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2022-05-03 23:39
One of the many crucial parts of a content management system and websites that have an admin/engine/backend area, pagination, while often a simple feature – is needed if you plan to ha… Read More
2022-02-15 19:11
One constant source of worry for those suffering from diabetes is food. Everybody needs food to survive and so do they. So how do they eat and get the best or eat and worsen their health. Be… Read More
2022-02-14 20:39
Getting older is no easy task. It may have been relatively easy to stay fit in your 20s and 30s. In your 40s, you likely experienced some physical changes that made it more difficult to keep… Read More
2021-11-09 13:28
It’s been quite a while since we first took a look at AdaptBB and specifically, the frontend area. We’re here now to reveal the backend area of the upcoming open source script. W… Read More
2021-11-03 20:48
testn5The post title first appeared on Insane Visions Read More
2021-11-02 12:43
It’s been quite a while since the last blog and the first on something other than 2.0.0, this time covering the upcoming AdaptCMS 2.0.1. Though with still some work left I felt it was… Read More
2021-10-05 10:59
In preparation for the big and long-coming release of AdaptCMS 3.0, a majority of recent work has been bug testing. We’ve cranked out a lot of bug fixes on the Templates and Users feat… Read More
2021-09-21 09:49
The full release of AdaptCMS 3.0 is a bit under two weeks away, but I wanted to go over some of the more recent progress to get this release ready to go a month or so before expected. This w… Read More
2021-08-25 06:37
When you think of your personal health, your mind probably goes to your vital organs and other “important” parts of your physical being. However, feet can be just as important as… Read More
2021-08-10 07:43
There are many reasons why people prefer to deactivate their Facebook account. Learning how to properly deactivate your account should come in handy, especially since Facebook can have a hug… Read More
2021-07-27 06:37
Middle East is the home of over 75 billionaires, but what’s more interesting is that one third of them are related to each other. No matter if we’re talking about sheikhs, m… Read More
2021-05-11 01:00
Snoring has a huge effect on people. Not only does it cause a source of discomfort to your partner, it also affects your sleep such that you have interrupted sleep, blood pressure arising fr… Read More
2021-03-15 21:18
You wake up one morning and try to stretch yourself but alas you feel aches all over your body,you try to open your eyes but your head hurts,you get out of bed and notice you have a runny no… Read More
2020-12-10 19:33
If you are training for MMA, you must be familiar with shadow boxing by now. Most MMA trainers recommend that shadowboxing is very important for MMA training because it helps to prepare your… Read More
2020-10-12 04:31
The benchmark for U.S. natural-gas suffered its biggest one-day decline since February 2014, mainly because of estimated supply glut caused by unnatural warm weather for this time of the yea… Read More
How To Be Successful In Mobile Marketing?
2020-10-07 07:22
In this digital era, mobile marketing has set new benchmarks. Its ability to reach an audience in any part of the world has made it a prime marketing technique. These days most business owne… Read More
2020-09-07 01:22
A new tutorial is up covering and explaining the very basics of MySQL. The article was written by myself a few years ago and after modifying/updating it, here it is. Enjoy! Basics of MySQL&n&hell…Read More
2020-08-24 00:10
We finally have a new tutorial up, this time covering the basics of using PHP and Forms, take a look: “You probably have a CMS or at least a blog script running on your website and to… Read More
2020-08-12 11:20
When betting on sports at, the idea isn’t to bet on the team that you believe will certainly win the video game or cover the spread. Because the market probabilities w… Read More
2020-07-22 12:07
Although it is totally normal for your teeth to become less white as you get older, it is no secret that a yellow smile can lead to insecurities. With this in mind a lot of people to turn to… Read More
2020-06-21 19:00
We have a brand new tutorial online for you, covering some tips on basic PHP Security. Here it is, enjoy! “I’ll be the first one to admit that when I first started coding with PH… Read More
2020-05-18 11:00
Our bodies are human machines that need to be taken care of, repaired, and upgraded, just like metal mechanical ones. For optimal health, you must focus on the internal as well as the extern… Read More
2020-05-16 12:07
A website plays a massive role in marketing your business through online traffic building. Do you know with the growing technology today, as an entrepreneur having a substantial online prese… Read More
2020-03-19 09:39
Perhaps you have been hearing people all over the news talking about online gambling and have been wondering, what’s all the fuss about? Well, the truth of the matter is that online ga… Read More
2020-03-16 08:44
Cancer is a small word that strikes a big fear into many of those patients that find themselves diagnosed with this disease. Cancer doesn’t have to be the disease that strikes to fear… Read More
2020-02-17 09:19
Apple. Coca-Cola. Disney. These are just some of the names that dominated the best brand rankings in the world for 2019. These brands did not just get to the top 10 overnight. In fact, it to… Read More
2020-02-13 18:20
Inflation contacted 0. 20% in mil novecentos e noventa e seis and absolutely nothing. 50% in 1997. The collapse of financial pyramid schemes in early 97 – which had seduced deposits f… Read More
2020-02-07 18:20
It will manage you with essentially the most consolation and alternatives to meet cute Belarusian ladies. Minsk attracts the top high quality if college students and younger pros. Also… Read More
2020-02-03 18:20
Austrian Going out with Culture Mix the average ladies that you have seen to the streets of Budapest and Prague, when using the average girls from Berlin or Zurich, then add sugar, piq… Read More
7 Smart Ways To Track Your Financial Goals
2020-01-24 08:02
Achieving financial independence is a worthwhile goal, and many people dream of it. However, in many cases, they are not sure about how to achieve this dream, or how to track their financial… Read More
10 Benefits Of Playing Car Games
2020-01-20 13:50
Figure 1: A man playing car racing game, using advanced technologies. Gaming might not be always considered a most productive hobby for individuals like us, who prefer spending more time at… Read More
2020-01-17 13:15
Repeat customers are bread and butter of any successful business. They spend 67% more than the first-time customer, which is a significant difference. That is why ensuring customer’s l… Read More
2019-11-30 10:32
Detroit-based car maker Ford and Google are looking forward to planning a joint venture to build autonomous cars, says USA Today. If Google has all the technology required for this mission… Read More
2019-10-28 11:59
A credit report is a comprehensive breakdown of a person’s credit history which is prepared by a credit bureau agency. A credit report is vital information that shows you the complete… Read More
2019-10-14 19:37
To keep any workplace running smoothly, it is very important that management and their staff keep a constant watch on every aspect of their business. One of the most important is eliminating… Read More
2019-09-21 01:49
Updates have been decently sporadic, the last few weeks has been a break off after getting a ton done from the release of AdaptCMS Alpha 2 up till middle January. Inbetween there we finished… Read More
2019-08-24 00:21
Gas price is constantly falling down lately and a new milestone has all the chances of being reached over the nest days, most likely until Thanksgiving. Currently, a gallon of regular g… Read More
Some Of The Weirdest Sleep Tips
2019-07-29 21:25
We’ve all been there; those nights when you can’t fall asleep, no matter what you do. Insomnia is a common problem for many people, and it’s not surprising. We live in a fa… Read More

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