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32 Apps That Pay You to Exercise: Get Fit and Get Paid

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Most of us are aware that obesity is on the rise. According to recent statistics, 73.7 percent of men and 66.9 percent of women in America are overweight or obese. For many people it is finding the motivation to exercise, which is the challenge.

Fortunately, there are apps that pay you to exercise. Here we’ll explore how to get paid to workout, so you can keep your weight in check and earn some spare cash. 

Best Apps that Pay You to Exercise

1. Healthy Wage

Get Paid for exercise with Healthy Wage app

Healthy wage offers financial incentives to hit your weight loss goals. There is the potential to win up to $10,000. 

You begin the process with a free prize calculator. This will help you explore your weight loss goals and see how much you could win. Your goal needs to be at least 10 percent of your body weight, but you can set how many months you have to lose this weight. 

You can participate in challenges including the $10,000 Team Challenge. This is where teams of five compete to lose the highest percentage of weight. 

HealthyWage is available for both iOS and Android

2. Charity Miles

Get Paid for exercise with Charity Miles app

If you want to get in shape, but would also like to give money to charity, the Charity Miles app could be the ideal solution for you. This app donates money to your choice of charity whenever you walk, bike, dance, run or even skip.

The app uses your phone GPS to track your activities and movements. The more you do, the more money will go to your charity. For each mile you walk or run, Charity Miles will donate up to $0.25, while biking will earn the charity up to $0.10 per mile. 

3. Achievement

Get Paid for exercise with Achievement app

Achievement offers incentives to take healthy actions. You can track your progress on your exercise activities and log your food. This will help you to monitor that you’re making healthy eating decisions and hitting your exercise targets.

You’ll earn up to 80 points per day for completing activities. There are also surveys that offer up to 200 points for answering some basic questions.

When you reach 10,000 points, you can redeem your points for a $10 gift card or PayPal payment. This is a super way to stay motivated to make health conscious choices. 

4. DietBet

Get Paid for exercise with DietBet app

DietBet is a great app to track your weight loss goals. The app can help you to stay accountable and get into a fun way to compete.

The main premise of the app is to join “games”. You’ll pay an entrance fee of up to $35 and then compete against other DietBet users to try and lose weight. You’ll typically need to lose a percentage of weight within a specific timeframe. If you hit your goal, you’ll split the prize pot with the other winners. 

5. Higi

Get Paid for exercise with Higi app

If you’ve ever used a free blood pressure monitor machine in the store pharmacy, the chances are it was a Higi station. These stations are across the country in drug stores, grocery stores and clubs. This allows you to track your body stats and earn points.

The Higi app allows you to upload your data each day to Higi, so you can earn points without needing to check in to a Higi station. You can earn 50 points for checking your weight and 50 points for checking your blood pressure. So, you can earn up to 100 points each day.

Once you accumulate 5,000 points, you can redeem them for a $5 gift card

6. MapMyFitness

Get Paid for exercise with MapMyFitness app

MapMyFitness is a fitness app that awards prizes for top performers each month. There is also a grand prize awarded at the end of each calendar year. 

While the chances of a prize is a good incentive, there are also new exercise routes shared on the app. You can also use the app to count calories, create training plans and set workout routines. 

7. Sweatcoin

Get Paid for exercise with Sweatcoin app

Sweatcoin is an easy way to get rewards for your exercise activities. Once you install the app on your device, all you need to do is carry your phone with you. The app tracks your steps automatically, regardless of whether you’re outdoors or inside. 

You’ll receive 0.95 Sweatcoins for each 1,000 steps. Each Sweatcoin has an approximate value of $0.05. Although you cannot withdraw Sweatcoins as cash, it is possible to exchange them for goods such as athletic wear. Some people will also pay PayPal cash for Sweatcoins. 

8. Vitality Today

Vitality Today helps you with each step of your wellness journey. You can track your progress using the app, logging workouts, checking off activities or look at your points balance. 

