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For a Lady, her big day implies the amalgamation of every one of her deepest desires, start of another phase of life, where she certainly aspires to look great on the big sought after day. As a person who is transitioning into a life changing obscure space, a totally new part, she needs to look awesome on her wedding day. It should make her vibe great about herself and summon certainty to take her new life on. The term ‘Solah Shringaar’ truly converts into sixteen enhancements that have been characterized by the Hindu sacred texts as sixteen required parts of a lady’s gathering. Each of these embellishments is accepted to improve the young lady’s excellence and build up her in this Goddess-like quality. Hindu writing is loaded with cases of artists and authors valuing ladies’ excellence, after them having decorated themselves with these compulsory enhancements.

The ‘solah singar’ is a delightful and phenomenal custom innately bestowed upon an Indian woman by the virtue of her birth. On this big day, her gratification comprises of sixteen body parts, covering from head to toe. Marriage denotes the start of a young lady’s voyage into womanhood, thus her female companions and relatives set up her for this extraordinary event.
So, get abreast of all the quintessential solah shringar that a soon-to-be bride must take note of:



Bindi signifies a shaded spot that ladies wear at the focal point of their brow. Red is the favored shading if there should be an occurrence of a wedding, however can be traded for different hues keeping in a state of harmony with the wedding dress. The bindi means fortunes and thriving for Hindu ladies. For wedding the bindi is explained facilitate with expansion of dabs and vine themes alongside the eyebrow, with incorporation of different hues or out and out kumkum and sandalwood glue.



It is a red-shaded powder that is connected on the separating of the hair. It is standard that sindoor is connected to the lady of the hour’s brow by her significant other surprisingly. This custom of use of Sindoor singles out wedded ladies from unmarried ones, and maintenance of the sindoor is viewed as favorable for the prosperity of the spouse.



A nose ring is Worn through the left nostril by wedded Hindu ladies on wedding and different propitious events. It is maybe a standout amongst the most ethnic Indian adornments, worn through a puncturing in the nostril. It is for the most part made out of gold and silver, as large as a bangle or as little as a nose stick, with valuable stones studded and by and large having a chain on one side associating it to the hair behind the ear. The Maharashtrians wear an unmistakable style of nose pins known as ‘guchhedar nath’ made of little pearl dabs alongside beautiful stones.

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A dark color made out of ash from the diya or coal fire and blended with oil, is for the most part connected to the eyes. It is connected to line both the upper and lower eyelash lines. It makes the eyes look additionally luring, by giving it a characterizing shape and a clue of riddle.



The Mang Tika is the primary bit of adornments that goes on the lady of the hour’s body. It is connected to the separating of the hair, a tie is appended to the hair and a round or oval decorated part stretches out to the temple. It might be made of gold or silver, studded with valuable stones. The Borla is a likeness Mang Tika for Rajasthani ladies while the Maharashtrians wear Mandoria.


Appealing earrings are an imperative piece of marriage clothing types. These are for the most part made of Gold, and are normally supplementing the jewelry worn. Prominent styles embraced are Jhumkas, Chandbalis, and danglers. Some likewise incorporate Kaan Phools, expound ear-sleeves, while some simply incorporate basic Kaan-chains. Precious stone, Kundan and Meenakri are well known plan decisions for studs as of now.



The Haar or the Necklace is most likely the centerpiece of the entire wedding outfit. Indian ladies by and large wear more than one neckband on their big day, ideally in layers. There are a few sorts of pieces of jewelry, for example, basic gold chains, short or long, Chokers, Haars or long expand embellishing neckbands that are generally made of gold and frequently set with valuable stones. Kundan, Filigree, Meenakari and Jadau are sorts of frivolity Indian gem dealers do on accessories. Another prime bit of gems to be worn around the neck for Indian wedded ladies is the Mangalsutra. Made of dark globules alongside a gold centerpiece, frequently studded with precious stones, it is worn by Indian ladies as a token of adoration from their spouses.

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Mehendi or henna is the specialty of applying the glue of an indigenous herb in expounds plans on the hands and feet of the lady of the hour which grants a dark red shading. The extravagance of the shading has huge criticalness in Indian culture as it symbolizes good fortune, thriving and fruitfulness. It is said that if the shading is more profound, the lady of the hour will be valued and adored by her in-laws. It is standard to incorporate the prepare’s initials in the mehendi plans and as a post-wedding custom the prep needs to scan for it on the lady of the hour’s painted hands.



The bajuband or Armband is a decoration to be worn on the upper arms. It is more typical among Rajasthani and South Indian ladies. It is regularly made of gold, once in a while with silver, embellished with valuable stones.



Bangles are established decorations going with the marriage clothing. Bangles made of Gold, Silver, glass and lac cover the lady of the hour’s arms. The lady of the hour wears bangles to connote flourishing of the family. Bengali ladies wear Shankha Pola and Loha, beagles made of Shell, Lac and Iron to pass on their wedded status. Ladies from Punjab wear Chudas, red and white bangles made of ivory and decorated with semi-valuable stones, to symbolize their wedded statuses. Kalire is another hand decoration worn by Punjabi and Rajasthani ladies.



These are a sort of gems intended to be worn by the lady of the hour in her grasp. Four or five rings are worn on the fingers from which chains develop joining them with a focal theme which further is associated with an arm jewelery by another chain. These are regularly made of gold and studded with Kundan work or valuable stones. Aarsi alludes to a unique sort of thumb ring studded with a mirror, so that the lady may get a look at her prep in it.



This is for the most part a straight forward or expand decoration implied for the lady of the hour to wear around her midsection. This stresses thinness of her midriff and enhances her general figure.



These are standard for wedded lady to wear and in some culture skilled by mother-in-laws to the daughter-in-law. It is said to upgrade fruitfulness in wedded ladies. It is frequently made of silver for an indistinguishable reason from the payal.



These are hair enhancements that the ladies wears along her meshes or appends with her bun alongside the blooms. These shape a fundamental piece of her makeover. For the most part white blooms like Jasmin and Bel are favored decorations; however different blossoms like marigold and roses may likewise be utilized.



The lady of the hour is frequently soaked in perfumeries like Itar in long time past days to make her scent great all through the wedding custom. The fragrances is said to mollusk her nerves down and add another measurement to her entire get up.



These are chains that are worn around the lower legs, frequently joined with a cluster of ringing dabs. It might be a slim chain or it might be thick multi-layered plan. It is by and large made of silver as wearing gold on your feet is thought to be foreboding.

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