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5 High Paying Jobs No One Dreamt of Doing

When we were kids, all the boys wanted to be firefighters or policemen. All the girls wanted to be fashion designers or artists. When we got older and cared more about money, everyone wanted high Paying Jobs like being doctors or lawyers.

Have you ever heard anyone wanting to be a gynecologist or an actuary? We thought not.

Here are some high Paying jobs that no one has ever dreamt of doing.

1. Actuary: $92,900

5 High Paying Jobs No One Dreamt of Doing - actuary

Salary Range: $88,000 – $ 250,000
Average: $92,900 (Glassdoor)

Have you heard of actuaries before? A lot of people have probably heard of the title of heard of actuary maths, but most people don’t know what exactly they do. In short, they actually are statisticians that analyze financial risk of a person and determine the insurance payouts if they get sick, injured, or die. It can be a painfully boring and cruel job, seeing how you’re practically planning when someone is going to die.

2. Art Directors: $94,260

5 High Paying Jobs No One Dreamt of Doing - art director

Salary Range: $64,000 – $125,000
Average: $94,260 (My Plan)

This one’s not as bad. Art directors come in second at an average of $94,260 but it can range from $64,000 to $125,000 depending on your years of experience. We think art directors don’t have it as bad as others on the list, but no one ever dreams of being an art director. You have those artists that want to express their emotions through their work and you have those creative advertising people that want to be creative directors or graphic designers. Art directors are kind of just stuck in the middle of the advertising world.

3. Air Traffic Controllers: $118,000

5 High Paying Jobs No One Dreamt of Doing - air controller

Salary Range: $65,000-$145,000
Average: $118,000

Okay, Air Traffic Controllers may seem all cool and stuff in the movies. They sit on top of the air control panel in the airports and they direct airplanes away from each other and on the tracks. You may have seen a bunch of cool ones from movies like Pushing Tin where they save lives while have amazing side drama with their coworkers. The truth is not that fantastic. The job is extremely stressful and you have to be paying attention at all times. One slip up and thousands of people could die. Yep. This is why they’re 3rd on the high paying jobs that no one dreams of doing, at an average of $118,000

4. Gynecologists: $216,760

5 High Paying Jobs No One Dreamt of Doing - Gynecologists

Salary Range: $121,000-$286,000
Average: $216,760 (MyPlan)

This one is probably something men probably think would have been fun once in their lives, then once realized the extent of what it fully entailed, the notion of it just flies away in a heartbeat. We don’t really see anyone particularly dreaming of being a gynecologist however high-paying it is. It’s a messy job and can be very… off-putting. Like other health-related occupations, it requires a lot of money and many years of training to get there. It’s also one of the highest paying jobs out there (the average is higher than what a doctor makes) particularly because maybe… no one wants to do it? It goes fourth on our list of high paying jobs no one dreams of doing.

5. Anesthesiologists: $232,830

5 High Paying Jobs No One Dreamt of Doing - Anesthesiologists

Salary Range: $150,000 – $417,000
Average: $232,830 (Healthcare salaries)

The fifth and final job we’re listing here is the anesthesiologist. It’s the highest paying job according to the Bureau of Labor statistics in 2012. The average comes to a whooping average of $232,000 and can go up to over $425,000. The job requires you to, as the title suggest, inject anesthetics into the patient before they undergo surgery. You also have to monitor and determine which anesthetic is the best for each patient. The weight of a life is on your hands, especially if the anesthetic doesn’t go well with the patient. It could potentially be worse than being a doctor, because if a patient wakes up during a brain procedure, you’re screwed. Or if they’re allergic to any of the ingredients, you’re double screwed. It’s not easy, it’s not fun, and it’s probably not your dream job.

Tell us…

Would you work at any of these high paying jobs?

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5 High Paying Jobs No One Dreamt of Doing


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