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3 awesome Home Gym ideas to practice bodybuilding exercises

Travel less, burn more- is what the concept of home gym brings in. Bodybuilding has now become a necessity as it’s very important nowadays to stay fit. A survey states that the number of people especially for men, looking for bodybuilding tips online is on an exponential rise. The most interesting part about the ‘Health conscious GenY’ is that they want to look fit, rather than be fit. A spoof dialogue of a famous superhero movie goes like, “With great technology comes great laziness”- well jokes apart, people are converting a section of their homes into a gym. There are a plenty of reasons behind this like it may not be easy for someone to make regular trips to the gym, some gyms may cost you an arm and a leg, some may not have adequate space which you require, then there may be time clashes between your gym and your office or overcrowding may hinder the time you spent there, et al. There are endless reasons and alibis, it’s better to chuck them all and build one for yourself.

There are many ways to turn your home into a sprawling gym, one is simply put all the ferrous equipment into one corner, and lift them when you feel like. It’s neither organised nor it looks good. Another process is to take your time, think and plan out as to how your personalised home gym should look like.

There is no such thing as the perfect home gym, or it’s not necessary that you have to create a caricature of another’s style, but you can design your own by taking a bit of inspiration from others. It can be built anywhere, in your home, your terrace, your Garage, your basement or any other part of your home. Have a look at some of the ways in which you can create your own unique home gym:



If you have an empty basement or if your basement is not put to good use, then why not utilise it for your gymnasium. As they say, the most surprising things happen underground, all the more reason to set up your own gym at the base. Following are some points you should keep in mind before/while making one.

Determining the space

The first thing obviously which comes to mind is space. Now you have to calculate how big is your gym or how much space should be consumed for it. Spacing is very necessary as it determines what sort gym accessories should be required, which is our very next point.

Setting your gym priorities

Next, comes how you set up your gym. Are you more of a cardio freak or more obsessed with weights? The answer to this will set your priorities. Cardio exercises may take up more space than weights as it involves treadmills, exercise bikes, cross trainers, etc which will consume a whole lot of space and

belittle the space for weight training and lifting. Even in the case of bodybuilding, there are chest press, bench press, leg curls, triceps pull down machine, and others gym accessories which may equally consume a large portion of your area, therefore, choose what will benefit you better and then take a decision.

Breathe to Comfort

Your gym won’t be complete if it’s only filled with machines but no proper ventilation. Not only ventilation, other outfitting aspects as well like lighting, flooring, the walls, etc are equally important. These are actually the most important aspect otherwise, it will not be a healthy atmosphere to practice.


Since your gym is underneath ground level, ensuring proper ventilation is absolutely necessary. It’s something you should keep in mind before setting up your gym. If Air Conditioners are beyond your budget, consider the use overhead or ceiling fans as a fine replacement. It will keep the air well circulated.


While you workout in your gym, you maybe playing loud music to pump up your fitness regime which can cause a hindrance to the neighbours or people living upstairs so it’s better to add walls to your basement. Another important aspect is to hang big mirrors on the wall where you can see your whole body in one go. This will help you in doing the exercises properly as you can always check your positions during weight training to avoid any kind of injury.


Have a concrete floor can be helpful as it can bear the weight of the heavy machinery and the dumbbells, but the sudden release of a dumbbell on the floor after you complete a set will create a loud noise and also damage your floor, so you must provide rubber padding over the entire floor and harness it. This is one of the easiest and the safest tips for flooring.


Having enough lights on your gym does help always, as a ‘well-lit room helps you focus more’ according to experts. Your postures during your exercises should be checked thoroughly with the help of mirrors, but even for that you need proper lighting. Consider having lights fixed at the ceiling and also floor lamps in equal proportions. So, let your bulging biceps shine in the light as you pose for some gym selfies near the mirror.

Brighter visuals for positivity

What’s the point of having a gym in the basement with dark dingy colours serving as your background? The point is having bright colours always brings in positivity and motivation while working out. Orange or neon colours will add a lot of energy to your workouts or if you are the type of a person who’ll take out a Yoga Mat and perform Asanas or other exercises, then the blue-green or maroonish background is what your gym deserves for a calming effect.

These were some easy and basic ideas for a home gym in the basement, which will vitalize your fitness levels and you can easily carry on your muscle building process without any wreck.



