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Remedies that will help you sleep better during your monthly period

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Feelings of nausea, backaches, abdominal pains, bloated stomach. These are just some of the symptoms that women have to put up with during their menstrual cycle. Aside from causing you feel under the weather during the day, the really wreak havoc on your Sleep.

Studies have shown that most women have been reported to spend less time in the Rapid Eye Movement phase of sleep (deep sleep), which is actually the most essential one. This is always due to these symptoms. Which means their sleep quality is negatively affected and they will spend the next day having fatigue and not be productive at all. The good news is there are natural ways of ensuring that you get enough shut eye during this tough time of the month. Let’s take a deeper look at them.

Evaluate your room

Your body being like a wrecked ship at this time of the month is enough. The last thing you want to do is to be awake throughout the night because your sleep environment is not that conducive for you. There are a couple of factors that determine how comfortable your room is. Among them include:

  • The temperature of your room: Your room’s temperature is key to making your sleeping environment comfortable. Ideally, when you sleep your body temperature slightly drops. However, this is not the case when it comes to having your periods. Similar to menopause, there are some hormonal imbalances in your body, which results to the internal temperature shooting up. Which means you will have a hard time finding some sleep.

 Experts recommend that the air temperature in your room should at least be in close range with your bodies. A temperature of between 60-70 degrees is the most suitable one. While this is true, it is also advisable that during your Period set your thermostat a little bit lower to give your atmosphere that cool breeze.

  • Is your bed comfortable enough? It’s something that we brush aside but it has a huge contribution to having a perfect sleep environment. Your bed’s comfortability is determined by the mattress and pillows. Studies have shown that women who sleep in a fetal position report having an improved sleep quality during their period. By doing so, you relax your skeletal muscles around your abdomen which relieves pain.

Of course this sleeping position has to be supported by a quality mattress. A mattress that is firm enough but still gives you the comfort you need just like the nectar mattress is the most suitable. Comfy pillows are also key. They not only give your head support as you sleep in that position but also make you feel comfortable

A little exercise wouldn’t hurt

You are going a lot this time of the month, so why exercise? Well, doctors have discovered that exercise has a lot of benefits while you are on your period. For starters, it elevates your mood. Recent studies conducted by the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, show that when women exercise during their menstrual cycle, it charges the body up which in term brings back any wayward hormones in the body. Therefore, you get to experience that all good feelings, which will help you sleep better

Another benefit of exercise is that it reduces your period cramps. Every woman can attest to the fact that they can really put through a lot of excruciating pain. According to the Journal Education and Health Promotion, exercise is a great way of relieving menstrual pain compared to the short term one that comes with taking painkillers.

Exercising also helps get rid of fatigue. Most of the time during your periods, you are tired. Instead of sitting down, get up and move those exhausted limbs. By doing so, the energy levels in your body increase. This means that you will quickly slip into deep sleep which is the most beneficial part of sleep generally. Apart from that it also gives your body the energy it needs to balance the hormones that take charge during your period.

The good thing is you do not have to strain yourself. Some simple ones like yoga, jogging and even walking is enough.

Use heat as a abdominal pain reliever

Getting even a wink of sleep is far from possible when you are having period pains. It’s more of tossing, turning and biting your lip trying to endure the pain. You do not have to do that. Experts have mentioned that heat is the most effective pain reliever. First of all, these cramps are caused by clotting of the ovaries, which are supposed to flow out as blood. You can use a hot water bottle to enhance the blood flow and relax the uterus muscles, therefore relieving you of that pain.

Alternatively, you use a hot towel or take a warm bath before going to bed and you will no doubt sleep perfectly.

Take it slow on what you eat

More like pregnancy, women tend to have cravings when on their period. This may lead you to make a run for fatty or sugary foods which might not be the best idea. Since your body is all whacky, the digestive system might be sensitive. If you have food with either processed sugar or fat, you might have stomach upsets at night which will keep you up.

It is also recommended that you eat light to prevent yourself from having troubles with digestion. If you feel hungry, try and spread what you eat throughout the day. Having an early dinner is also advised. This is to give your digestive system enough time to do what it does best and you will not go to bed with an uncomfortable full stomach.

Tossing and turning in bed may be the order of your nights while you are on your menstrual cycle. It is more likely that you solemnly depend on pills to either relieve your pain or get you to sleep. I am absolutely sure that this has changed, now that you know that there are more natural ways of helping get the quality sleep you deserve at this time of the month.

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Remedies that will help you sleep better during your monthly period


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