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Top Ten Proof of Stake Coins to Invest in 2019: Start Earning With Dividend Cryptocurrency

The exploration of the Proof of Stake algorithm in the Cryptocurrency market has been very successful in the market. The Return of investment in proof of stake cryptocurrency is very good. There are economical and technical profits of the PoS also by providing the users with options such as Masternodes, staking coins and stackable wallets.

The users or investor PoS can also gain distributed consensus at low prices and these are also eco-friendly. The PoS small account holder can also gain rewards from just being a participant in the network. Here we are going to discuss the top ten Proof of Stake cryptocurrency in the cryptocurrency market.

NAVCOIN (NAV)NAV coin is privacy based cryptocurrency, which is open-source Blockchain technology. This cryptocurrency is first of its kind to provide dual blockchain for private transactions and it is fully functional. The cryptocurrency has been in the market since 2014 and it is based on Bitcoin’s core code.

The currency provides faster transactions (around 30 seconds), PoS staking rewards for their users, optional privacy and it has a low cost. The currency also has cold staking feature. The ROI of NAV COIN is 5% annually and the traders can buy it at Binance.

The main feature and pros of NAV are:

  • It is fast.
  • It is cheap.
  • It provides excellent privacy.

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Neo (NEO): The currency was previously known as AntShares and it is very much popular in the cryptocurrency market. The blockchain of Neo has crypto token named ‘GAS’ and they use this token for transactions and rewards. Each time a node finds a new block, the NEO users get a share of 7 GAS tokens and this gets distributed automatically and equally among the users. If a user takes more NEO tokens then they will receive a larger share from the reward. This currency is very easy to use.

The ROI of NEO is 2.5% annually. The users can buy NEO at Binance,eToro, Kucoin, OKEx, and Bit-Z. The pros of currency are:

  • It is a smart economy.
  • The identities and certificates are digital.
  • Large range of dApps and easy to use.

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VeChain (VET): VeChain is another very popular PoS in the cryptocurrency community. It is also very much like NEO and it provides smart transactions of payment. The blockchain of VET is now more focused on its supply chain industry. This year the currency’s blockchain program has allied with Walmart China and Amazon Web Services.

It has similar blockchain as PoS, it has Proof of Authority blockchain coin and it has a different model of consensus. In the return, you get VTHO for staking your VETs. The VTHO is also used in transactions and the ROI is around 2% and more. The users get extra with the levels of the different nodes, X-nodes, economic and it is easy to use.

The ROI of the currency is 2-6% annually and the traders can buy it at Binance and Kucoin. The pros of VET are:

  • It is easy to use.
  • It has a nice range of partnerships.
  • It has other bonuses and nodes too.

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PIVX: PIVX stands for Private Instant Verified Transactions is also one of the important proof of stake virtual currency. The currency is mainly focused on the security of their users and their privacy during transactions. Also, the DASH fork has helped the users to get a nice return.

The block reward among the users differentiates based on who discovered the block. The rewards are received by the users in PIV and z-PIV tokens. The transactions are fast, cheap and secure on PIVX.

The ROI of PIVX is 10% annually and the traders can buy it at Binance. The main features of PIVX are:

  • Secure and high privacy transaction.
  • Cheap and Fast.
  • The system is self-govern.

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ARK: ARK is a whole ecosystem not just a currency and with the help of its smart “SmartBridge” technology the currency targets to associate different blockchain with each other. It gives fast and expandable services and the platform in usage doesn’t matter. It depends on its holders as voters and the users on the ARK vote for 51 delegates and then they discover new blocks. The chosen delegates are responsible to authenticate the transaction and getting the reward. The rewards are distributed among the users based on voting.

In the world, there is so much competition within the industry, ARK partners with them and focuses on providing better services.

The ROI of ARK is 10% annually and the traders can buy the currency at Bit-z, Binance, and OKEx. The main pros of ARK are:

  • It is one button blockchain technology.
  • It does very fast transactions.
  • It has very excellent SmartBridge feature.

