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Don’t Hog The Candy: How To Have a Healthy Halloween

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Halloween is coming up and we’re know what you’re thinking. Much like a lot of the big holidays — Christmas, Thanksgiving, and New Years, Halloween can be a time where you divulge into your cravings. Yes, Candy and chips may come for free this time of the money, but let your kid or your siblings’ candy be your treat. You should watch over your kids as well — because we know that both doctors and dentists will have to deal with a lot of stomachaches and toothaches this day.

Now — a healthy Halloween? Does that even exist? We know it can, and if you’re on the lookout for your weight, then you probably should follow these few healthy tips that can get you through:

Portion control the candy

Whether you’re buying the candy, or if your kids are receiving free ones, the number one thing to remember is portion control. The word can be daunting to them and they may make a fuss, but it’s certainly better than getting diabetes.

How do you know if it’s enough? Generally you should not let a kid have more than 10-20 pieces of candy a day. That may already be pushing it. Try to give them some tasks they can do throughout the day so they can “earn” more candy if they want to.

A few parents say that the “best way to let kids learn how much they should eat is to let them have all they want, and have them learn from their consequences.” This could work if you watch over them carefully and make sure that if something does happen, bring them to a doctor and make sure to take over from there on. If they have a stomachache and they don’t realize that it’s from eating all the candy — there’s no lesson in that.

Cook healthy food during the week

If you can’t help but give in to you or your kids’ cravings, be sure to make up for this indulgence in other ways. Cook healthy meals for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Try to avoid too many carbohydrates in your meals because you’re probably going to be getting a lot from all that candy and stuff from parties.

For your kids: give them an alternative, to either eat the healthy food and be able to eat more candy, or to cut down on their candy and to have a “unhealthy” meal.

Limit the alcohol intake

For those that have their own parties to go to: try not to add on to the calories with beer and alcohol. They end up being empty calories that just convert into fat. If you want to have a good time, try to go for the straight up shots of alcohol and wine instead of the fruity, girly drinks. Even beer should be avoided (haven’t you heard of a “beer belly”)? The only exception is light beer.

For a more detailed description of what you should drink (that are good in calories), here’s a list of 10 of the least calorie drinks.

Practice good dental hygiene

Besides eating healthy and preventing obesity, the second most important thing you should worry about is dental hygiene. Don’t eat sweets and then not brush your teeth before bed.

Another no: Do not eat sweets 30 minutes before bed AND brush your teeth. Apparently if you brush your teeth too soon after eating something too acidic, you will damage the softened enamel even more. Wait at least 30 minutes before brushing your teeth after you eat something too acidic.

The worst type of candy for your teeth are hard/sticky candy that cling to your teeth. The ones that you have to suck on or hold in your mouth for a long time in order to swallow. The best kinds of candy are chocolate bars, or ones that you can bite and swallow right away.

Remember: Keep everything in proportion or else you/your kids will not be the ones happy the next time you go to the dentist for cavities.

For some good dental hygiene tips, check out this handy infographic on brushing your teeth!

Afraid of poisoned/laced candy?

Sometimes we hear stuff on the news that warn us about stuff like how “Denver Police Warn Parents About Pot-Laced Candy During Halloween“. These sources are probably credible, as in the history police have confiscated some batches of candy laced with THC, but we cannot say that the goal was to “get kids high off of them” as everyone presumes.

The drugs are most likely sold for profit (as they are worth quite a lot in the black market). Why would drug dealers give out thousands of dollars for free to kids? There’s not much a chance of your kids obtaining them as much as there is a chance of someone giving them out on the side of the street any other given day.

But yes, there is the chance that candy may contain rat poison or other devious things that truly hardened criminals have concocted. As a parent, or for yourself, you should always check and double check the candy that you get from Halloween and make sure that everything is wrapped and not tampered with. Do not give your kids the homemade candy that someone handed out from who knows where.

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How do you stay healthy during Halloween?

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Don’t Hog The Candy: How To Have a Healthy Halloween


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