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7 Useful Beauty Tool Replacements and Dupes

Are you looking for some Beauty tools but don’t have the budget to afford a makeup sponge for $20+ or an eyeshadow brush for $25+? We understand. We’ve been there. Starting out with beauty tools is an absolute necessity if you’re going to do your makeup on a consistent basis. Using your fingers to blend isn’t going to work if you want hot smokey eyes, gorgeous contouring or smooth flawless skin. Here are some of the top beauty tool replacements and dupes for those looking to start their collection on a budget! We cover the famous Beauty Blender, Clarisonic, and much more!

1. Beauty Blender Dupe

makeup tool replacements: beauty blender

Original Beauty Blender ($22-$26)
Real Techniques: Miracle Complexion Sponge ($6)

Ahh, the Beauty Blender. It’s known all over the internet as the best foundation applicator, ever. If you don’t believe us, check out these reviews. But we are pretty sure you have heard of it already, because even professional makeup artists have used it in their videos. The worst thing about this is that a tiny makeup sponge like this costs up to $26 if you buy it from Sephora (and if you don’t, you won’t really know what you’re getting).

The alternative? The Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge which is available at Ulta for $6. It’s $20 cheaper and said to be almost the same quality as the beauty blender. Most other dupes either don’t have the features the Beauty Blender does (the two different surfaces for covering large areas as well as the pointy tip for those small areas) but this one does (it’s a bonus 3-in-1!). It also uses the same water absorbing technique as the beauty blender. We don’t see many downfalls about it. Check out the great reviews people have said!

You save: $20

2. Beauty Blender Cleanser Replacement

makeup tool replacements: beauty blender cleanser

Beauty Blender Cleanser ($23)
Burt’s Bees Natural Acne Solutions Purifying Gel Cleanser ($7-$10)

Alright, you’ve heeded our advice and have already gotten a Beauty Blender (or a Miracle Complexion Sponge!), you must know that cleaning it is a necessity. Who wants oil and dead skin to accumulate? I personally got mine a few weeks ago and rinsing it out with normal soap isn’t going to cut it. To properly clean the makeup sponge, to avoid breakouts, we suggest you buy a cleanser. The original blender cleanser works great — as it’s designed just for the sole purpose of cleaning the beauty blender. But if you’ve bought a sponge that’s already $26, are you really going to spend another $23 on a cleanser for it?

We suggest using a facial wash instead. If the cleanser makes sure your face is oil free, it should do the same for your beauty blender. The best one we have heard about is the Burt’s Bees Natural Acne Solutions Purifying Gel Cleanser. It takes off makeup really well, and it doubles up as a cleanser you can use! Bonus: It smells like lemon.

You save: $13

3. Dotting Tool Replacement

makeup tool replacements: dotting tool

Nail Dotting Tool ($5-7)
Bobby Pin (Pack of 26) ($1)

We love making polka dots on our nails, specially stuff like when doing floral designs! When it’s time to come down and do out nails though, don’t you ever have those moments when you forget your nail tools and need something to replace it with? They can also be pretty tricky to find in stores, so unless you order them online you probably won’t be able to get a nice set.

If you’re looking for a fast, cheap alternative in those times when you desperately need something to dot with, use a bobby pin! The ends of it make for a nice dot, and if you buy the ones with different size bulbs, you have two different sizes to work with. For even smaller dots, you can try using a toothpick or a pin.

You save: $6 

4. Clarisonic Replacement

makeup tool replacements: clarisonic spa sonic

Clarisonic Mia 2 Sonic Skincare System ($180)
Spa Sonic Skin Care System ($60)

Besides the Beauty Blender, the second thing the internet raves about are the Clarisonic Mia 2 Skincare system, which is a skin cleansing system which uses the same sonic technology as in our toothbrushes to clear your pores. It spins really fast (at around 300 times per second) and its soft bristles remove all the buildup in your pores. You use it with a makeup cleanser (it comes with its own gel cleanser). Most people love it for its exfoliating features and the smooth skin you get afterward.

$180 is a pretty big investment for a skincare tool, and you don’t really know what to expect out of it yet. Although rare, some people have reported breakouts from using it. If you are simply looking for a nice exfoliating brush that does stuff similar to the Clarisonic, try out the Spa Sonic Skin Care system instead. It has well-received reviews and you’re getting it for almost 1/3rd of the price.

You save: $120

5. Mac Brush 239 Dupe

makeup tool replacements: mac 239 brush

Mac 239 Eye Shader Brush ($25)
Sigma E55 Eye Shading Brush ($14)

The Mac 239 Brush is known as one of the the best brushes to pack on color. The shading brush sticks onto matte or shiny eyeshadow because it’s made out of real hair, rather than synthetic. Buying the brush can be costly (at $25), when you’re already needing to buy 3 or 4 other brushes for eyeshadow. You will need the shader brush, as well as a blending brush and a crease brush. Add all of them up and you’re paying $70+ for just a set of brushes for your eyes!

The Sigma E55 is a really nice dupe of the Mac 239 brush. Made of natural hair, it picks up color really well, and does the same job the Mac 239 does. Its bristles are also softer than the Mac’s version. If you’re looking for other brushes in the same line, check out Sigma’s other eyeshadow brushes as well.  You can read a full review of it here!

You save: $11

6. Shu Eumura “S Curler” Dupe

makeup tool replacements: shu eumura s curler

Shu Eumura “S Curler” ($27)
Koji Accent Eyelash Curler N. 100 ($10)

We’re pretty sure you’ve heard of the Shu Eumura eyelash curler but have you seen the mini “S Curler”? Rather than curling all your lashes at once, the “S curler” curls individual strands. It can be harder in terms of trying not to poke your eyes out, but once you get the hang of it, curling your lashes this way can make a dramatic difference. People that gave it bad reviews obviously did not understand the part where it’s designed to curl certain sections of your eye, rather than the whole eye. It’s a lot better for those people that have short lashes or those who struggled to find a curler that doesn’t clip their eye due to the eye shape. You can find a review and fantastic looking results here!

Yes, we love the “S Curler” for those reasons, but sadly at $27 it’s pretty pricey. If you want a nice eyelash curler that works well with short lashes, non-almond eye shapes, or lashes that bend down most of the time, try the Koji Eyelash Curler No. 100. It’s a neat little thing that works the exact same way the Shu Eumura one does and it’s at less than half the price! Give it a try or check out the results of using this curler. We don’t see much of a difference, do you?

You save: $17

7. Tweezerman Slant Tweezer Replacement

makeup tool replacements: tweezerman tweezers

Tweezerman Pink Perfection Pointed Slant Tweezer ($27.50-31)
Revlon Slant Tip Micro Fine Tweezer ($6.50)

Tweezerman is known for… well, obviously for their tweezers! They have the right to it with a name like that. The Tweezerman Pink Perfectly Pointed Slant Tweezer is known to be one of the best tweezers out there, because they grasp and hold the tiny hairs well. It’s great that it doesn’t cause any in grown hairs, and it’s sharp but won’t cut you.

The Revlon Slant Tip Micro Fine Tweezer (might be quite a mouthful) is also known for doing the exact same but at a much lower cost. (Only $7!) The reviews on MakeupAlley have all been wonderfully (and it’s at almost a perfect 4.7 rating). Another great thing about them is that you can find them almost anywhere (in most drugstores)!

You save: $21-$24

In total you can save: $211!

Would you try any of these beauty tool replacements?

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7 Useful Beauty Tool Replacements and Dupes


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