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How to Master the Art of Choosing the Best Badminton Racket

‘I love winning more than I love playing Badminton. Winning is everything’ are the famous words spoken by Indian ace shuttler Saina Nehwal. You should always have the winning factor in yourself whenever you play any sport. Badminton is one of those sports which involve the use of both hands and feet. To get the winner’s instinct within yourself you need to have the best Badminton rackets with you. But there is a problem mostly with beginners or non-regular badminton players of selecting the proper gears required for badminton games especially the racket. The racket is the most important instrument of the game. Yes, it’s is a true fact that proper sports gear, shuttlecock, net, etc is necessary but the racket is the most integral part of the game. Buy Badminton rackets that are best for you so that you can smash your way to glory. Some leading ones include Yonex Badminton rackets, Cosco Badminton rackets, Wilson rackets, Silver Pro, etc. But if you’re a beginner and still not out of your novice stage, let us help you in choosing the most formidable racket for you.

1- Knowing the Racket

Yonex Badminton rackets

The first step is to recognize the parts of a racket. As a normal person you might feel what’s the need of knowing the parts of a badminton racket, but once you start playing you will realize the importance for the same. It will help you in improving your judging skills. To get a better hold of it, you first should know what each part of the racket is called.
The entire body of the racket is called Frame. The place where you hold the racket is called the Handle and from where you hit the shuttlecock is called the Head which consists of Strings. The arrangement of strings on the Head is called the String Bed. Between the Head and the Handle lies the Shaft and the Throat which also join the two.

2- Checking the Weight

best Badminton racket

To get the best Badminton racket for yourself, you must ensure that the weight is in accordance with your requirements. It is advisable that a racket ranging from 80-90 grams is ideal for beginners as it’s neither too light nor too heavy and will be perfect for you to adjust while you are playing. It enhances your controlling power and helps you to juice up the game.

3- Balance Gain

Head-Heavy rackets

Many players go for heavier rackets with higher balance points. This means that the rackets are heavier from the head area. These are called Head-Heavy rackets. Such rackets are meant for powerful shots and smashes but require plenteous control.

Head-Light rackets

Another option will be Head-Light rackets which have lesser mass which makes it easier for you to swing the racket and master your game. If your reflexes are quick enough, then this racket is perfectly suitable for you. Although you won’t be able to smash hard as compared to the Head-Heavy ones, but it will still help you in mastering the game.

Both the types are appropriate as they’re both handy in their own respective areas. It’s a game of ‘Power vs Control’

4- Ensuring the String Tension is up to the Mark

badminto terrible fashion

You might’ve seen in many rackets that after some days or weeks, the strings are worn out in terrible fashion and it’s usability is wrecked. String tension is one of the essential qualities of the racket and to ensure it’s tension, you must follow this one handy (literally) trick. Press your palm against the string bed firmly for a moment and check how far does it sink. If it goes up to your beyond 1 millimetres, the string tension of the racket is ideal.
Pro Tip: For starters and intermediate players, a string tension ranging between 15-25lbs will be accurate.

5- Gripping to Perfection

The grip is everything. Whenever you play with a badminton racket, make sure the grip size of the racket’s handle is suitable as per the size of your hand. If it’s too big for your hand, then it will hamper your game play and if too small then the overall weight of the racket will also be light which may help you enjoy the best of the game. Bigger badminton grips are meant for those who want a tighter hold of the handle and thinner grips are meant to generate agility.

Types of Grips:
There are basically two types of grips-

a) Towel Grips: They are soft grips, which are known for their sweat-absorbing abilities. Towel grips are replaced over a period of time after being worn out.

types of grips- Towel Grips1

b) Synthetic grips: In comparison to Towel grips, synthetic grips are less messier, but due to their low absorption capability, they are less comfortable than the former.

types of grips- Synthetic grips

6- A Flexible Fit

Flexible racket

Flexibility is an important criterion while determining the type of racket you choose. We aren’t saying that it has to be as flexible as an ‘Airbender’, but you must see that you are comfortable playing with it. Well, there are two types of Shafts, first being the flexible shaft which can bend either way, the other is the stiff shaft which is hard, rigid and can barely bend.
The Flexible racket has a good repulsion as the it slightly bends backwards when you swing it. The shot placement of the racket is not so accurate in comparison to those with a stiff shaft as due to its bending abilities the accuracy level of the racket when it hits the shuttlecock gets lowered. It’s actually a good bet for stroke making, defence smashing or lobbing the shuttlecock. If you’re a beginner, then this the type of racket you would need to build a rock-solid foundation.
The Stiff Racket is basically meant for crackerjacks who have already mastered the game competently. It requires extremely swift and brisk movements of the wrists and is helps you in extremely fast attacking and aggressive net kills for which you need lots of expertise and years of practice.
Before buying any racket, you must revise the aforementioned points as that will actually help you in nurturing your judgemental skills and make you a meticulous observer while choosing any kind of sports equipment. Badminton is a very fast-paced sport which in comparison to many other sports requires a lot of concentration and speed. So fasten your laces, pull up your socks and get set for cranky game of whacking the shuttlecock.

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How to Master the Art of Choosing the Best Badminton Racket


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