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Smartwatch Means Apple: Not Anymore!

8 Horological Brands Who Braved a Smartwatch That Is Luxurious As Well As Connected

When apple released iWatch in April 2015, the Horological brands making luxury watches were in a fix as Apple iWatch was not only smart but could connect to iOs devices, which meant loss of business for typical luxury watches.

And why would they not be facing such a dilemma when apple iWatch was giving much more than what the typical watchmakers have been giving watch lovers over the years?

But now it seems that luxury watch brands have taken the first step to make their luxury time pieces smart enough. Smart enough not to compete with a smartwatch like an apple iWatch, but certainly for a watch lover who gets the experience of both horology and virtuality.

Our motive here is not to compare these brands with smartwatch stalwarts like Apple and Fitbit, but to let watch lovers know that even the horological brands are taking the initiative to make their watches smart and connected.
So here is a list of 8 luxury watch brands who have come up with a smartwatch.

1. Frederique Constant

Frederique Constant, Smartwatches
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The Frederique Constant presents a Horological smartwatch that has the DNA attributes of typical Swiss luxury watch complications as well as connected functionality.

The smartwatch can communicate with both Android and iPhone Apps and can function autonomously with its sensors.

Frederique Constant’s technology partner Fullpower Technologies has incorporated MotionX technology solution in its Horological Smartwatch which has components that monitor your sleep as well as activity.

Priced at CHF 995, the smartwatch does not need to be recharged and maintains around 25 month’s autonomy with a regular watch battery cell.

2. Alpina

Alpina, Smartwatches
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Alpina introduced a range of Horological Smartwatches for both men and women that are not only beautifully crafted like the luxury watches you are accustomed to wearing since centuries but also feature connected functionalities that define your lifestyle.

With Alpina Horological Smartwatch, you never have to set time and date traveling across time zones as the watch picks up the time from your smartphone and displays new time automatically.

The watch is powered by MotionX technology that keeps a track of your daily steps, sleep, calories burned and total distance. Not only this, you can also set alerts that remind you to move in case you happen to sit idle for a set amount of time.

All this is powered by a low power solution and hence there is no need to recharge the battery after using it for hours. So all you need to do is go to a jewelry store after every two years and get the battery changed.

This is Alpina GENTS / AL-285BS5AQ6 and is priced at CHF 1095.

3. Tag Heuer Connected

Tagheur Connected Smartwatch
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Tag Heuer brings forth its technical ingenuity, the Tag Heuer Connected which is built with sapphire, touchscreen technology and titanium that makes the smartwatch weigh much lighter.

Tag Heuer Connected is built on the latest version of Google’s operating system Android Wear, which is designed for smartwatches and other wearables. Also the watch is compatible with iOS.

Not only this, after two years, you can get you watch upgraded for 1500 USD to a special edition Carrera which will be only available for TAG Heuer Connected owners.

The watch has an automatic 3-hands movement and resembles the design and materials the TAG Heuer Connected. This bulky beast costs around $1500.

4. Movado

Movado Smartwatch
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The Swiss watch maker Movado launched its new smartwatches in collaboration with Fullpower Technologies for its Swiss Motion line and with HP for its Bold motion collection.

The Movado Swiss watches are powered by Fullpower’s Motion 365 technology and come in two variants: Museum Sports watches for men and Bellina for women. These watches showcase fitness – related features such as steps tracking, sleep monitoring, sleep-cycle alarms and alerts in case you happen to sit for long at a place.

These watches are compatible with iOS 8 or later version and Android 4.4.3 or later versions of phones and tablets. On the other hand, the Movado Bold Motion watches are compatible with iOS 8 or later versions and Android 4.4 or later versions of phones and tablets.

The price of Movado Museum Sports Watch is ranges from $995 to $1,495 (depending on the features) and the price of Bellina Sports Watch ranges from $1,495 to $2,495 (depending upon the features). Whereas the Movado Bold Motion is priced at $695.

5. Breitling

Breitling Smartwatch
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A specialist in chronographs and technical watches, Breitling launched Exospace B55 Smartwatch that leverages the user-friendliness of a smartphone apart from showcasing a chronograph for which it is known.

Unlike Tag Heur’s Google Wear watch, it’s a chronograph with additional digital functions, which include making adjustments in your watch like setting time, alarms and display on the watch through your smartphone from a Breitling App.

Next, you can store, share and track events through the Breitling App in your smartphone as the data gets transferred to your phone you activate the pushers on your watch.

And finally, you can receive notifications for text messages, calendar appointments and other data from your phone on the digital display screens on your Breitling Exospace B55 watch.

The watch has a sturdy titanium case, a rotating bezel and a two tone rubber TwinPro strap which is available in three versions: blue on black, anthracite on black and gray on black. In India, the watch is available for Rs. 6, 04,240.

6. Mondaine

Mondaine Smartwatch
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Mondaine came up with its Limited Edition 1957 Helvetica 1 Smart watch which is both classic and contemporary. Classic because the watch just looks like a traditional mechanical watch and is a nod to the year 1957 when the font Helvetica was created.

Contemporary because Mondaine has placed smart technology in its collection that focuses on monitoring activity and sleep. The software that tracks activity and monitors sleep is none other than Motion X, the one that is use by Frederique Constant and Alpina.oid

The watch boasts of a 2+ year battery, which means that there is no need to charge the battery of the watch regularly. Motion X manages the communication between your watch and the device with which is connected via an app.

But in order to have that bi-directional communication, your device must run on Android 4.4 or iOS 8 and newer versions. The 44mm Mondaine Helvetica 1 Smart Watch, Limited Edition is priced at $950 and is available at .

7. Tissot

Tissot Smart-Touch Smartwatch
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Tissot includes another watch to its T-Touch family of watches and it is the all new Tissot Smart Touch. Smart Touch is more of a traditional watch which expands on its native functionality, such as alarm and calendar functions, barometer and altimeter sensors, analog minute and hour hands changing positions to act as a compass indicator and the like.

Tissot is trying to push two additional and interesting features to Tissot Smart Watch that would distinguish it from the rest of the smart watches. The first feature includes combining the compass feature of the T-Touch watch with navigation and other GPS features on the smartphone. This means the Smart Touch would give directions to help track a destination.

The second feature is a solar powered weather station that shows real time, local weather information. The Tissot Smart Touch is a proper smartwatch for a wider audience unlike its previous two smartwatches which were meant for a niche audience.

The watch will be released later this year and the estimated retail price would be around $1100 to $1200.

8. Bulgari

Bulgari Smartwatch
Photo Courtesy:

Bulgari came up with Bulgari Diagono Magnesium watch that is both technically advanced and incorporates high tech materials that are used aeronautical and automotive segments.

The center of the case is designed using Magnesium that is way stronger and lighter than aluminum and titanium. The bezel is designed using ceramic whereas the side brackets of the timepiece is crafted from an advanced polymer called PEEK, which is used in aviation and space technology to provide shock absorption and stability.

What else? The dial has a sandy grainy texture that is a result of Motor-lac, a coating which is normally used to protect engine components in cars.

But the component that makes Bulgari Diagono Magnesium a smart watch is the NFC chip that is embedded inside the case. This chip connects your watch with your smartphone or tablet through a Bulgari Vault App that stores and manages huge amounts of encrypted data on the cloud and communicates with other devices.

Since the data is encrypted, it does not get stored in your phone. So be it using your credit card or unlocking your house, the NFC chip facilitates all these activities. The watch is priced at $3900.

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Smartwatch Means Apple: Not Anymore!


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