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Investing in CMMS Solutions: 9 Industries That Benefit

Managing assets and resources can be a daunting task. Malfunctioning assets and poorly maintained facilities can affect productivity and lead to interruptions in production. This can increase operational costs, such as unnecessary downtime, expensive repairs, and labor.

Having a well-functioning Maintenance management system maximizes efficiency and allows a broad range of organizations to control the costly process of maintenance.

Computerized maintenance management software (CMMS) can be used by companies to increase efficiency, enhance transparency, and gain greater control. Deploying a Cmms solution can help control costs, automate scheduled maintenance, and improve health and safety.

While Cmms Solutions are typically associated with manufacturing, they can be used in any industry that relies on physical infrastructure.

Below lists the nine important industries that can benefit from using CMMS.

1.    Oil and Gas

As a complex and demanding industry, maintaining safety and regulatory standards is paramount. Asset management software like CMMS helps drilling companies and refineries maintain optimal equipment performance and streamline tasks and processes.

Oil and gas projects are large-scale activities that rely on a huge network of equipment, transport vehicles, and technical personnel. Failure at any point in the supply chain can have a catastrophic impact on employee safety and the environment.

CMMS solutions allow companies and refineries to develop a well-planned preventive maintenance schedule to avert a potential environmental disaster and the threat of downtime.

2.    Food and Beverage

Like oil and gas, the food and beverage industry implements stringent health and safety standards. Food and beverage manufacturing machines must be thoroughly cleaned and well-maintained to ensure production is completely safe and hygienic.

And with frequent audits maintaining tough standards, food and beverage processing plants must maximize work order schedule and equipment performance. Maintenance software like CMMS ensures maintenance managers get to keep their assets running in optimum condition while staying compliant with regulatory standards.

3.    Education

Schools are complex sites that rely on numerous facilities and buildings. These facilities and buildings have hundreds, if not thousands, of assets that must be managed and maintained at all times.

The physical infrastructure of a school requires critical equipment like HVAC, alarms, and sprinklers to be working in optimal conditions to ensure the safety of students, faculty, staff, and visitors.

With schools constantly bombarded with budget cuts, maintenance departments must be able to perform their tasks effectively while doing more with less. A CMMS system allows maintenance departments to track what work needs to be prioritized, so no assets are neglected.

This increases the life expectancy of equipment and assets, allowing schools to save more money in the long run.

4.    Real Estate

Having an integrated property maintenance solution like CMMS allows property managers to simplify building and property maintenance and implement a standardized preventive maintenance schedule to manage maintenance costs and budget allocations.

Whether it’s commercial office buildings, a retail complex, or townhouse communities, CMMS solutions allow property managers to eliminate tedious spreadsheets and control all work order forms in one comprehensive database to better track all maintenance activities.

5.    Government

Municipalities rely on the work efficiency of numerous departments to maintain their respective assets. Whether its water lines, sewers, street signs, light posts in public parks, and so on, municipalities require real-time data access to their key assets and facilities.

Effectively managing assets plays a pivotal role in controlling government spending and costs.

CMMS solutions provide city management the accurate data reporting they require to effectively allocate budget and work order tasks. Individual departments can use CMMS systems to better communicate routine maintenance tasks and maximize the lifecycle of assets and facilities.

Through CMMS, municipalities can improve their decision-making processes, manage resources more responsibly, and comply with budgetary standards.

6.    Mining

Mining operations require different infrastructures, equipment, and rigorous oversight to function optimally and maintain strict safety regulations.

The complex nature of mining requires accurate asset management and a sustainable preventive maintenance program to ensure critical equipment and machinery are not overwhelmed by costly breakdowns or safety concerns.

Equipment maintenance software like CMMS allows mining operations to effectively plan maintenance schedules while minimizing operational downtime and hazards. CMMS provides faster response time to critical work orders, improving labor efficiency and productivity, as well as greater assurance of adherence to compliance and regulatory safety standards.

7.    Healthcare

To run effectively, healthcare centers must streamline the management of medical equipment, critical medical supplies, sensitive patient data, and infrastructure facilities.

Integrating CMMS into a healthcare facility provides medical personnel with an organization level overview. This ensures that asset supply levels are well maintained, equipment lifecycles are extended through preventive maintenance tasks, and labor productivity is increased.

A CMMS solution allows healthcare providers to maximize efficiency to provide an enhanced patient experience.

8.    Construction

Construction projects must operate as efficiently as possible to maximize ROI. A run-to-failure equipment maintenance approach can delay scheduling, which can increase operational budgets and labor costs.

CMMS solutions minimize these disruptions by providing a more reliable, centralized database for assets, inventory, and labor management. CMMS ensures greater operational visibility. This allows for greater worker accountability and simplifies inspections.

Equipment is serviced at regular intervals, and workers have the tools and assets they need, increasing productivity and reducing costly overruns.

9.    Transportation

Transportation requires a coordinated effort to ensure vehicle fleets are running in perfect working condition. A breakdown of fleet vehicles can compromise customer safety and quality of service.

A centralized CMMS database can provide a detailed log of mileage readings and previous maintenance records. This allows maintenance departments to effectively schedule and monitor maintenance and ensure retrofits or repairs are done before a breakdown can occur.

CMMS can also integrate regulatory requirements and safety inspections into its database to facilitate compliance and confirm that legal contractual obligations are met.

By implementing a CMMS solution, public transportation companies can better schedule tasks and keep more vehicles on the road.

Bottom line

Knowing when maintenance or repairs must be carried out is the key to performance optimization. A CMMS solution allows numerous industries to address their logistical hurdles, namely, work orders, inventory levels, maintenance workflows, and equipment visibility.

A CMMS can be customized to address any and all maintenance and logistical issues faced by specific industries. From manufacturing to healthcare and construction, CMMS can assist in turning maintenance into a profit center rather than treating it as an added expense.


Mohammad Daudi is the Chief Revenue Officer at SGE Group International, a multidisciplinary group of companies with core business interests in Asset Lifecycle Management, Land Development and Software. Aladdin is SGE’s proprietary Asset Lifecycle Management software, designed to empower FM, Maintenance and Asset teams across multiple industry sectors.

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Investing in CMMS Solutions: 9 Industries That Benefit


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