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Lisk: Lisk and ARK are very similar. The blockchain program of Lisk is very easy to use and very handy for developers, businesses and virtual currencies assignments. The developers can create dApps just using JavaScript and it is very adaptable. Similar to ARK, it also uses a Delegated PoS system. In Lisk, only top 101 delegates can discover the blocks and they get the rewards.

The other users vote for delegates and stake LSK, then at the time of receiving the reward delegates shares it with the voters. The voting and staking are done on the Nano Wallet.

The ROI of the currency is 4% and the traders can buy the currency at Binance, OKEx, Bit-z, and Kucoin. The pros of Lisk are:

  • Expandability is not an issue.
  • The sidechain and main Lisk Blockchain interoperability.
  • Easy to use and handy.

Buy Lisk Instantly

Neblio (NEBL): This is modern next-generation blockchain technology. The blockchain is developing features and services to make the blockchain technology available for enterprises of all. The focuses on making it fast, easy and safe. It has Proof of Stake consensus model enable by NEBL to secure the blockchain or DLT database.

The clients can very easily create and run dApps for different purposes. The staking of NEBL is also easy and the rewards will get higher if your coins are in the wallet for a longer period.

The ROI of the cryptocurrency is 10% annually and the traders can buy it at Kucoin and Binance. The pros of Neblio are:

  • Easy to use and aimed for enterprise use.
  • Nice ROI returns.
  • Fast, easy and safe.

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Ontology (ONT): The blockchain of Ontology is also focused on enterprise usage just as Neblio and the blockchain of ONT also assist other blockchain technologies too.  The blockchain provides better accessibility and flexibility to others and users can store their data completely safe and private in private and public sectors.

The co-founders of the NEO blockchain, Da Hongfei and Erik Zhang have founded the Ontology blockchain. Whereas, NEO is open source and it is enterprise based.

The ROI of the ONT is 5% and depends on the other bonuses and nodes. The traders can buy it at Binance, Bit-z, OKEz and Kucoin. The pros of ONT are:

  • Created by an experienced team.
  • Enterprise focused
  • Good services all over and smart contracts.

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Komodo (KMD): This also an easy and handy blockchain platform and they are creating the full-service blockchain solutions for their users. It is trying to become a blockchain ecosystem and they want every service to give such decentralized exchanges and full range functions and products. They are also planning to provide their users decentralized ICO fundraising stage.

The blockchain has features such as atomic swaps, cross-chain, bridging, and excellent security. The users use KMD coin for staking.

The ROI of the cryptocurrency is 5% and the traders can buy it at Binance. The pros KMD has are:

  • Privacy and high-level security.
  • Atomic Swaps helps in interoperability for blockchain.
  • The ICO crowdfunding and exchange is greatly decentralized adding to the blockchain.

Buy Komodo Instantly

Stratis (STRAT): This blockchain technology helps in business and for the corporation, it acts as a turnkey solution for introducing their dApps. The blockchain helps the businesses to create their blockchain structure. The most amazing features it has such as app development utilizing C# and sidechain hosted transactions. It provides fast and easy transactions.

Previously it begun as PoW but later changed to a PoS project. For staking a local copy of Stratis Staking Wallet Client is necessary.

The ROI of STRAT is 1.46% and the traders can buy it at Binance. The pros of Stratis are:

  • Secure for businesses.
  • One-click deployment and easy to use.
  • It can also record medical records of a person and fin-tech use.

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The list of Staking and Passive Income cryptocurrencies is not limited to this, but there are some more currencies that offer lucrative benefits which are not mentioned here because this is a list of top 10 staking and dividend-paying cryptocurrencies so have chosen the best staking cryptocurrencies to hold/invest in 2019.

But if some of you have these currencies and earn passive income, let me know your experience in the comments section below. That’s all from me in this article. I will be anxiously awaiting your comments below.

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Top Ten Proof of Stake Coins to Invest in 2019: Start Earning With Dividend Cryptocurrency


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