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13 Cultural Recipes From Around The World

You’ve tried pastas and pizza, but what about the Italian Suppli? Our of our goals as foodies is to try a little bit of everything, including things that aren’t just your mom’s home made dishes (not that it’s not yummy!). We get excited to extend our palette into cuisines from different cultures, which is why we’re providing you with a list of 13 culturally-unique dishes from 13 different countries around the world!

Have you heard of any of these dishes? Instead of going out to restaurants where you never know what you’re getting, try a hand at these recipes yourself. You will experience the culture without having to leave the comfort of your own home.

We promise you they will all be amazing. Even if you don’t make all of them, at least let your eyes have a feast! These Cultural Recipes will surprise you as well as delight you.



Let’s start with a dessert! Lamingtons are an Australian dessert which consists of layers of sponge cake with layers of chocolate and coconut on the outside. Inside is usually a cream and/or cherry filling. Yum!



Ohh if you’ve ever visited Canada before, you would know that their poutines (fries, Cheese curds and gravy) are mouth watering (well, it would be since it’s their specialty). Here we have a special home made recipe for Canadian poutine. Click here for more mouth watering pictures of poutine and how the Canadians do it best.

peking duck

Peking Duck

The elusive Chinese Peking Duck, though incredibly hard to replicate, has a LONG history of 1000+ years. If done well, it is extremely crispy on the outside, soft on the inside, and fattening. If you’re up for a challenge, try your hand at making your own Peking duck (be warned: it will take a long time).

fish n chips

Fish n Chips

Fish n Chips is probably one of the best and more official foods of England. It consists of battered haddock, or cod in a deep fried batter and served with a tartar sauce. You’ve probably tried fast food versions of this (ahem, filet-o-fish) but what about doing a real authentic version of the classic fish n chips?



This delicious looking thing is a Greek specialty which typically consists of a baked pasta, cheese, and beef. It’s similar to a lasagna but a lot more meatier. It’s not hard to cook either, which is a definite plus if you want to try something different.

chicken biryani


The Indian Biryani is a mixed rish dish filled with a meaty of some kind (for this recipe, it’s chicken) and a lot of mixed herbs and butter. It also used a special kind of long grained rice. It is usually served at special events, so you can understand why it’s so special to make!

Ghormeh Sabzi

Gormeh Sabzi

You’ve probably never heard of this one before, but the Gormeh Sabzi is a Iranian vegetable stew (the two words literally mean stewed greens). It’s usually made with a bunch of herbs and vegetables mixed with beans and meat. Okay, so it may not look as appetizing but we ASSURE you that the Iranians are proud of this dish and it will taste great.



Ah, Italy is known for its many dishes, but have you tried their suppli? Looking as appetizing as it really is, this ball is a mixture of risotto rice, tomato sauce, and mozzarella cheese. It’s coated in an egg batter and breadcrumbs and deep fried. It’s a great appetizer dish to impress your friends with.



You’ve heard of the tacos, the burritos, but what about the real Mexican dish — the enmoladas? It’s basically an enchiladas (a corn tortilla wrap that has meat, cheese, and beats) with mole sauce on top. You haven’t experienced real Mexican cuisine if you haven’t tried their mole sauce!



You’ve probably tried pierogi before — dumplings that are usually stuffed with potatoes, cheese, or meat. But have you tried your hand at making them? The frozen bag of pierogi at Walmart doesn’t count.



Mmm, this gooey, soft mushy recipe is actually mini soft dumplings with melted cheese on top. The dish doesn’t take very long and it’s almost the same process as making regular dumplings. If this looks appetizing to you, we urge you to try this classic Slovakian dish!


The Netherlands

Coming straight from the Netherlands is another dessert we would love to try. They’ve been around since the 18th century and they are called stroopwafels. The word means “syrup waffles” in English so you can guess what’s in them. The middle is usually made with a caramel syrup and the outside is made of a stiff flour dough. You will probably need a waffle iron for this, but if you end up making it it will be worth the effort.

banh xue

Ban Xeo

We all know the pho, and the banh mi, but where’s the love for the delicious ban xeo? Many Vietnamese people claim this is their favorite dish above everything else, and they have good reason to. The ban xeo is a “sizzling cake” made with a crispy fried pancake batter, usually with a stuffing of shrimp, bean sprouts, green onions, and pork. Yum!


Tell us…

What’s your own cultural recipe (from your own country)?

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13 Cultural Recipes From Around The World


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