You need to be a Vitality member, registered on the Power of Vitality official website. You can then use your login to set up the app. 

There is a maximum of 8 points per day and 40 points per week. You’ll get points when you exercise using an activity tracker. Once you accumulate sufficient points, you can redeem them for rewards. 

9. AARP Rewards

Get Paid for exercise with AARP Rewards app

The AARP Rewards app allows you to earn points for connecting your Fitbit and reaching fitness milestones. You can also earn bonus points for your first visit to the rewards catalog. 

You can redeem your points for travel rewards or gift cards including Uber, Nike, Barnes and Noble and other top brands.

Although you need to be over 50 to enjoy the full benefits of AARP membership, you can use the AARP Rewards program if you’re 18 or older. 

10. Lympo

Get Paid for exercise with Lympo app

Lympo is one of the newest fitness apps. Lympo collects user data and markets products to its users. So it rewards you with tokens when you exercise and make other healthy living choices. 

You can even participate in fitness challenges to earn additional tokens. Each token is worth approximately $0.002. Once you accumulate sufficient tokens, you can exchange them at various health and fitness online retailers. 

The overall aim of Lympo is to create a platform where consumers and businesses interact to work towards improving global health. 

11. StepBet

Get Paid for exercise with StepBet app

StepBet encourages you to reach your step goals with a financial incentive. The app has challenges and mini games where you use your own money to place a bet on your success. 

To use StepBet, you need to sync this app with an electronic pedometer, such as a Garmin, Apple Watch or Fitbit. 

The StepBets range from $10 to $100. To win a bet, you’ll need to reach the challenge goals every day for several weeks. If you miss the goal, you’ll lose your bet and your money. However, If you succeed, the pool of money used for the bets will be split between you and the other winners.

12. LifeCoin

Get Paid for exercise with LifeCoin app

LifeCoin uses in app currency to encourage you to get fit. You’ll earn coins for walking and other activities. You can earn up to 5 coins per day. However, you can boost this to 10 coins per day if you upgrade to a premium account. This costs approximately $4 per month, but it does double your coin earning potential.

You can redeem your Lifecoins for gift cards or rewards such as Apple Watches, Airpods, and other merchandise. For example, 2500 Lifecoins will get you a $50 gift card.

13. PK Rewards

Get Paid for exercise with PK Rewards app

PK Rewards is an effective, but simple way to motivate yourself to workout. You can connect the app to a Bluetooth tracker, from a list of supported trackers, to monitor your exercise. 

When you complete a workout, you’ll receive an Effort Score. PK Rewards calculates these scores using the intensity of your workout. You’ll receive coins according to this score. 

You can receive up to 20 coins per day and 100 coins per week. You can redeem your coins for gift cards and other rewards. 

14. Runtopia

Get Paid for exercise with Runtopia app

Runtopia is one of the most serious fitness apps on the market. It allows you to set goals for walking, running, cycling and other exercise. You can also listen to an audio coach during your workouts. 

When you complete daily challenges or work out, you’ll earn Sports Coins. You can redeem your coins for prizes, discounts, or PayPal payments.  Approximately 599 coins will get you a $10 PayPal payment.

You can also upgrade your membership to gain access to premium features. This costs $3.99 per month or $23.49 per year

However, be aware that Sports Coins expire each year. So, you need to redeem your coins by March 1st or you’ll lose them. 

15. EarthMiles

Get Paid for exercise with EarthMiles app

EarthMiles is another of the great apps that pay you to exercise. You’ll receive “Earthmiles”, the in app points for various activities. You can earn 1 Earthmile for a kilometer of walking, 3 for a kilometer of biking and 5 for running 5 kilometers. 

You can redeem your Earthmiles for rewards. Most of the Earthmiles rewards are discounts for supplements or other health products. However, you can also gain access to free trials of health services or apps.  For example, a 25% discount off your Bobs Red Mill purchase will cost you 150 Earthmiles.

