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The 10 Best Things In Our Tech & Leisure Section In 2017

Ever since James Bond stepped into Q’s lair to get some new crazy toys, we’ve always been thrilled to see what inventions each new year will bring. 2017 hasn’t been the easiest year for us, but we’ve found joy and excitement is some of the tech and leisure goodies featured on Luxatic over the last 12 months. So here are the top 10 products we enjoyed the most this year.

10. ORA GQ headphones


Graphene is considered one of the world’s most incredible materials right now, and it has inspired this world first as well – a set of cool headphones, made from this amazing material. Durable and lightweight, the ORA GQ headphones have been designed by a Canadian startup that aims to push the limits of loudspeakers further than ever.

Acoustically optimized to produce the smoothest, most extended frequency response, these amazing headphones will easily make you forget about loudspeakers. Wooden ear cups provide excellent isolation from outside noise, while a gesture-controlled trackpad and wireless connectivity make it obvious that these headphones are a stylish and powerful example of 21st century innovation.

9. Azio Posh Retro Classic Keyboard

Azio Posh Retro Classic Keyboard

We’re all looking towards the future, but we always remember the good old days. Azio’s Posh Retro Classic Keyboard has been specially designed to keep our vintage muscles going, as this luxurious mechanical keyboard was inspired by century-old typewriters. Elegant and packing Bluetooth capabilities, this keyboard features a stunning copper exterior and comes in three styles – Onyx, Posh, and Artisan.

Forged from a beautiful zinc-aluminum alloy, the frame has been polished and plated to show off a cool satin copper finish, alongside a stylish leather top plate and backlight LEDs that will the darkness away.

8. Loewe Bild X TV

Loewe Bild X

The Loewe Bild X is a stunning concept TV, designed to be both ultra-thin and slightly flexible, thanks to the use of a special OLED technology. The brilliant designers from this renowned German electronics brand went all out and imagined an ultra-thin display for this TV, suspended within a thin, gold metal frame.

That’s pretty cool, right? Furthermore, the frame and television can be mounted on the wall or held up on a stone platform, with matching speaker options being currently under development. We’d sure love to have one of these luxurious TVs in our living room.

7. Grand Prix Parabolica Turntable

Grand Prix Parabolica Turntable<

Direct-drive turntables have been gaining popularity in these last couple of years and analog audiophiles prefer them instead of the modern belt-driven systems. That’s exactly what the Colorado-based hi-fi brand Grand Prix Audio was counting on, when they introduced the lovely Parabolica, a stunning belt-driven turntable that displays a distinctive carbon fiber exterior.

Yes, we’re looking a carbon fiber monocoque design right now, with a 13-pound aluminum platter and a brushless DC motor – all working together to offer you stunning looks and crystal clear sounds. Priced at $16,500, the Grand Prix Parabolica is not for everyone.

6. BUBEN & ZORWEG’s Illusion Luxury Safes

BUBEN & ZORWEG Illusion Luxury Safes

BUBEN&ZORWEG makes some of the world’s most incredible safes – there’s no question about it. So.. whenever the renowned Austrian company decides to unveil some new products, it’s a good thing to pay attention. Unveiled a few months ago, the all new Illusion safes were specially designed to store small valuables like luxury watches, jewelry, and more.

All versions come with a massive steel body and a fingerprint scanner or a transponder method to keep your precious valuables safe and sound. With exteriors covered in premium Nappa leather and Alcantara, the Illusion, Illusion Deluxe, Grande Illusion and Grande Illusion Deluxe will also prove to be the focal point or any room.

5. Hasselblad X1D Field Kit

Hasselblad X1D Field Kit

The high-end Swedish camera brand Hasselblad was probably thinking about adventurous people and their needs earlier this year, when they released this impressive field kit. Simply called the Hasselblad X1D Field Kit, this is a complete solution, specially designed to allow cameras a comfortable life in a more rugged setting.

Set to cost a cool $17,495, the all-in-one camera package is built around the company’s impressive X1D, packing a 50-megapixel CMOS sensor and bragging about an extended ISO range of up to 25,600. Just what you need for landscape and nature photography.

4. Montblanc’s Marco Polo Limited Edition Pen

Montblanc Marco Polo Limited Edition

The legendary Marco Polo was born back in 1254 and spent 24 years away from his native Venice on an epic journey across Asia. This year, the fearless adventurer was honored by the brilliant designers from Montblanc, who decided to create one of their most elaborate writing instruments to date.

The Marco Polo Limited Edition pen shows off a bejeweled design, inspired by the years when the well-known adventurer was trading precious stones while serving the great Khan. Dark red rubies and cognac tone diamonds, as well as a diamond-set world map inspired by Marco Polo’s travels are all part of this pen’s outrageous appeal.

3. MB&F’s Nixie Machine II

Camping Pod Concept

Maximilian Busser and Friends, or simply MB&F, is a Swiss luxury watch brand that’s immediately associated with breathtaking and totally unique designs. Today we’ll focus on the company’s Nixie Machine, an incredible desk clock with retro vibes that seems almost too good to be true. Luckily for us, this year we’ve seen a new iteration of this beauty, that’s even more impressive.

The second Nixie Machine features a stunning steel base and benefits from new tubes, created from scratch by Czech engineer Dalibor Farny. It packs a Wi-Fi enabled controller that keeps the clock connected to the internet, which means you’ll never be late again – well, only 12 people will have that privilege, since this mesmerizing contraption will be produced in a super limited run.

2. Camping Pod Concept

Camping Pod Concept

I love the great outdoors: discovering new places, camping, walking in the woods, and so on. Times have changed, though, and some people want a completely different camping experience. These days it’s all about keeping it luxurious and outrageous, which is where this stunning Camping Pod Concept comes in.

A company called Anomaly has recently joined forces with Fabian Mazzola of Bitlens Studio to imagine this luxurious camping pod, which promises a pampering experience, right in the heart of nature.

On the inside, you will find a completely functional living space, alongside a modern kitchen, a small bedroom, and bathroom – now that’s pretty cool, right? Self-sustainable and clad in weather-sealed material, this sounds like the proper way to go camping.

1. C Seed 262 4K TV

c seed 262

The world’s largest 4K widescreen TV, the C Seed 262, features a massive diagonal length of 262 inches (6.65 m), with a width of 20.16 ft (6.14m) and a height of 8.44 ft (2.57m). This huge TV is packing a 4K LED TV display, with black LED technology and ultra-high-definition technology, plus a dynamic picture and a color spectrum that’s far beyond what you’ve ever imagined.

An integrated 4K media server and six integrated high-end speakers will surely help you appreciate movie premieres at home, while a motorized custom fabric cover folds away at the push of a button to reveal this state-of-the-art marvel. It will cost you a pretty penny, though.

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The 10 Best Things In Our Tech & Leisure Section In 2017


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