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Verge Future Price Analysis: Verge (XVG) Price Prediction 2019 and 2020

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The cryptocurrency Verge (XVG) was created in the year 2014 initially named as DogecoinDark. The crypto comes into limelight when they announce their alliance with Pornhub in 2018 and the users can get the premium membership while paying the XVG coin. This was indeed a big moment when the coins can be used for some payment purpose.

Verge is an open-source network of the privacy coin. The Cryptocurrency and the developers behind it continuously working for making their platform a safe and secure passage for their users. Verge is created by Justin Saneroc, he thinks that Bitcoin could not be virtual Verge option everyone could use in everyday life.

There are six algorithms to mine the cryptocurrency including Proof-of-Work. The speed of the transaction on the platform is also good and it could process around 100/second transaction.

The Initial Value of Verge: Verge is an updated version of Bitcoin created with some improvement. There was no initial coin offering take place for DogecoinDark, even the first coins are mined by an extended branch of the blockchain of Bitcoin and they traded their money in the assignment. The developers of the Verge are mostly concentrated on the confidentiality and anonymity of their users. 

The Verge added TOR and i2P on the blockchain and these two help in the transition of customers in keeping anonymity. The platform of the Verge allows you to do fast transactions and this is because of SPV technology. Through this tech, developers enable the transaction time to be decreased to 5 seconds than other cryptocurrencies. The network utilizes five different types of algorithms to mine are X17, Scrypt, Groestl, Blake2s, and Lyra2rev2. Especially the miners use the Lyra2Rev2 because it lets mine the coins by video cards including Radeon, NVIDIA and GeForce.

Verge (XVG) Statistics: Currently, the Verge is trading at the value of $0.004437 and its value is decreasing by 4.73%. The market capitalization of the Verge is $70,744,933 can the 24-hour volume of the Verge is $2,375,590. The circulating supply of the Verge is 15,946,065,899 and its ROI is over 9000%.

The coin was first spotted in October 2014 and value of the Verge remains the same at $0.000006 till April 2017 and the market cap of the Verge was around $20k. The Cryptocurrency had slow growth over the year as the main people in the project hired some new employees and they altered and often built the website for a number of times. Their search of investor also took a lot of time and they needed a lot of time to increase the fund to enter in the Cryptocurrency market.

From the fall of 2017, the coin shows some positive growth and then the developers were also able to increase the amount of capitalization. They did increase the market cap with their own funds and donations. Also from some firms which are interested in the project. Then later the coin made its place on a crypto exchange such as Binance and Bittrex.

Then later the Verge tastes the success and resources that have online presence started to execute Verge blockchain tech and accept the token XVG for remittance. Now around 80 resources are using the blockchain of Verge and people can find everything about it on the official website of Verge. The Verge coin made some historic movement in November last year as it’s market cap increased over $600 million and a month later in December the token’s value of 15cent/1XVG. This historic moment of increase in the value is achieved by Verge after John McAfee, the founder of Mcafee Antivirus and a famous personality in crypto space tweeted listing Verge as one of his top 3 promising virtual Verge alongside ZCash and Monero.

The tweet made the users and crypto community go crazy that how McAfee is interested in Verge, which does not have a wide fan following. His tweet gets retweeted a lot and many of the users said that he might make a mistake and placed the Verge coin wrongly. Just like Musk made Dogecoin famous, McAfee makes Verge popular with just one tweet. Then the value of the Verge increased with great speed the next day. However, later in January the values corrected and decreased up to 10cents and then further it decreases up to 4 cents.

The experts in the market stated that the value of the Verge dropped due to the market trend and an increasing competition which are receiving success and that’s opportunities for Verge is dying. ZCash has the same aim as the Verge platform but it is gaining a lot of support. Also, it has a value of $650 which is more than Verge. In April, the Verge platform alliances with some of the companies and this made the value of the Verge increase.

Recently, UQUID started circulating debit cards along with the support of XVG and they are accepting the Verge coin as the remittance system in TokenPay. They are also thinking about its cards of the token XVG. Today the crypto has a turnover of over $15 million. On the technical analysis, the verge is showing the selling signal in a monthly chart.

Actually, the starting of the Verge happens with darker and the word ‘Dark’ draw the conclusion that is secure totally to utilize and do the transactions unidentified on the darknet. The quick and unidentified transactions are the reason for the growth. After 2016 the Verge turned its main aim towards the development of the anonymity and fast transactions on their platform and this changes the platform.

This decision of the Cryptocurrency is supported by Reddit users and some of them suggested that it will go to the moon one day. The price chart is totally dependent on the popularity factors. Influencers like John McAfee, he suggested to his follower to trade in the crypto Verge. However, he created a hoax by his other tweet stating “he never believed in Verge.” On the other hand, founder of Litecoin, Charlie Lee also made fun of Verge coin and he also made fun of Verge’s 51% attack criticizing the Verge for an algorithm of mining. Founder of Morgan Creek, Anthony Pompliano also just made fun of its alliance with Pornhub and Meltem Demirors did the same.

Some other crypto traders such as Squeeze commented about the dropping value of verge and another one named The Crypto Dog said it is ‘shitcoin’ in 2018.

Verge (XVG) Coin Future Price: The Verge went through a lot of ups and downs in the market and has a rich history. The developers also improved the coin a lot and it has a lot of algorithms which provide the network anonymity and safety. The network is also open source and there are a lot of thoughts about the Verge’s value. The Coinrepublic value prediction of the verge stated that the coin could achieve the value of $0.0092 by the end of 2019.

Wallet investors: Wallet investor predicted that the Verge reach around $0.05 by the end of 2019 and it displays the 3.56% drop. By the end of 2020, the Verge will reach around $0.00411 and will reach around $0.0069 by 2025. Another prediction is by Digitalcoinprice and they stated the will reach increase up to $0.073 by 2019, up to $0.007516 by 2020 and in 2025 the Verge will reach up to the value of $0.0144.

Coinpredictor: The Coinpredictor analyze the price of XVG and their prediction is bearish and they said the Verge will drop up to $0.0009 by the 2019 and the Verge will drop by 78.9%. Cryptogroung predicts that the Verge will go will bulls moves and reach up to $0.01507 by the end of this year and it will very profitable in the coming 5 years.

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Verge Future Price Analysis: Verge (XVG) Price Prediction 2019 and 2020


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