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Top 8 Homemade ways to keep your white sports shoes squeaky clean this monsoon

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White Shoes- That feeling you get when you buy a pair of dazzling, voguish pair of bright white shoes. Nothing seems brighter than that, not even the sun. But, they say maintaining a pair of white shoes is equivalent to petting an elephant, especially for men as they’re too lazy to clean up their shoes unless during special occasions. Imagine you purchase a pair of white sneakers or a fine pair of white sports shoes but after a few days of use, you’ll see that the white has faded away.

Well, this is actually true for the fact that white shoes do not remain white due to the exorbitant amount of pollution existing in the cities and with the monsoon season’s homecoming, your shoes won’t be spared. It doesn’t take time for your white shoes to turn pale and yellowish thanks to the dust. It’s deemed that white shoe cleansing isn’t that easy but many aren’t aware of the proper techniques to maintain the shine which prevents them from purchasing the all white.

If you’re a fitness freak, then you must be having the best of sports shoes or running shoes, but may not have purchased white shoes because of the aforementioned notions, but we recommend that you buy those swanky white coloured sports and follow these simple steps to maintain it’s white-bright shine:

1) Prevention is better than cure: Avoid direct exposure to the sun

Avoid direct exposure to the sun

‘Let there be darkness’ should be your motto while storing the shoes in your home. Direct exposures to the sun for long hours can cause discolouration of your shoes as it will expose it directly to UV Rays which also has the potential to damage them. Moreover, direct exposure to heat will attract a huge amount of dust to pile up on your shoes giving you exert extra pressure to wipe and clean off the air particles.

2) Conditioning for a resolute condition

Conditioning for a resolute condition

Once in a while conditioning your shoes is mandatory, especially if you have white shoes, after all, they are your prized possessions, you must keep them safe. Leather shoes can be maintained quite neatly if conditioned well. Following are a few steps you can follow for a good conditioning:

  • Use a leather conditioner which is usable for leather shoes keeping it smooth.
  • Avoid using synthetic conditioners, instead go for the natural ones that the leather material will absorb.
  • With a thin fibrecloth rub the entire shoes and leave it isolated for some time.

3) Scrubbing to perfection

Scrubbing to perfection

Suppose you’re wearing white casual shoes and have gone to an eatery and THWACK! You drop an ingredient on your beloved whites, which leaves it’s impression on it like, forever. Stains like these do not disappear easily (for example oil stains or mud stains), but do not panic, shampoos are to the rescue. Use your natural hair shampoo for cleaning the stain marks and wipe it gently using warm water and a cloth. There will be hardly any chance for even a single blot to remain.

4) The art of using the toothbrush

The art of using the toothbrush

In order to keep the shoes’ white colour intact, you ought to use the toothpaste and the toothbrush. Use an old toothbrush and apply some amount of toothpaste on the brush and rub the areas which have become dull and lost its shine. Scrubbing gently is the key. You can also use some soap with lukewarm water instead.

Urban hack: Finding/storing old toothbrushes is an equally daunting task. You can buy a toothpaste dispenser which not only holds your toothbrushes separately but will also automatically apply the paste on its bristles when you insert your brush inside. An ingenious choice for all those who aren’t comfortable doing it manually.

5) Petroleum Jelly is all you need

Petroleum Jelly is all you need

Vaseline, which is an extract of petroleum jelly is not only good for your skin but also for your shoes. All you need is a moist cloth to gently smear and rub Vaseline in the desired areas. Let the shoe stay at rest for a while. After some time, wipe off the jelly with the help of a clean cloth. You won’t be able to believe the magical glow that your eyes will experience.

6) The one you should never ignore- Laces!

The one you should never ignore- Laces!

While keeping with the shine and all, quite often do men forget to take care of the laces. It’s understood that brilliant white shoes for men looks damn attractive but if your laces are dirty, your feet will be bound to get all the unnecessary/unwanted attractions from onlookers. Therefore it’s quite likely that you must give equal importance to the shoelaces as well. Soak your shoes in the detergent and warm water or put them inside the washing machine during laundry time will definitely help them staying absolutely clean.

Wise man’s hack: Even if your shoes aren’t that clean but your laces are, it will make your sports shoes look neat and dandy. Remember, good laces make your shoes look even better.

7) Say a big NO to washing machines

Say a big NO to washing machines

Washing machines is one of the most wonderful and ingenious creations by man but there are certain limitations to it. Some things aren’t just made for it and your sports shoes are exactly that. The hard and rough washing techniques of the machine will damage your sports shoes rather than doing any good. Hands-on yet remains the best choice. After all, it’s your shoes, only you can deal with it.

8) Wear- Dirty- Bleach- Repeat

Wear- Dirty- Bleach- Repeat

If you are a sports brand lover and own shoes like Adidas shoes, Puma shoes, Nike shoes, etc, and mostly if they are white, its obvious that you have to put the extra effort to maintain its neatness. Bleaching can be a very effective manner of cleaning the dirt of your ‘whitey-whites’. Yes, we understand that indeed it can be a laborious task but you do not actually have to follow the standards of a regular bleach (just kidding, there isn’t any), but you do have to dilute the bleach solution, then dip a brush into it to scrub it. The reason for this is, if the solution isn’t diluted well, then the possibility that your precious shoes may form a yellow layering is very high.

Tech-ing it easy: If the above point seemed too much for you, then you can use a bleach pen to remove the rigid spots from your shoes.

Since the Rain Gods have opened their arms to shower us with the best of monsoon, it’s an Open Season for all Football fans to play their heart out, especially in a zealous country like ours. Now since you are well aware about how to keep your shining armours dazzling bright, do not fear to kick, splash and jump in the wet grass or muddy puddles. Enjoying the game is more important. Period.

Did you find these tricks useful? Do you think there can be other home-made or DIY techniques that you can suggest? Do elaborate in the Comments Box down under.

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Top 8 Homemade ways to keep your white sports shoes squeaky clean this monsoon


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