You  might’ve learnt a lot about bodybuilding exercises or have taken inspiration from various fitness books and videos online, but may not have the idea about recreating your garage space into a gym. There is no other fun in working out in your own garage like a Boss. It’s quite intimidating as a garage in general cases may not be as big as your basement, but it still can serve as an edgy area for training sessions. Now, how do you make it, depends totally on you. Let us see some facts which may help you gain those ripping muscles in your garage:

Free your garage from everything else

Free your garage space from anything else other than gymming. It’s true that garage may not be clean initially when you empty it to build your gym, so it’s advisable that a bit of proper cleanliness should be done before you move your gym arsenals.

The equipment you need

Even moving in and placing those heavy machinery is a herculean task. Now, you have realize that since the place is quite limited, you can’t equate it with a proper gym so if you’re moving in treadmills, exercise bikes, then it will block the space for muscle building rigs. Now there are three types of equipment viz. Cardiovascular, Compound exercise (those help in building more than muscle areas) and free weights:


Your preference should be cardiovascular accessories if you’re sole purpose is to lose weight. The machines which you should have should be treadmill, elliptical or cross trainers, exercise bikes, skipping ropes which should leave ample space for you to place for you to do freeh and and aerobic exercises or even yoga.

Compound exercises

This gets you in your beast mode and gain strength in all areas of your body. The choices you should be making according to your garage size are Bench Press, Deadlifts, Overhead Press, Squat Rack, Leg Curls, Rowing Machines, Gym Balls and Medicine balls which will no doubt help you become fitter easily day by day. Some equipment are even sold for garage friendly purpose nowadays so that should be like an open season for you.

Free Weights

If your primary focus is to get those bulging biceps, then free weights should be your primary choice. Dumbbells, barbells, bumper plates of different weights and materials should occupy your room. Weights can also help you shed some kilos and get in shape as a result providing a dual benefits.

Note: Even though you decide what your preferences are, you should have the following things as they help in various purposes of maintaining a fit body and also safety

  • Plyometric Boxes
  • Medicine Balls
  • Yoga Mats
  • Parallettes
  • Power Rack

Floor plan

As we mentioned earlier that you need rubber flooring for your basement, this might not be  a requirement for your garage as they are made on concrete floors which are actually good for your accessories as there isn’t any fear of damaging either. You can use rubber tiles to avoid scratches to the equipment especially the weightlifting ones.

Visually Fantastic

Apart from full sized mirrors, you should provide the mundane walls of your garage a feisty look. Use some cool graphics like workout posters, graffiti art, motivational quotes, so that whenever you enter, your walls should give you the ‘workout adrenaline rush’.

The aforementioned ideas will help you create your own personalised gym if followed precisely and correctly. So sweat it out with peppy music and a minimalist environment which will lead to a fitter life.



‘How do I move the equipment on top’? We all obviously know the answer to this question but still asking becomes necessary- #FirstWorldProblems. You have prepared a body building diet plan or bodybuilding diet chart but may never have planned to build a gym on the terrace. It’s not that difficult, all you need to do is follow a few steps and *DING* your Terrace gym will be ready.

Height issues

The problems which you may face on a terrace or an attic is the height. Huge equipment which you use for shoulder exercises or squat racks may prove to be a hindrance for the environment, so first be aware of the dimensions of the place.

Ambient place

Your terrace/attic may have open sides or  maybe totally walled; if it’s the latter, then you need good music to be in a rhythmic mood. If it’s open from any sides then the surrounding ambience will serve as an energizer, but if it’s up, close and locked then good music and good vibes are all you want.

All about the machines

Fresh new machines and their smell is something which is totally irresistible, but you at times have to think about the cost as the cost of buying and installing heavy new machinery that too at such a height can cost a fair share of your wealth but you can always look up for shops dealing in second-hand gym equipment which provide the same branded gym instruments at a much-reduced cost. This will save money and your gym look equally fantastic.

Smooth Floor

Since your terrace is on the rooftop, there are mighty chances that your floor may be made up tiles which is a disaster for any gym. Try to build a wooden floor, it reduces sound and is made up of hard wood which isn’t easily destroy-able. We again recommend rubber layering which is always safe for any kind of floor.

There it goes, these 3 were the places where you can build your own gym and let your guns be fully loaded. It’s necessary that apart from gym maintaining a good health, follow a proper diet, have bodybuilding supplements and bodybuilding foods in adequate amounts, wear proper sports shoes and a healthy, stress-free life and a positive mind are factors that lead to a successful life. Stay fit, work like a beast and become fit like a king.

We hope you liked the ideas mentioned and now already have made plans to build your own gymnasiums. If you have any further awesome ideas and crazy concepts, put them all in the comments section below.

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3 awesome Home Gym ideas to practice bodybuilding exercises


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