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15 Times Khloe Was The Hottest Kardashian

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These famous sisters have made millions with their bombshell looks and their willingness to show them off (thanks for the view, ladies!), but are all Kardashians created equal? Kim may be the obvious choice for “first-place-hottie,” with her bomb-backside seen ‘round the world, but it would be a mistake to grant her the title of “hottest Kardashian,” without taking a nice long look at the sexy stylings of one Khloe Kardashian.

Khloe has taken a lot of heat from the media during her years of fame, and it hasn’t all been constructive. She’s been called “the fat one,” “the ugly one,” “a giant,” “the bastard child of OJ Simpson,” and even a “sasquatch” (ouch). In recent years, however, Khloe is serving up her revenge and it’s anything but cold. After taking up daily workouts with celebrity trainers, Gunnar Peterson, and Don Brooks, as a coping mechanism for stress, Khloe has slowly been revealing her revamped look through sexy Instagram reveals, and scantily-clad photo shoots. After looking at these tantalizing photos of 15 times Khloe was the hottest Kardashian, you will only refer to her as “the sexy one” ever again.

15. When She Posed In A Latex Bodysuit

Yes, black latex bodysuits are pretty racy. But that’s not the only reason this sex-pot moment makes the hot list. What’s really sexy here is her willingness to try something different, a bit out of her comfort zone, as a gift for her then-husband, ex-Lakers star, Lamar Odom. Viewers of the 2013 episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians, where Khloe stages the photoshoot as an anniversary present to her husband, can see the way Khloe bravely works through her fear of looking silly in order to make something special her husband will appreciate. And what did this former pair of lovebirds find sexy? Hanging upside-down from the ceiling in a shiny, black catsuit, that’s what. More power to you, Khloe! Being your original self and taking a risk makes you even more appealing.

14. When She Pulled Off The Blonde Bombshell Look Better Than Kim

Kim, Khloe, and littlest half-sister, Kylie Jenner, have all tested their luck with the gods of sexy blonde hair. While Kim and Kylie look good, don’t get us wrong, there is something sort of cold and high-fashion-y about their other-worldly, bleached locks, while Khloe’s all-American golden tresses look natural and oh-so touchable. Even professional celebrity insulter, Perez Hilton, noted on his famous gossip blog that Khloe won the award for best Kardashian dye-job. Khloe has always been open and raunchy, and willing to speak her mind. With her warm honey waves, this Kardashian middle child shows haters once again that she has all the goods necessary to top the charts as most appealing celebrity sister.

13. When Her Curves Killed In This East Coast One-Piece

Even though Khloe is a California girl through and through, she has a lot of chances to travel to the East Coast for work and pleasure. Remember the Keeping Up With the Kardashians spin-off, Kourtney and Khloe Take the Hamptons? Khloe mingled with her oldest sister, Kourtney and her ex-partner and baby daddy, Scott Disick (among other familiar family faces to visit the set of the show). Maybe Scott (who is from the area) gave her a pointer or two about classic Hamptons style? However she learned it, Khloe served up some major heat in her high-cut one-piece black swimsuit reading “EAST COAST” across the chest, paired with a classic yacht captain’s hat. Who knew a one-piece could look sexier than a bikini? Khloe did, that’s who.

12. When She Nailed The “Gym Selfie”

Those curves, though. Pretty much everyone who works out has taken a gym selfie at some point, but how many look this good? Working out gives you endorphins and makes you feel good, which probably translates to body confidence, making posting a gym selfie the next logical step. Her low-key black baseball cap pulled down, and her phone blocking her face, make sure the attention is on the shape of her incredible body. After years of being called “the fat one” of the Kardashian sisters, Khloe claps back with a banging body. That’s the kind of slim waist and thick, muscular lower half that you only get from working out, or maybe excellent genes. Khloe, we salute you.

