maybe you just can&rsq&hell…Read More
2022-06-02 02:47
Do you all shop at Whole Foods Market? I have been in there a few times, and let me tell you, I get sticker shock every time. That does not stop me from picking up a few wholesome food items… Read More
Low-Calorie Food Substitutions
2022-05-19 03:14
As you all know, I’m on a weight loss journey. That makes trips to the grocery store a little more interesting. No longer am I shopping for comfort food and my favorite treats. Now, I… Read More
2022-05-12 00:18
Couponing is useful in almost every scenario. It’s not just for saving money at the grocery store. It is useful in restaurants, clothing stores, and other places. I primarily use them… Read More
2022-05-05 01:25
Any person who grocery shops for their home and is organized knows you need to make a list before shopping. If you’re a couponer, you know there’s more to it than that. Not only… Read More
2022-04-28 03:48
I live for a great grocery deal and this week is no different. I haven’t been to the store in a few weeks, and am looking at stocking up on some great deals. I’m a part of many c… Read More
2022-04-21 00:50
This week I wanted to create some cheap and easy meals. Im on a health kick and have been for a month. That means getting creative and crafting several low-calorie dishes. With being health… Read More
Coupon Organization Tips
2022-04-14 02:32
If you have been couponing for a while, you know that organization is key. You cannot just hit the store and hope that you’re going to find the best deals while shopping. It takes a lo… Read More
2022-04-06 20:55
As you know, there is a chicken shortage in parts of the county. In the South, where chicken is a staple, it can be frustrating sometimes. Not only is it sometimes hard to find chicken in st… Read More
2022-03-31 03:36
The cost of food is rising, not just in the grocery store but even in restaurants. I had a friend tell me the same meal she orders every week when she goes to her favorite restaurant was $20… Read More
2022-03-24 03:26
This week I started on my healthy weight loss journey. That meant going to the store to get some food to fill my fridge. The majority of the products at my home are already healthy, but beca… Read More
2022-03-16 17:39
For the last two years, people have been getting closer to nature. We have the pandemic to thank for that. Along with a lot of building projects during lockdown came a lot of gardens. People… Read More
2022-03-10 04:10
If you’re just now getting into couponing or if you’ve been in it a while, you know how fun it can be. I enjoy going to the store and getting products from the best brands at a d… Read More
2022-03-03 05:00
If there’s an opportunity to save money on my grocery shopping, you know I will take it. I’m all about finding deals and cashback opportunities to help me save at the grocery sto… Read More
2022-02-24 02:50
While it’s nice to save a few coins on grocery shopping, could we do better? Absolutely. There are ways to get grocery items free. If you want to go a step above that, you can land you… Read More
2022-02-18 02:06
I know a lot of people are not into couponing. If you are reading this,  the chances are high that you are. If you are a loved one or have one, who just doesn’t get it, this is fo… Read More
2022-02-03 04:38
If you’re like most people, you have to go to the grocery store and get your food for the week or month. You typically shop at one or two stores that are your favorite, and everything… Read More
2022-01-13 02:29
I like to vacation and get grocery shop. I know most of the time while you’re on vacation, you’re not looking to do much work. However, sometimes, it’s better to cook your… Read More
2021-12-30 03:18
Christmas has passed, but the deals keep rolling. If you go to any store, you will notice most Christmas items on sale. This extends to gifts sets, perfume, candles, home, and Christmas deco… Read More
2021-12-23 03:53
When it comes to couponing, there is a lot you have to look out for and be aware of. You can save a lot of money, but there are some scams out there. Along with glittering and people passing… Read More
2021-12-16 01:20
Couponing’s one of the best things I have learned in my life. It has helped me budget, spend with purpose, and get quality products for less. With all the excitement that comes with it… Read More
2021-12-02 05:34
We are still in the holiday season. While Thanksgiving just ended, it’s time to start getting ready for Christmas. Right now, I’m currently just trying to get all my gifts into t… Read More
2021-11-18 04:25
Thanksgiving is just a week away. I’m excited about the holidays, how about you? If you’re still behind on your Thanksgiving food shopping or need some help getting it covered, I… Read More
2021-11-10 22:31
Couponing is a great tool for people looking to save money or people with limited incomes. Using them can really stretch your dollars. They also make it possible to get better-branded produc… Read More
2021-11-04 04:00
I personally love grocery shopping. It’s convenient for me, and I can get what I want. One thing I don’t like is the constant trips and the costs. Spending $500 plus a month f… Read More
2021-10-27 15:41
Online grocery shopping is very convenient. It’s so simple, and it requires no long hours of physical in-store shopping. After you’ve had a long day at work, I’m sure there… Read More
2021-10-21 03:14
I am always on the go. Not only am I working 12+ hour days, but I’ve also always got something on my mind. It seems like there isn’t enough time in the day to get everything you… Read More
2021-10-14 03:51
As a nation, we are becoming more conscientious and have started advocating for more sustainable products. This is even true in terms of groceries. Not only are they more organic products on… Read More
2021-10-07 03:32
I love shopping at Dollar Tree. Not only can I find great craft projects, holiday decor, and films, I can find some great food items. If you are on a tight shopping budget, don’t be af… Read More
2021-09-23 04:20
Many stores have great deals for patrons to take advantage of. You can find deals in the clearance section, which is my favorite place to look in the store. There are often last chance deals… Read More
2021-09-09 02:47
When you go shopping, you must always have a list. I find that when I go without one, the trip ends up being disastrous. I end up with a cart full of things I do not need, and my bill increa… Read More
2021-09-02 00:45
You can enhance your couponing experience in a number of ways. One of the ways is through the use of cashback applications. They offer discounts and money off select items much like a coupon… Read More
2021-08-26 03:00
If you are on this site, it means you are learning about couponing. You may also be actively involved. It’s a great experience meant to help drive down the cost of your grocery shoppin… Read More
2021-08-19 00:46
I love to shop at Walgreens. When I was heavy into couponing, it was my go-to store. Even now I love shopping there at the end of the season sales. I wait until things get priced 75% to 90%… Read More
2021-08-12 00:28
The pandemic changed some of our shopping habits. While I very much like shopping in-store, I’ve gotten to a point I want to relax on the amount of time I spend going up and down the a… Read More
2021-08-05 03:45
When it comes to housework, I hate it. It’s too much, especially after a long day of work. However, it must be done. One way to sweeten the deal is by using the best cleaning products… Read More
2021-07-29 02:41
Couponing is one of those things that’s fun while it lasts. Eventually, though, things change. The rules are ever-changing, the number of things you can buy always change, and so do th… Read More
2021-07-22 02:39
If you have a small family or even a large one, you may be under some financial pressures when it comes to the grocery bill. To accommodate you may meal plan and shop sales. To go the extra… Read More
2021-07-15 02:08
If you’re like most people, you think eating healthy is costly. To a degree, that could be true if you aren’t looking for the right things in the right stores. There are lots of… Read More
2021-07-08 01:22
If you’re going to bargain shop, there is one thing that you always need. That is coupons. You can acquire coupons in a number of ways. For instance, you can get them through The Sunda… Read More

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