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14th August – Independence Day of Pakistan

14th August – Independence Day Of  Pakistan

With the arrival of 14th August Independence Day, all those memories of the formation of Pakistan relive in the memories of the elders, and same way youngsters try to make this day as special as they can by decorating houses and streets. Moreover, on this eve several Pakistanis living abroad try to send money to their family so they can also celebrate this day, and especially on this year when Eid-ul-Adha is right beside Independence Day, there is more need for money. In addition, for this purpose many
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This company was formed in 2002 with its main headquarters in England. Soon after achieving success in this region, they started to operate across the globe, which later became another of their success story. Now let us dive in the history where all the struggles have done for the formation of Pakistan, and providing a separate land for the Muslims. This whole situation started when Britishers started trading in Subcontinent under the title of East India Company. Soon after that just due to their trade, they took
over the whole subcontinent after the Plassey Battle in the late 17s. Then according to the India Act 1858, Britishers formally announced themselves as the rulers of the most of the parts of Subcontinent with the intention to rule this whole land later on. Moreover, due to this, Muslims not given their true rights and not even their basic needs fulfilled.

Formation of Pakistan

Therefore, after focusing on this situation in early 19s a separate political party formed to fulfill basic needs of Muslims, and to provide a separate and independent land for Muslims where Muslims can rule and live according to their Islamic laws. However, of course, Britishers never wanted this to happen, as they wanted to rule this whole land according to their laws. Therefore, in result, several rebellions rise across the state and a movement started for the separate land for Muslims. Getting a separate community for the minorities of that time was not an easy task, but several notable Muslim leaders of
Muslims League did not give up. In addition, they kept their aim straight towards the goal of achieving a separate country for the Muslim community. Allama Iqbal, who is also a national poet of Pakistan, made their struggles with their poems, and speeches.

Allama Iqbal Source of Inspiration

In addition, he was the person who became the greatest inspiration for the youngsters of the Muslim Community, and that was the time when the whole community got together to get their rights in the form of a separate land. Soon after that, Chaudhry Rehmat Ali proposed the name Pakistan for this new state. This was not just a random name, but actually, it is an abbreviation of all the provinces on that land including Punjab, Afghani (which later named as North-West Frontier Province), Kashmir (which is
currently a disputed province), Sindh, and Balochistan. Even though Bengal was then part of East Pakistan, but Chaudhry Rehmat Ali put it out of a proposal for the name of the new state.

Struggle of Muslims

Getting a new state was not an easy task to done and the whole subcontinent turned into a battleground, where Britishers were losing their control over this whole land, and Hindus were taking advantage of this situation by trying to take over this whole land for themselves after defeating Britishers. Muhammad Ali Jinnah worked for days and nights just for the one purpose, and due to his status, he was not just famous among the Muslim Community, but British Community were also a huge fan of his work. The decade of the 1940s was really a critical time for Muslims because this was the time
when they had to put their efforts into action. Most of the leaders of the Muslim League were held prisoners in order to disperse the efforts of Muslim Community.

Migration Towards Pakistan

Now it was useless because now this whole community was aware of their rights and their goal. Britishers were pushed out of Subcontinent, and on this very day in 1947, a separate state was officially announced. However, the struggle was not over yet, because the majority of the Muslim community were residing in Land owned by Hindus. During Migration towards Pakistan, they were killed and robbed, and even Muslim women were not safe as well. People were losing their loved ones every single, but there was nothing that could stop Muslims now. After nine years of the Formation of Pakistan, on 23 rd March, this state was announced as the Islamic Republic of Pakistan. After the partition, a new conflict was also started for the province of Kashmir, which is situated between Pakistan and India. Currently, this province is ruled by three different countries with India ruling major portion of this land, and then Pakistan and China follow that. Actually, this whole province is populated with the majority of Muslims who wishes to make this whole land a part of Pakistan.

Kashmir Dispute

Moreover, as always India does not leave any chance to torture Muslims on that land, and since the partition of India and Pakistan, this whole land has been disputed. Men are slaughtered and women are raped, but there is nothing that stops the people of that land to struggle to be a part of Pakistan. Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan has declared this day to the day for the Kashmiris, and he will address to the people of Kashmir today in Muzaffarabad. Whereas Chairman of Pakistan People’s Party Bilawal
Bhutto and Foreign Minister of Pakistan Shah Mehmood Qureshi have arrived in AJK to celebrate Independence day and Eid-ul-Adha with the people of Kashmir. Moreover, the Government of India in Kashmir will celebrate 15th August that is Independence Day of India as the Black day in whole Pakistan on the result of cruelty. Government of Pakistan has also announced a new logo in which Kashmir is written in red words to express the cruelty of India, with a new flag to express the struggle of the Kashmiris for their freedom.

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14th August – Independence Day of Pakistan


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