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15 Shocking Effects of Smoking

Once you start, it’s extremely difficult to put it down. While some are addicted to it, others hate it with burning passion. But there’s one thing everyone can agree with: smoking cigarettes is really harmful for your health. Not mentioning the serious consequences it can lead to. Whether you are trying to quit or just simply curious; here are the most common and shocking effects of this addictive habit.

15. Bad Smell

This is the first thing you notice when you meet a smoker. It not only their breath or hands, but it also comes from their hair and clothes as well. You have to admit; smelling like an ashtray is not the nicest thing you can imagine. And it doesn’t matter how much perfume you apply, you can’t get rid of it.

14. Bags

Unfortunately, not Gucci or Prada but the ones under your eyes. Say goodbye to peaceful and relaxing nights once you start Smoking. Smokers are more likely to have sleepless nights as they might experience nicotine withdrawal. So you either get up and smoke a few times at night or quit, you decide.

13. Dental Health

If there would be only the bad breath, you’d be lucky. Let’s not forget about how cigarettes damage your gums and teeth. Starting from tooth staining and gum infection to tooth loss and even mouth cancer. Please do not smile for the camera if you’re a smoker.

12. Premature Aging

According to studies, those who regularly smoke cigs look 1.5 years older on average than nonsmokers. No surprise that it accelerates aging and wrinkles appear much earlier. It’s all because the nicotine narrows Blood vessels and reduces blood flow in the outer layers of your skin.

11. Wounds

Also as a consequence of narrow Blood Vessels, scars and wounds heal much longer than they would normally do. So in case you want your wrinkles caused by smoking to be removed with plastic surgery, you will even have to wait even more to recover.

10. Cataracts

Among many other diseases, age-related cataracts is one of the most common effects of smoking. Without warning you’ll notice a decrease in vision since it puts oxidative stress on the lens of eyes. Be careful because it can even lead to complete blindness.

9. Respiratory Damage

The one everyone knows. The substances are so harmful to your whole respiratory system you couldn’t even imagine, and it’s not just coughing. After a time, your lungs will lose the ability to filter the chemicals. Some people only realize the seriousness of these consequences when it’s too late.

8. Reproduction Problems

You’re on the right path in case you don’t want any kids. Thanks to restricted blood flow men often have to deal with that typical dysfunction of theirs. Not to mention the higher risk of infertility for both men and women.

7. Fractures

According to numerous studies, the bone density decreases at a much faster rate if you smoke. Therefore, smokers tend to put themselves at higher risk for breaking their body parts. Also, remember that once you’ve got a fracture it will take a lot of time to heal.

6. Stretch Marks

The most hated enemy of all women. Right, stretch marks are absolutely natural but only if it’s not a result of smoking. Your skin simply loses its elasticity and strength due to the damage of fibers and connective tissues. Say thanks to nicotine again!

5. Bad Hair & Nails

Seriously, there’s nothing that smoking cigarettes doesn’t destroy. It’s harmful to every inch of your body. Do you really hate yourself that much? If yellow nails weren’t enough, thinner hair which goes gray sooner than it should is not nice either, not to mention the risk of baldness.

4. Diabetes

Who would’ve thought that smoking also has an effect on your insulin level? Of course it puts you at increased risk of having type 2 diabetes. Once you have it, you tend to develop further complications at a faster rate as a smoker.

3. Cardiovascular Problems 

Say goodbye to your whole cardiovascular system in case you’ve just started smoking. Your blood vessels will tighten, thus restricting the blood flow, good cholesterol could get even lower, expect your blood pressure to be up in the clouds and beware of blood clots. And that’s just the half of it.

2. Brain Stimulant

The nicotine in tobacco is in fact a stimulant if you haven’t heard yet. By reaching your brain in a few seconds, it makes you feel energized for a little while but it soon disappears. Just like with any other drugs, withdrawals also occur like headache, depression, feeling irritated and anxious.

1. Cancer

The most feared and dangerous effect of smoking cigarettes is cancer. You wouldn’t believe how many types. Cancers of lungs, mouth, throat, liver, pancreas, cervix, bladder etc. So ask yourself again: is it really worth it?
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15 Shocking Effects of Smoking


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