While this will not provide physical cash, it does offer access to some great health and fitness products. This includes supplements, protein powders, and even discounted food boxes. 

16. FitPotato

Get Paid for exercise with FitPotato app

FitPotato is an iOS only app that allows you to participate in contests and games. This works in a similar way to StepBet. However, games only require $5 for entry and last only one week. 

If you finish a number of fitness sessions within a challenge week, you’ll be a winner. Each session requires at least 10,000 steps in a 24 hour period. So, this is not an unreachable challenge. 

As with StepBet, the winners split the prize pool. While FitPotato is a smaller app with smaller prize pools, you will split the prize fund with fewer people. 

17. Step Younger App

Get Paid for exercise with Step Younger App app

Step Younger is a pedometer app. This helps you to track your steps and offers the potential to win prizes. You’ll collect spin entries and puzzle pieces to win up to $100 in gift cards

This app is available for both iOS and Android. However, where it differs from many other apps that pay you to exercise, Step Younger allows you to track other areas of your fitness. You can monitor your activity levels, track your water intake and even monitor your heart rate and blood pressure. 

While it can take a while to accumulate puzzle pieces and unlock the free gift cards, you can expect to earn a prize within a few weeks. 

18. Boltt Play

Get Paid for exercise with Boltt Play app

The Boltt Play app not only allows you to listen to music and play games, but you can collect coins for steps. The app tracks your health and fitness daily achievements. It measures steps and you’ll get rewards. 

You can connect your devices with the Boltt app to easily track your fitness. You’ll get approximately 0.05 BolttCoins for each 1,000 steps. BolttCoins are worth approximately $0.015 each. You can redeem your coins or use them to participate in challenges for the chance to win even more. 

19. Fitforbucks

Get Paid for exercise with Fitforbucks app

If you’re wondering how to get paid to workout and want to keep things simple, FitforBucks could be the app for you. You can earn points for running, hiking, walking or any activity that gets you moving. 

You’ll need to connect an activity tracker to the app to monitor your movements. However, you can accumulate points even dancing or doing your grocery shopping. 

You can exchange your accumulated steps for a variety of rewards. From a free cup of coffee or smoothie, to a massage or free classes, there are some fantastic rewards on offer. For example, 20,000 steps will get you a free 12 oz coffee,

The app and the FitforBucks website is very transparent about how much rewards cost, so you can plan your steps accordingly. 

20. Gigwalk

Get Paid for exercise with Gigwalk app

Gigwalk allows you to earn up to $100 completing gigs in your local area. While this is not technically a fitness app, many of the gigs involve getting out and about. You could be running errands, taking a picture of a product at a local retailer or completing physical tasks such as carpentry.

You can choose gigs that fit your skills, commitments and schedule. You’ll need to register an account and answer a few basic questions. However, you can earn $3 to $100 per gig and you’ll receive your earnings via PayPal. 

21. Winwalk

Get Paid for exercise with Winwalk app

WinWalk is another one of the legit apps that pay you to exercise. However, unlike most apps that pay you for each 1,000 steps, you can earn with just 100 steps using WinWalk. 

You’ll get rewards for every 100 steps to earn coins. Each coin is worth $0.001. You can then exchange your coins for gift cards. This includes popular brands such as Starbucks, Amazon, Nike, eBay and other popular retailers. 

The WinWalk app also allows you to track your active time, distance and calories. It also offers reminders to help you keep going. 

Unfortunately, WinWalk is not currently available for iOS, but you can get the app for Android devices. 

22. Yodo

Get Paid for exercise with Yodo app

Yodo is an app that not only pays you to walk, but puts emphasis on the health benefits of being active. You can sign up with your Google or Facebook account to get started quickly. 

