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2022-11-16 18:30
  The market, again, started on a very strong note in the morning, rallying over 1% (at some point, even 1.5%), but then, but the end of the day, it again lost steam and paired almost… Read More
Technical View: Apple (APPL)
2022-11-16 16:00
  AAPL morphed into stage #1. After it reported stellar earnings, it continued its #2 rally, but Jay Powell killed it with his inflation speech. The stock crashed in three days. But th… Read More
2022-11-15 18:30
  The market started in red but then rallied hard; by midday, it was in green. I hoped for a slightly down day today, and it seemed it wouldn’t be happening. The market looked li… Read More
2022 Week 45 Investing And Trading Report
2022-11-13 20:39
I could not report my investing and trading from a week ago because of my travels. I didn’t make many new trades that week, but the last week I started opening new ones and adjusting e… Read More
2022-11-12 18:30
  Many investors on social media expected the market to sell off today as investors would take profits before the weekend. But I didn’t expect that. Many investors were very bear… Read More
2022-11-11 18:30
  Almost a 6% gain today is impressive! All because a CPI report was a bit better than expected, investors are now melting up. Everything they sold yesterday was bought back today. And… Read More
2022-11-10 18:30
  The markets continued showing weakness – first because of election expectations and now selling ahead of the CPI report coming tomorrow at 7:30 CT. And that can shake out the m… Read More
2022-11-09 18:30
  The markets are recovering from Powell’s last week crash, but the trend is weakening daily. The VIX is still in contango but flattening. Will the election results be able to sa… Read More
2022-11-04 17:30
  Selling continued today as market participants continued freaking out about FED and now increased the chance of entering a recession. There is nothing we can do about it but patientl… Read More
2022-11-03 17:30
  The FED’s chair Powell announced another rate hike by 0.75 points but then commented that it is too early to talk about a rate pause or slow down. I think it is too late, as th… Read More
2022-11-02 17:30
  The weakness in the market continued in expectation of the FED’s policy. The Vix futures are in contango, indicating bullish expectations. If the FED provides its policy of slo… Read More
Technical View: Airbnb (ABNB)
2022-11-01 21:51
Airbnb reported earnings, and the stock crashed by more than 7% after-hours. In this technical view, we take a look at what happened: &nbsp: Airbnb reported Adjusted Earnings Per Share (… Read More
2022-11-01 17:30
  Today, we saw a retreat from the strong rally on Friday. It could be the beginning of a new selling or just gains consolidation. Given that the VIX futures structure is still in cont… Read More
2022 Week 43 Investing And Trading Report
2022-10-31 02:24
Last week was a successful trading and investing week. We traded many new options trades and opened new stock positions, trying to take advantage of the selloff in those stocks. I think, lon… Read More
HFEA October 2022 Strategy Report
2022-10-31 01:30
When the market started rallying, our HFEA strategy started outperforming greatly. After months of struggle, I was pleased to see how this strategy worked to the upside. I hope, we are done… Read More
October 2022 $100 Challenge Account Review
2022-10-30 20:46
The markets were improving in October, and so was our challenge account. It was growing again. We keep investing and building a base to monetize our positions. Our goal is to buy good qualit… Read More
2022-10-30 19:33
  I expected more of the bear trap today because of bad earnings from Google, Amazon, and Microsoft, but not such a ridiculously strong rally. We finished over 3.46% up today. The VIX… Read More
2022-10-28 17:30
  The chart below shows the trend after-hours; as you can see, the market sold off heavily. During the regular hours, we finished down -0.61%, and after hours -1.60%. Thanks to Amazon… Read More
2022-10-27 17:30
  The market erased all gains from today’s session as it faced serious headwinds from the tech earnings misses. Google and Microsoft missed, and everyone sold heavily (I was buyi… Read More
2022-10-26 17:30
  The market rallied again the entire day today, but this time, we are seeing the VIX futures terms turning bullish too. It has moved from backwardation into contango. This indicates t… Read More
2022-10-25 17:20
  The market rallied right at the start but then it sold off within an hour. I expected the selling to continue because the VIX was still negative, pointing to traders buying hedges. R… Read More
2022 Week 42 Investing And Trading Report
2022-10-23 18:27
I traded very little last week. Instead, I was accumulating shares of stocks I want to own, such as Microsoft (MSFT), Amazon (AMZN, right now, when we are seeing CFAs and other people predic… Read More
2022-10-22 15:00
  Today, the market was definitely bullish. After an initial rally and pullback, it continued up the entire day. But the VIX is still negative showing that investors do not trust this… Read More