11. When She Wowed Instagrammers With This Number

This revealing jumpsuit is seriously inspired. Showing just enough skin, Khloe keeps some of her newly buff body under wraps, but hints at what’s underneath through sexy, black slits in her outfit. This salacious, yet tasteful get-up reminds us of Khloe’s personality; she’s open, she’s hot, she’s unapologetically dirty, she’s not afraid to be her raunchy self, yet she maintains an elegant, classic beauty that continually stuns her fans and Instagram followers. With over 52 million followers, Khloe may not be able to catch up to sister, Kim’s over 86 million Instagram devotees (yet), but she comes out ahead of her oldest sister, Kourtney’s 48 million Insta-fans. Once again, Khloe doesn’t back down from owning her sexiness, which is very, very appealing.

10. When She Took It All Off For A Good Cause

Would you be willing to bare it all for charity? Khloe was. When she was approached about posing nude to support an anti-fur, anti-trapping, anti-poaching movement by PETA, she had her reservations. In a season three episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians, “I’d Rather Go Naked than Wear Fur,” the cameras follow Khloe as she debates whether she feels comfortable taking it all off. She was in a curvier phase of her life (in 2009) than she is now, and even faced criticism about her shape from her own step-dad at the time (Bruce Jenner, before she was Caitlin) telling her she should “lose some weight” before posing publicly sans clothing. Khloe fought back and showed us that curvy is definitely hot. Check out that wild sexiness!

9. Her Complex Magazine Cover Shoot

2015 was “the most tumultuous year” of Khloe’s life. With her husband going into a coma during their divorce proceedings, and her former step-father publicly transitioning into a woman, it’s an understatement to say that Khloe had a lot going on. While she got a lot of time in the spotlight for these controversial news stories and showed her emotional strength throughout all the turmoil, maybe our favorite thing she had going on was a banging body. For her Complex Magazine cover story shoot, Khloe bared her muscular curves amid a backdrop of weightlifting equipment, combining two things most guys love and reminding us that strong is sexy.

8. When She Was Basically The Modern Venus

On her website, Khloe told her fans how she and little half-sister, Kendall Jenner, were bored (and maybe a little tipsy) one night on a family trip to St. Bart’s. One thing led to another and they decided to ask friends, Joe and Joyce, to stage an impromptu photo shoot in their vacation rental’s beautiful pool setting. “We started drinking a little and somehow this impromptu photo shoot turned into a fully nude photo shoot. I was apparently living in the moment,” she told her readers. Her long, pale skin glistens with gold glitter as she appears to be floating on water, but is really just perched on the edge of the pool. Khloe may look incredible here, but she gives some credit to the photographers and her sister, Kendall: “Kendall was teaching me how to pose and how to arch my back and manipulate my body so I looked extra lean and long… The perks of having a super model as your sister, right?”

7. When She Posed For Cosmo Body’s Cover

Cosmopolitan has been a can’t-miss magazine for young women and girls for decades. Cosmo Body is a newer publication printed in the UK that caters to young women who care about their health and fitness. Khloe talks about how she “channels [her] energy into working out” when she is dealing with difficult things (like her on-the-rocks marriage to now-ex-husband, Lamar Odom). Good advice, right? About Instagram trolls, she says, ‘Thank God I don’t live my life for other people because I’d be in a constant tug of war,” A strong, gorgeous, self-possessed woman who isn’t afraid to live for herself and flaunt her sexiness? Yes, please!

6. When She Ruled The Red Carpet With “Old Hollywood” Glamor

Fellow guests and paparazzi at Elton John’s exclusive Oscars after-party in 2014 were treated to a particularly glamorous version of Khloe Kardashian when she slayed onlookers as she entered the party (benefiting the Elton John AIDS Foundation) in a long, deep red wine-colored velvet gown with a mermaid tail. Her famous Kardashian butt seriously cannot be denied in this generous garment. Designed by Marc Bouwer, this dress hugs Khloe’s curves in deeply appealing ways. Velvet was out of fashion for so long, but we can be sure to see more of this luxe style if it can look this good. The way Khloe pairs her gown with long curls, a dark, moody lipstick, and a vixen stare that could melt butter, this dress might haunt your dreams.

