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12 Payday Loan Benefits that you don’t have a clue about

A financial emergency can happen to anyone. Many times, people are not left with any option except to borrow loans from the market.

One of the best options in the market is Payday Loans that are short-term but have a higher interest rate. Someone in need can depend on this option and borrow the loan quickly. 

It is recommended for emergencies only as it carries a higher rate of interest as compared to other loan options.

The right use of payday loans

A loan should not be made a regular habit. Once you have borrowed a loan, you should be clear about your payback duration and capacity. Despite all these recommendations, Payday loans can save you from any financial emergency and has their advantages.

Benefits of borrowing payday loans

  • Caters to bad credit category

A person with bad credit history may find it difficult to borrow loans as no lender will offer them the loan because of their bad credit score. The chances are very high of getting their application rejected because of the high risk involved.

Such people may struggle to borrow finance from the market. Payday loans are for such people as they compensate by charging a higher interest rate than other lenders. As a result, the loan applications of people having bad credit scores are often accepted.

  • The application process is easy

In the UK, some of the loan options may have tedious application processes. In the case of payday loans, the loan process is online is simpler comparatively.

The details are secured with the private lender in the UK and not passed away.

  • Manageable

Payday loans are easier to control as they have an online platform. Hence, it becomes easier for the borrowers to control their payday borrowing.

Upon borrowing payday loans, you can log in to your online account and check your current loan balance and repayment timelines. 

Along with this flexibility, you also have the option of online payment for your loan. The online payment option makes it easier to manage your loans.

  • Reduction in overall amount with early payments

These days, with advancements in technologies, many lenders use email or text to send reminders for their loan repayments.

With these reminders, you can check with your money on a timely basis and pay whenever you feel it is the right time in terms of money.

  • The solution for emergencies

Payday loans are your saviour in times of emergency. An emergency can happen anytime, as the name says. For example, if your car breaks down all of a sudden or you have a medical emergency at home, you do not have to wait for the traditional loans to be approved; you can borrow payday loans and cater to your emergency financial needs.

It also saves your trip to a physical outlet for your loan needs. It offers an online platform, and the money is transferred within minutes of the application approval.

  • No specific purpose defined

Payday loans do not restrict you from their sage. You can use these loans for anything you want, i.e. buying a car or home or your debt management.

But with high-interest rates, it is generally recommended to use these payday loans for only emergencies and essentials.

  • Save money

You can use payday loans for debt management. For example, overdraft fees and bounced cheques can quickly mount up. You can use your payday loans to pay off these charges and ease off your burden.

This way, you can reduce your overall amount and save yourself from a debt trap.

  • Short-term impact

Generally, various forms of loans may put you in debt for more than 12 months. But payday loans borrowed over short periods may be days or weeks.

  • All-time availability

Other traditional loans are available with the normal traditional banking hours. Payday loans are available outside the bracket of traditional banking hours irrespective of the time.

  • Strict caps are in place

The interest rates on the loans are capped at 0.8% per day by the FCA, which comes to 80p per £100 per day or around £24 per month over and above the original borrowed amount.

Another total cap introduced by FCA is that the borrower does not have to pay more than double the amount of the original amount borrowed. For example, if you have borrowed a £200 loan, you will never have to pay more than £400 with interest and added fees.

Bank overdrafts do not belong to this league. Their amount can be mounted up until the total amount is being paid off.


Payday loan options are any day better in case of any emergency. Your application is accepted quickly, and you do not have to wait for days to receive the loan amount. Regardless of your poor credit history, you are still offered payday loans.

Also, the loan process is online, which gives you ease to check your status regularly for your repayment and the amount of the loan.

Payday borrowing serves as a short-term credit for its borrowers. It will not be staying with you for years. With clear information, you can make an informed decision to benefit yourself.  

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12 Payday Loan Benefits that you don’t have a clue about


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