2022-10-21 07:00
  The VIX structure is still in deep backwardation and the market is selling off. Nothing dramatic, but sliding. And there is no improvement. Not even the earnings season which is surp… Read More
2022-10-20 15:00
  On Wednesday, the markets started showing weakness and that was confirmed by the VIX futures as they were still in backwardation. Remember, the first two months of the structure of t… Read More
2022-10-19 16:22
  On Tuesday, the market opened higher but for the entire morning, it was drifting lower. It almost closed the entire opening gap. After that, it traded slightly higher and sideways. T… Read More
2022-10-18 14:23
  The stock market skyrocketed on Monday again. It gained 2.63% but as you can see in the above VIX structure, the market participants remain bearish and the VIX is still in backwardat… Read More
2022 Week 41 Investing And Trading Report
2022-10-15 18:57
Another volatile bearish market week is behind us, and we did well trading and investing our funds. It is not an easy market, though. I struggle to maintain buying power, which sometimes for… Read More
2022 Week 40 Investing And Trading Report
2022-10-09 21:43
Last week when the market rallied my account recovered and it went from $52k to over $65k in a day. Then it crashed and I am pretty much back where I started. Because of this extreme volatil… Read More
HFEA September 2022 Strategy Report
2022-10-02 04:04
The stock market is tanking, which takes a toll on our strategy. We are down again. But this time, the strategy only lost the previous gains, and we are on par with the stock market. I will… Read More
2022 Week 37 Investing And Trading Report
2022-09-18 18:44
Another bad week for our portfolio. It dropped 12% again last week. But as you will see below, it is just paper losses. I didn’t sell any of my positions and in fact, I bought a few mo… Read More
Markets Puked Yesterday, What’s Next?
2022-09-14 15:29
The adage says that past performance is not a guarantee of future results or something like that. But the markets still follow certain patterns that tend to repeat. It is because the markets… Read More
Markets Puked, Should You Buy Tech Stocks?
2022-09-13 22:23
The markets overreacted to a 0.1% inflation miss and sold off by 4.41% (S&P500, the NASDAQ was even worse: -5.67%). Should we be worried? Will the markets continue down? And is this a go… Read More
2022 Week 36 Investing And Trading Report
2022-09-11 21:02
As a week ago was a disaster for our trading and investing, it all changed on a dime last week, and we recovered all paper losses. Nevertheless, I was not trading last week. I only adjusted… Read More
2022 Week 35 Investing And Trading Report
2022-09-04 03:26
Last week was a disaster to my net-liq, not necessarily trading results as I was able to bring in some cash trading options and dividend income was great too. Bu the open stock and options p… Read More
August 2022 $100 Challenge Account Review
2022-09-04 01:07
The stock market is still in crash mode. For almost the entire August we were rallying until its end when we lost half of the gains. And now we are at risk of going lower, which will drag ou… Read More
HFEA August 2022 Strategy Report
2022-09-04 00:42
With our HFEA portfolio in 100% of SPXL (a 3x leveraged bullish ETF), the selloff is especially damaging to the portfolio. After recent growth and outperforming the market, the portfolio tur… Read More
2022 Week 34 Investing And Trading Report
2022-08-28 22:29
Last week I avoided trading as I was traveling. I was however forced to do a few trades. Why forced? It is typically bad to be forced to do trades and they usually end up in losses. But this… Read More
2022 Week 30 Investing And Trading Report
2022-07-31 00:22
The market responded precisely as I expected. Not sure if it was because of being a TA genius or pure luck. I would guess the latter one. Well, I started using volume profile analysis, and t… Read More
July 2022 $100 Challenge Account Review
2022-07-30 22:30
The stock market is still in a bear market but recovering fast. We need to wait a bit longer to see if this is just a bear market rally or an actual reversal. There may be a pullback now, bu… Read More
HFEA July 2022 Strategy Report
2022-07-30 20:27
The HFEA strategy continued improving significantly in July. I continued accumulating SPXL at lows and eliminated TMF. Now my strategy will be to accumulate SPXL when the fund drops 25% belo… Read More
2022 Week 29 Investing And Trading Report
2022-07-23 21:08
Our trading account started growing again, recovering from the bear market losses. Our stock holdings reached the previous highs, partially due to new holdings additions and partially due to… Read More
Bear Market Is Over
2022-07-19 20:41
Yes, this bear market is over despite what the talking heads and other morons will try to tell you. Six months of selling and extreme bearishness is enough. Why? Despite the high inflation… Read More
2022 Week 28 Investing And Trading Report
2022-07-17 00:02
Last week the stock market eased on the selling pressure, and we were able to increase positions in some of the beaten-down stocks and resume trading and not just adjust the old trades. If t… Read More
