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Most Shocking and Unexpected Objects Found Inside People

Sometimes people are caught using or ingesting unexpected objects and need intervention to rectify (pun intended) the situation. Sure, many of the following objects are pretty dangerous in the places they were found, and some of them are just dangerous on their own. Keep reading to find out where some women keep their gun, what some people choose to smuggle, and how they stash things. In this article, we even cover things that you know you shouldn’t swallow.

Medical Intervention. Most of these situations required medical interventions to resolve. Anytime an object is lodged somewhere due to overzealousness or an accident of some sort it’s better to get help from the doctor’s office or emergency room. Sure, it costs thousands of dollars in the end in some places, but it is better than reconstruction from damage!

A Fully Loaded Gun. Dallas Archer from Tennessee was arrested and booked in jail. After hiding her fully loaded, not to mention stolen gun up her vagina, she racked up additional charges. Not only must that have been an uncomfortable place to stash her fully loaded handgun, she would spend more time in jail after the additional charges for possession of the stolen weapon were added to her sentence.

Failed Retrieval Mission. A man who got his vibrator stuck decided to try to retrieve them himself with a set of salad tongs. He figured getting the vibrator out himself would be a better option than going to the ER for help. Not only was the retrieval unsuccessful but the salad tongs also got stuck. After being unable to remove either object, he finally went to the Hospital and got help and a lot of relief when the objects were Removed.

Cutlery. Margaret Daalman’s X-ray showed that she had an oddly shaped opbject similar to a giant squid or huge badminton birdie sitting inside of her. Turns out she swallowed 78 utensils. They were all forks and spoons and it has been thought that the Netherlands native may have been a person suffering from a disorder known as pica. Pica causes people to try to eat typically inedible items. Some of what they get in their systems is downright confusing.

Magnets. An 8-year-old girl in Indiana swallowed chunks of metal and 30 magnets accidentally. Because magnets attract each other, the girl was in incredible pain. The magnets were potentially confused as food, but regardless, the girl had no choice but to go through a major surgery to remove the magnets. They were in different stages of digestion when they got them out of her.

Smuggling. An inmate decided to smuggle in a shocking amount of contraband. He stuffed a whole list of things in his Rectum. What was on this list you ask? Well, he stuffed 17 Oxycodone pills, 1 cigarette, 6 matches, 1 flint, 1 empty syringe with an eraser over the needle tip, 1 lip balm container, 1 CVS receipt, and a coupon in a condom that he used as a shopping bag and stuck the condom/shopping bag in his rectum.

Body Spray. Sometimes people like a challenge and for one individual the “Impulse Body Spray” caused them to make a very impulsive decision: sticking the glass perfume bottle up his rectum. He pushed it up too far and lost the women’s perfume bottle, requiring assistance at the hospital staff to have it removed. He had to be given a spinal anesthetic and the doctors pulled the 7.8 inch bottle of perfume out of the man’s swollen rectum.

A Glass Bottle. A older man made a trip to the hospital with perforated peritonitis which the doctors deemed a rare and spontaneous occurrence. Then a year later the same man came into the hospital barely able to walk with an inflamed rectum and stomach pains. The doctors found an entire glass bottle in his rectum that had to be surgically removed.

Bullet Casings for Hemorrhoids. Military vets are known for being outrageously tough, and this WWII veteran has taken that to a new level. The man was suffering from hemorrhoids so bad that they would snag on the seam of his underpants. To solve the problem himself, he would push the hemorrhoids back up with an artillery shell of an antiaircraft gun. One time the shell got jammed up in there and he was rushed to the emergency room. Because the artillery was not spent, the hospital had to call in the bomb squad. They had to take precautionary measures (like building a lead box around his anus) and then defused the shell so it could be safely removed.

A Bottle of Coca Cola. A 60 year old man stated that “thieves” shoved a bottle of Coca Cola in to his anus. He was constipated (obviously) for day and was admitted to the hospital. The doctors had to use a vacuum, forceps and a lot of care to remove the bottle so the man could safely recover.

Michel Lotito. Michel, a French native, is famous for being able to consume unbelievable things like car tires, crushed light bulbs, wine glasses and plane parts. He uses a special method to manipulate his esophagus and get everything down. He has been eating these types of things for years, much to the amazement of all of us.

Plastic Fork. A man was experiencing coughing fits that turned him blue before passing out. They believed he had been dealing with lung issues or potentially pneumonia, but he chose to ignore his symptoms in the hopes that they would go away. They didn’t and after going to the hospital it appeared he had a tumor in his lungs. Upon closer examination the growth was coating an old school plastic Wendy’s fork that he had aspirated while enjoying a meal.

Slip and Fall. A lawyer slipped coming out of the shower, fell against his dog and then fell on top of his ringing cell phone. The phone ended up lodged in his rectum. The phone continued to ring, even during his surgery. Fortunately, the phone was removed, and no permanent damage was done.

Cobblestones. A woman in Foshan, China swallowed more than 20 cobblestones in 2006. Why? Well, she had a fight with her boyfriend and though she assumed that her digestive system would get rid of the stones naturally, this did not happen. Her self-destructive snack ended up causing her a lot of pain that would get worse when the stones knocked into each other. They were surgically removed, and she recovered and hopefully just went for a walk to cool off next time.

Cement Enema. A man mixed concrete into enema fluid and when his boyfriend lifted his legs at a 45% angle, he poured the enema in- which hardened. The enema had to be surgically removed before permanent damage could be done. The couple apparently stayed together through the surgery but let’s just say that doctors do not recommend this particular sex game.
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Most Shocking and Unexpected Objects Found Inside People


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