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Makers Lab AGM notes: Please it's not a Stock idea

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Am really really scared to put anything on public domain. Everything has been perceived as a stock idea. I pen a tweet to find the same in circuits. It's not a stock idea guys. Please read before your acts. Thanks to my Junior Abhijit for presenting it in such a brilliant yet witty way.

Following is a candid description of my visit to the Makers Labs AGM. Why Annual Grotesque Meeting? Wait till the end of this article to find out.
Scene 1: It was a sunny Tuesday morning, half past ten, I arrived at the IPCA Lab office located in Kandivali, Mumbai. As soon as I entered the gates, I saw a small white board in a corner. Some text was scribbled on it with atrocious handwritings. After a thorough analysis, I figured out that it was written ”Welcome to the 30th AGM of Makers Laboratories” (with two giant spelling mistakes, WELCOM and LABORATRIES).
There was nobody at the gate. After a few minutes of waiting, I observed a guard running towards me from the corridor. He was panting heavily and said: ”Sary Sur Hum thoda sa pishab karne gaya tha” (I wondered why only thoda, why not full?)
Scene 2: After I managed to find a chair in the shady looking premises of the office, a really beautiful lady came to serve me some chai with a gracious smile. Considering the texture of the steel glass (especially the deposits of dirt in between the texture), coupled with the bright red colour of the chai, I decided to give it a pass.
Scene 3: Recovering from a semi-trauma merely caused by the sight of that chai, I went out to get some fresh air. There I witnessed a gentlemen accompanied by his wife, entering the premises. After a basic introduction with him, he expressed how unhappy he was with the financials of the company and how much pissed he was with the Company Secretary Mr X for being a d**k on phone calls.
Scene 4: 11 o’clock, I did enter a small room where the AGM is supposed to take place. I was greeted by a sight of this really dingy and old school poster of Makers labs which didn’t even have a logo (or do they even have a logo in first place?). I saw several oldies roaming around in that room who apparently looked like shareholders. (PS: I did overhear them discussing on piles issue)
Scene 5: I heard someone fighting loudly at the entrance. It was that angry gentleman with his wife, who expressed his grudge towards company secretary before. Unfortunately, he stumbled upon Mr X at the entrance. Somehow people were able to separate them from their verbal barrage.He was accusing Mr X of treating him badly on the phone and complained that Mr X called him a ”gate crasher” and accused him to attend AGM only for the ‘free’ snacks offered and nothing else. (I’m not kidding, this is exactly what happened and they were actually fighting like a baby for that issue).After things were subdued, Mr X told us secretly, how that gentlemen only held 5 shares of the company and harassed him on phone calls.
Scene 6: Chairman literally READ the speech from the Annual Report. After about 5 minutes, it was time for Q&A. I will make a future post on how stupid and hilarious questions people asked the chairman. Some of the questions were asked by that gentleman who had also brought the annual report with all the spelling mistakes underlined. I literally felt suffocated in that intellectually polluted environment.The whole AGM was wrapped up within 20 minutes, and the same red chai with a vada and some stinking potato chips were served. (PS: one of the oldies from that piles group, did give a generous suggestion to replace vada with a sandwich in the next AGM.)
Scene 7: I left the room just to avoid the sight of oldies hogging on cold vadas and almost black potato chips. Right outside, I met this sensible looking fellow. I felt like giving him a hug. He was the Marketing head of Makers Lab. I had a chat with him for 15 minutes about so-called Future Prospects of the company and he assured me to stay away from the stock with a 12-foot barge pole. I’m not even kidding, his candid remarks about how dull the Generic drug industry is with not much room for Makers Lab to grow, were enough for eliminating Makers Lab from my watch list.
Final P.S.: Guess what I heard from a director of IPCA Labs in an offline conversation: ”DONOT expect much from Makers!’ I’m serious. That were the exact words he used.

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Note: Let me clarify this was just a funny experience I had at the AGM and please don’t take any serious offence. Also, this is NOT an investment advice to buy or sell shares. Please make your own decision, as blindly acting on anyone else’s research and opinions can be injurious to your wealth. I do not own the stock, nor I am a registered Research Analyst as per SEBI Regulations, 2014.

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Makers Lab AGM notes: Please it's not a Stock idea


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