2022 Week 27 Investing And Trading Report
2022-07-09 23:49
Despite the market selloff of more than 20% this year and my account investments decline, the year 2022 is starting to turn into a good year for our investing and trading. Yes, overall, we a… Read More
June 2022 $100 Challenge Account Review
2022-07-02 18:26
The stock market is still in a bear market and has high volatility. That is why we are accumulating stocks right now and do not trade options. This market is not good for a small account, so… Read More
HFEA June 2022 Strategy Report
2022-07-02 18:02
The HFEA strategy improved significantly in June as I continued accumulating SPXL at lows and trimming TMF (at some point I plan on abandoning TMF completely. It didn’t protect my port… Read More
2022 Week 26 Investing And Trading Report
2022-07-02 17:51
June 2022 is over and the first half of the year with it. It was a horrible half of the year for trading. Even the 2020 slump was better than this. But I look at it positively and keep inves… Read More
2022 Week 25 Investing And Trading Report
2022-06-27 03:32
Last week, our trading was not as successful as the week before. I still was battling with buying power issues and I had to close many trades early. I was closing them for a profit but small… Read More
2022 Week 24 Investing And Trading Report
2022-06-19 00:58
The market continues to suck… a lot. But our trading did well last week. Extremely well. We rolled a bunch of trades and made adjustments as needed. We also had many covered calls exp… Read More
HFEA May 2022 Strategy Report
2022-06-11 18:21
The HFEA strategy continued underperforming significantly in May 2022. Our SPXL is down by -34.52% (thanks to options, the loss is only -30.63%), but the biggest surprise was a substantial l… Read More
May 2022 $100 Challenge Account Review
2022-06-11 17:55
The market is not good for our Challenge account so far. We started aggressively and had to scale down significantly when the valuation reset hit Wall Street. We are significantly down now… Read More
2022 Week 21 Investing And Trading Report
2022-05-28 17:13
Is the market finally turning around so that our trading and investing can improve? It was a disaster so far. I constantly battle with buying power and it makes me very angry. As I mentioned… Read More
2022 Week 20 Investing And Trading Report
2022-05-22 04:17
Trading and investing this year were a disaster so far. I think this was the worst year and worst decline I have experienced. The Covid plunge? No problem, I could manage the portfolio well… Read More
2022 Week 19 Investing And Trading Report
2022-05-15 02:39
Last week the trading became even worse. Due to volatility in the markets, my margin shrunk to zero… That means I am pretty much in a full cash account unable to trade anything becaus… Read More
2022 Week 18 Investing And Trading Report
2022-05-08 00:14
The first week of May trading hasn’t started very well and I have very low expectations for this month. I am a bit skeptical that it would improve. Our buying power is extremely depres… Read More
2022 Week 17 Investing And Trading Report
2022-05-01 02:00
April trading in our main account ended relatively well compared to the entire market. Our options income ended up, our dividend income also ended up, but our net liquidation value got a sev… Read More
April 2022 $100 Challenge Account Review
2022-05-01 01:14
In April we didn’t trade much as we are building equity in the account after we had to close our positions at a loss. It is a part of the game that we will time to time take a loss. Bu… Read More
HFEA April 2022 Strategy Report
2022-05-01 00:55
Our HFEA strategy got a severe beating in April as there was nowhere to hide. Stocks got beaten down as well as bonds. A TMF position that was supposed to protect the account got sold off te… Read More
2022 Week 16 Investing And Trading Report
2022-04-23 18:47
Once again I was surprised with our options trading results this week. I expected a positive return but only around $1,000 dollars. So receiving $3,108 in options premiums was a nice surpris… Read More
2022 Week 15 Investing And Trading Report
2022-04-17 02:40
I expected my options trading last week to be a disaster, so I was quite surprised that I could achieve positive returns and brought in over $600 in premiums. Of course, compared to premiums… Read More
What’s With The AT&T (T)?
2022-04-11 22:01
Wow, AT&T (T) crashed this morning more than 25% after the spinoff was finalized over the weekend. But then, the media told you that AT&T rallied almost 8% after the spinoff.  … Read More
2022 Week 14 Investing And Trading Report
2022-04-10 05:55
Our options trading was slow last week. We just adjusted our trades to keep them safe. Many of these trades were debit trades offsetting the credit ones. However, I was aggressively buying d… Read More
2022-04-05 23:36
Now it is official. After a few delays, the MTB bank took over the PBCT bank. The PBCT bank was my darling and stock I started buying in the early days of my account rebuilding process. Lit… Read More

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