5. When She Mugs For The Camera In A Classic White Panama Hat

Even though Khloe and her ex, Lamar Odom, were not on perfect terms, the two still cozied up together with family to put their differences aside and celebrate Easter in the spring of 2016. Making fun of the “duck face” pose has become a favorite pastime of internet trolls, but honestly, the way Khloe purses her lips here looks divine for her Easter morning Snapchat. Oldest sister, Kourtney, and oldest nephew, Mason Disick, can also be seen in the celebratory family shot captioned with the phrase, “God is good,” and punctuated with the prayer emoji. Khloe’s all-white ensemble perfectly offsets her olive skin and full, pink lips. She looks positively Mediterranean here, which is not necessarily surprising, given her Armenian heritage.

4. When She Channeled J-Lo On Instagram

Does she look like Jennifer Lopez here, or what? Sassy pout, long, razor sharp fake pink nails, giant gold hoop earrings, and a bottomless camouflage leotard? Whatever she’s selling, we’re buying. This casual setting photo shoot actually is promoting something: a line of hair extensions (also known as a weave). Khloe famously likes to go back and forth between being a badass blonde and a bombshell brunette, as well as changing her hair’s length from flowing locks to edgy bob. This April 2016 post on her Instagram account reveals how she does it: hair extensions. However you’re doing it, Khloe, please keep at it. We love your chameleon-like hair changes, and your willingness to experiment with your look. And that smoldering look in her eyes? She could sell snow to Eskimos.

3. When She Became The Queen Of High-Waisted Jeans

Every woman looks good in a pair of tight jeans and a set of high heels, but Khloe particularly has become known for the way she absolutely nails this classic look. A pair of high-waisted, fitted jeans that conform to her slim waist and wide derriere are the perfect accessories to her practically perfect body. Long blonde hair with a casual beach-y style and a killer designer bag add to the effortless feel of her extreme sexiness. She is a casual California girl with a definite air of edge, and that makes her mysterious. Although Khloe is famous for being candid with cameras on her many reality shows, this flirty look is a little bit lilting— not something Khloe always goes for. The fact that she’s a bit coy and unstudied in her dress and manner here definitely makes us want to see more. Plus she’s standing in front of her customized Range Rover with a rare velvet exterior. Could she get any sexier?

2. When She Hosted Her Own Talk Show From A Giant Martini Glass

The woman in this image looks fun, happy, wild, crazy, and unapologetically sexy. Could you ask for anything else? One more thing that makes this wacky photo even better is that she’s posing for the promos for her very own talk show. That’s right, even though her 2016 talk show on the FYI channel, Kocktails with Khloe, had a very short run, she did enjoy several episodes as the strong female lead of her own show. While Khloe is certainly no stranger to the cameras, having her very own show (not coupled with one of her sisters) was a whole new frontier, which she looked awesome while conquering by the way. Long, silky legs, poofy hair, perky chest, big smile, vintage cat-eye makeup and a giant martini? What’s not to like?

1. Sometimes The Hottest Look Is Messy And Undone

Even though the Kardashians are masters of the costume change, of the high-glitz look, and of the 10-person glam team, Khloe also understands that sometimes, the hottest look is driven by a kind of casual, approachable, “undone” beauty. Here, away from the trappings of her standard red carpet perfection, Khloe looks positively SEXY. Loose Spice Girl-style buns give off a fun-loving feeling, paired with barely-there makeup. She somehow simultaneously looks perfect and low-maintenance at the same time. How did she do that?! It probably took hours to look this un-fussy, but who cares? She pulls it off with surprising style and grace. Khloe, you can come and chill low-key style with us anytime.

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15 Times Khloe Was The Hottest Kardashian


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