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61 Years Old Model Looks Incredible

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This stunning woman broke the rules and decided to show what real beauty looks like. We are all concerned about our wrinkles and loose skin as we get older but this 61-year-old model makes us realize that there is nothing to be worried about. Check how confident you should be at every age.

20. Unstoppable

To appear as healthy and beautiful as she does is not that hard, just requires a little more effort. The French-born Model advises eating more high-quality foods that aren’t sprayed with pesticides. As soon as you start living a more self-conscious your life, you won’t be able to go back.

19. Skincare
 The model is completely aware of the fact that wrinkles are normal and she’s not afraid to show them. That is how our Skin supposed to look. Of course you can always improve the situation if you simply look after yourself a bit. Avoid cheap cosmetics, and choose natural makeup and skincare products. Using scrub made out of olive oil and fine sugar once a week can help you a lot, as well.

18. Shine Bright 

Let’s not forget about sports because she probably has better abdominal muscles than most of us. Doesn’t matter whether you’re boxing, doing yoga, going to gym or dancing; just keep doing something. In 5 or 10 years you’ll see that it was worth it.

17. Hair Goddess
 When was the last time you’ve seen natural long grey Hair on a woman? Most girls start dying their hair at a very young age and keep doing it their whole lives despite the fact that it’s really harmful. There is nothing wrong about getting old, and your hair changing it’s color. Not everyone can rock grey hair like her!

16. You Are What You Eat
 Eating clean has become a huge trend lately. However,  the model started eating healthy long before since she believes in the power of organic food. No surprise she looks so wonderful. It’s never too late to start something, you can also change your diet. Try buying lots of vegetables, fruits, and organic fish and meat.

15. Beach Vibes
 Not exactly a usual photo of  grandma on the beach, right? It’s not called being born lucky, or simply good genetics. Your lifestyle seriously affects your organism. The model makes it clear by saying less stress, more sleep, healthy food and sports is all what you need to look like her.

14. Keep It Simple
 No need to overthink everything. This includes your looks, life decisions, whatever. Keeping it at the minimum often means getting the best out of everything. Live simple and everything will be easier, you’ll see!

13. Confidence
 Do you think you could also pose for the cameras like this at the age of 61? The most significant part in all of this is being confident. Showing that you’re proud of your age and the body you live in is everything that really counts.

12. Pretty On The Inside
 Looks are not the only thing that’s important, personality really does matter. No matter how good looking you are, if your personality is ugly. Don’t be afraid to show what you have inside and try to be a better person. Let your intelligence and confidence shine through!

11. Stay Healthy
 If you also plan to age gracefully like her, leave every unhealthy habit out of your life. Yazemeenah admitted to drink some wine occasionally, but avoid excessive drinking. Forget about smoking, as well. It’s harmful not only for your lungs, but speeds up the aging process by forming more wrinkles.

10. Sun Is Shining
 Lying on the beach all summer might seem a good idea, but it is actually not. Getting to many rays without protection can really demage your skin. Therefore, always apply sunscreen on your body to stay away from wrinkles, spots, and loss of firmness or elasticity.

9. Young Forever
 Yazemeenah Rossi proves that you don’t have to be young to look beautiful. The 61-year-old model, visual artist, and self-portrait photographer radiates health and vitality. Hard to believe, but you could also look this good when you’re older, just take care of yourself.

8. Fun
 A playful personality is essential for a full, enjoyable life. Always find some time to have some fun, especially if you live in a never-ending circle of hectic and stressful days. It doesn’t need to be something big or spectacular, just make sure you’re setting your mind free for a little bit.

7. Natural Beauty
 Why do you need plastic surgeries when you can stay young without it, too? A nice face doesn’t always mean no wrinkles and heavy makeup. Enhance the gifts given by the nature and let everyone see your true self.

6. Stopped Time
 We all dream about looking young and fit at an older age. Rossi managed to do that, so why can’t you? Your body will change immediately after you start watching what you eat. In fact, you can’t look this amazing if you don’t care what’s in your plate.

5. Lifelong Beauty
 Using natural oil can change your skin in a way you couldn’t even imagine.  Besides your skin, the condition of your hair also counts a lot. Rapeseed or argan oil can be used on hair giving it a more healthy and shiny look. The model never forgets to do so, that’s for sure.

4. Glowing Skin
No secret, product rich in antioxidants like dark chocolate, wine or berries are doing a huge favour for us. They do not only slow the process of aging, but also tightens the skin. Taut skin is a major key to looking young.

3. Details
 A close-up picture to see how perfect this woman actually is. She doesn’t even need good lighting, filters or photoshop to make thousands of strangers on Instagram pay attention to her, then why do we keep doing so?

2. Smile
 Marilyn Monroe said it right: a smile is the prettiest thing a woman can wear.  Don’t spend too much time worrying if there’s nothing you can do. Eventually, it will all go away, and memories will fade. Instead, think of the good things in life and smile as much as you can. Honestly, who cares about your pigment spots?

1. Finding Balance
 Hottest grandma ever is a true inspiration to all of us. According to her, she’s a bit of a free spirit, who loves to meditate twice a day. It impacts both the brain and the body. What could be better than reduced stress and increased productivity?
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61 Years Old Model Looks Incredible


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