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Trailing Take Profit Explained

Trailing Take Profit

Trailing Take Profit is used by the traders to increase their gains when the prices moves in a favorable direction. Let’s have a look at what is Trailing Take Profit and how it works.

What Is a Trailing Take Profit?

Trailing Take Profit is a term largely used in crypto describing Take Profit transforming into Trailing Stop (Stop Loss that automatically follows the price) once the Take Profit price is reached.

Trailing stop only moves in one direction. It is designed to lock in profit and limit losses. The trailing stop only moves up (in case of a long strategy) once the price has surpassed previous high and a new high has been established. If the trailing stop moves up, it cannot move back down, thus securing the profit and preventing losses.

A Trailing Take Profit allows the trade to remain open and continue to profit as long as the price is moving in the investor’s favor.  If the price changes direction and the change surpasses the previously set percentage the order will be closed.

How Does it Work?

For example if you buy BTC at the price of 10000, if you set a Take Profit at 11000 and a Trailing Take Profit at 5% :

If the price goes up to 10500, nothing happens because the Take Profit at 11000 has not been reached.

Then if the BTC price goes up top 11000, a Stop Order at 10450 will be set.

Then if the BTC price goes down to 10500, the Stop Order stays at 104500. 

Then if the BTC price goes up to 12000, the Stop Order moves to 11400. 

Then if the BTC price goes down to 11000, the Stop Order at 11400 is executed.

You see that without Trailing Take Profit, the buy order would have been sold at 11000. Thus, a trader would miss an earning opportunity at 11400. 

The Risks of Trailing Take Profit

There are several rules to remember if you want to take advantage of Trailing Take Profit: 

1)Don’t use Trailing Take Profit on coins with low liquidity (daily volume less than 100 BTC). You may end up losing money due to unpredictable price movements.

2)Avoid Trailing Take Profit for the coins with a wide spread between buy and sell. It may work not as you expected closing the deal earlier than needed.

3)Set Trailing Take Profit reasonably relative to the Take Profit Percentage. Establishing the idealing Trailing Take Profit distance is the hardest part. If you set Trailing Take Profit too tight, it will be triggered by the normal day market movements and the trade has little room to move and you may end up losing the gains you could’ve earned. If you set Trailing Take Profit too wide you’re risking to give up more profit than it was needed.

4)If you want to catch a price movement and expect the price to return to its previous level, consider using Take Profit instead of Trailing Take Profit option, Trailing Take Profit is used best 

Trailing Take Profit is an effective tool in a traders arsenal. Keep in mind the risks of Trailing Take profit and test different approaches with Virtual bots to find the best approach for your trading style.

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Trailing Take Profit Explained


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