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AdaptCMS 2.0.1 – September 10th

It’s been quite a while since the last blog and the first on something other than 2.0.0, this time covering the upcoming Adaptcms 2.0.1. Though with still some work left I felt it was time though to write a blog to talk about what will be in the next version of adaptcms besides some bug fixes and more minor changes.

The main talking points will be the Plugin system and related plugins, fixes to the social feature and some of the things that will be coming soon after AdaptCMS 2.0.1.


This is an area that unfortunately was essentially ignored when 2.0.0 was released, it was in and code changed to the new style but no plugins were ultimately decided to be in and therefore was not tested. When I started putting the affiliates plugin in, it was apparent immediately that well, the plugins were broke. I won’t go into details except that numerous fixes were made although the module definitely will get more work in the future in regards to installing plugins and the like.

  • Affiliates – The first one from AdaptCMS 1.x, this plugin is fully functional in 2.0.1 and fully tested. Basically like a links manager, you can also use a function code to show the affiliates list as well as guests of the site can submit there site for your approval.
  • TinyURL – A very simple plugin, you enter an address and a (optional) name and you get a short url to that link, easier for sharing links and possibility of integration with content in the future.
  • Sitemap – Not in 2.0.1 yet but will be, this nifty plugin generates a sitemap for your website every so often, extremely useful helping with search engines and removing the need of a secondary program.
  • Form Builder – One of the most useful plugins from previous AdaptCMS versions, this feature lets you easily build a form with various options. This is very likely to be in.
  • Shoutbox – This is the one plugin that is very likely not to be in. For one I don’t think shoutboxes are hardly ever used anymore. Secondly the plugin does need a decent amount of improving on it, but this one may be out for good.
  • RSS Importer – This will definitely come back into AdaptCMS but it may not be the next version. This plugin lets you plug in a URL such as a yahoo news RSS feed and every so often (you define how often) simplepie looks up the RSS url and grabs each story and adaptcms adds it as an article on your site.

With that list that means no plugins this time. It takes a decent amount of time to convert to the new code so rather than force a new plugin expect probably a few new ones in the next version of AdaptCMS.

ACP Main Page

Not done as of yet but there will be a new ACP main page with the release of this version of adaptcms. Currently it’s a quick hello, a link to upgrade, your quick links area and that’s it. No exact ideas as of yet but it’s likely a feed of the latest AdaptCMS news will be filled in, other than that it’s up the air but it won’t be too overfilled, at the same time though it’s too bare at the moment.

Misc Others

This version is not super feature rich and it’s not a bad thing. With the switch from x.x to x.x.x that means these versions such as 2.0.1 will be minor with less features, but at the same time will be released much more often, fix bugs and security issues much quicker, develop features easier and will still have nice features added and at times will help set the foundation for bigger features. In the end it’s a total win situation and will result in fewer bugs.

Some of the more minor things that will be in is an author select for content. I’ve had several requests for that, so that is in. When installing adaptcms an email is sent post-install with some helpful links on getting started and getting help. Page comments is another one, nothing huge but it’s common for static pages to have comments so they’ll be in.

Some default user icons will be added as well as for groups, to make things look nicer and not have to rely on every adaptcms user to find images but instead to at least have some options.


As you can see it’s a whole lot of maintenance and tweaking. But it’s not to say that this version is not worth getting excited over.  Plugins are back in, some pages are getting a makeover and an overall tightening to get everything in working order. It also sets up some features that will either be in the following version or in 2.1, big ones like “Packs”, full Mobile support and more. AdaptCMS 2.0.1 will release sometime this month, September. Stay tuned!

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AdaptCMS 2.0.1 – September 10th


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