You’ll earn points walking, sharing sports goals and achieving your goals. However, where Yodo stands apart from many fitness apps is that there is no cap on the rewards. The only limit to how many points you earn each day is your activity. 

23. CircleCare

Get Paid for exercise with CircleCare app

CircleCare is another health app. While this has a focus on a general healthy lifestyle, it features a step counter, so you can track your movement. There are also reminders for medications, health “hacks” and celebrations for achievements. 

You’ll accumulate points for each activity. For example, you’ll earn points for losing weight, lowering your blood pressure and other beneficial health activities. 

You can redeem your points for a variety of rewards from local merchants. 

24. Postmates

Get Paid for exercise with Postmates app

Postmates allows you to earn cash delivering food. You can earn $20 or more per hour delivering groceries, meals and other items to people in your area. While it is standard to drive to complete your deliveries, the app does allow you to walk or ride a bike to complete your assignments. 

You’ll receive payment for the miles you travel, the time you wait for your orders and the number of orders you can do within an hour. You also get to keep all your customer tips. 

To become a Postmates courier, you need to be 18 or older and pass a background check. Once Postmates accepts your application, they will provide a welcome kit that includes a delivery bag and prepaid credit card. 

25. Rover

Get Paid for exercise with Rover app

Another side gig app where you can get paid to workout is Rover. This is a dog walking app that operates in over 10,000 cities throughout the USA. 

You can set your own hours and prices. However, Rover does take a 40% commission. The app is competitive, so you need to set your prices accordingly. There are Rover members earning $1000 or more per month

The app has a user friendly interface, allowing you to manage your tasks and clients. Rover provides a liability insurance package for its walkers. You can also update the pet owners on their dog’s status. 

26. Instacart

Get Paid for exercise with Instacart app

Instacart is another delivery app that pays $11 or more per hour. You can work as an in store shopper, shopping for people’s orders. Alternatively, be a “full service” shopper, where you shop for the customer’s orders and deliver the items. 

While this is not as focused as many of the fitness apps we’ve listed, you will burn calories walking around grocery stores and your local area, earning cash as a result. 

You can expect to earn a minimum of $11 per hour, but it is possible to earn hundreds of dollars a week. 

The app allows you to manage your customer orders and deliveries. To sign up, you need to pass a background check and be 18 or older. 

27. Doordash

Get Paid for exercise with Doordash app

DoorDash allows you to earn $12 per delivery of food orders plus tips. Like Postmates, the standard delivery method is by car. However, it is possible to deliver by bicycle. 

The company has a delay of approximately two weeks for new drivers. The sign up process involves completing an online application form, passing a background check and confirming you’re over the age of 18. 

Once DoorDash accepts your application, you’ll receive an activation kit. This includes a prepaid debit card and insulated bag. 

You can use the app to manage your orders and deliveries. 

28. Wag

Get Paid for exercise with Wag app

Wag is another dog walking app, where you can earn up to $17 per hour. Your income will vary according to the competition, your location and your Wag reputation. 

Where Wag differs from other dog walking platforms is that you can obtain a dog training certificate through Wag. Once you complete the training, Wag will provide liability insurance as a reward. 

As a Wag dog walker, you’ll need to complete “Pup Reports”. These involve documenting the walk time, distance and even poop updates. Although this can seem fiddly, it reassures the owners and will help you to find more clients. 

29. Runkeeper

Get Paid for exercise with Runkeeper app

Runkeeper integrates with GymPact to offer extra incentives for reaching your targets. You’ll earn money for completing your workouts as you plan. However, missing your goals will result in you losing your initial stake. 

This app has a feature that allows you to set specific fitness goals. You can track how you’re doing against your goals on your profile page. 

Get Paid to Get in Shape

As you can see there are genuine apps that pay you to exercise.

Whether you need additional incentive to hit the gym, want to track and increase your steps or want a side gig that gets you more active, there is something for everyone.

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32 Apps That Pay You to Exercise: Get Fit and Get Paid


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