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Juicing and Blending: A Trend or Actual Health Benefits?

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Is there any truth behind juicing and blending?

From your favourite Trendy Fit columnist: Steph

I sometimes find it hard to get a proper start to my day with a well-rounded breakfast. I wake up with great intentions of a smart healthy meal and sometimes it doesn’t happen. Whether it’s sleep, errands or whatever, something else takes a front seat. By the time I’m finished running around and I’m done getting ready, all I end up having time for is a blended breakfast, or a healthy smoothie.

Not Your Basic Mall Smoothie

I’m not talking about those fruity, sugary, imitation drinks that you can buy at certain fast food coffee shops/restaurants; I’m talking about my own blended drinks with no unnecessary sugars. Nothing goes into these drinks that would not be beneficial to my body or digestive system. By now you all may be gathering I like to talk healthy digestion – because without it, trust me it’s a pain in the @$$, I mean… it’s definitely uncomfortable! But moving on, the best time of day to consume Fruit is early in the day, or before you have eaten anything else, because an empty stomach aids in digestion. Because of the high sugar content in fruit, most nutritionists will tell you to eat fruit early in the day and not too close to bed because the sugar can spike your energy.

Juicing and Blending: A Trend or Actual Health Benefits?

To Juice or To Blend: That is the Question

So let’s start our day with some fruit, right? Now, do we blend it or Juice it? We have been hearing more and more lately about Juicing versus Blending. So what is the difference? The first obvious physical difference from what I can tell and in my experience is the consistency: pulp or no pulp. A juicer will collect all of the pulp from your fruit and vegetables in the machine itself and not allow it to fall into your drink. A blender will simply blend all of the ingredients into one drink. Both contain the health benefits your body needs, depending on what you put into them.

Juicing and Blending: A Trend or Actual Health Benefits?

The hard difference between the two when we’re trying to get a little bit more scientific is why the pulp changes the benefits of your drink. When you’re blending out your drinks, you end up retaining a lot of the fibres in your final product. These fibres will not only make you full, but will keep you full for longer.

When you’re juicing, these fibres are removed as the machine squeezes out all of the nutrients from your food. The downside is that you won’t feel as full, however with all of the extra space that comes with removing the fibre will be room to fill with more food. So instead of filling a glass with 5 blended apples, if you choose to juice, you might end up having to use 10 apples. Seems simple enough right?

Juicing and Blending: A Trend or Actual Health Benefits?

My Favorite Recipe:

So what should you be putting into your drinks? A very simple smoothie recipe that I use and swear by is:

  • 1 cup of frozen dark berries, like blue berries, strawberries or raspberries
  • ½ cup of ice cubes
  • ¾ cup of almond milk
  • 1 handful of spinach or leafy green, like kale
  • *Sometimes I will throw in a splash of coconut water just for an added pop!*

Simple right? I end up with a cold, delicious drink that jump-starts my digestive system for the day and I get a serving of fruit and veggies in at the beginning, I’m starting my day off on the right foot. Feel free to add a scoop of low sugar or plant-based protein too for extra benefits!

You can juice or blend most any combination of fruits and veggies to make your morning drinks health beneficial. Have fun with it! You don’t need to make something that you are not going to enjoy just because it has healthy ingredients in it, just be smart about it. Observe sugar contents- frozen fruit is just as good as fresh fruit (in most cases) and it a lot easier to keep. Be careful what you’re adding into the drinks to get the proper consistency (if blending), stay away from sugary juices and look for no-sugar or low sugar content beverages.

Juicing and Blending: A Trend or Actual Health Benefits?

Juicing and blending is also a great way to get a serving of veggies in bright and early too- most times you won’t even taste them! If you own a juicer, this is also a great start to your day, try prepping all your fruits and veggies the night before to make a quick juice in the morning. I love making a carrot, apple, lemon and ginger juice combo!

If you are choosing to start your day off right with either a juice or smoothie, you’re doing your body a favour. Many fruits have fiber (strawberries, raspberries) and this helps to slow down the digestive process and keep you feeling full longer. As an added benefit, when you consume fiber-rich foods, this can help you manage your weight! And also the added bonus of a quick blend and you’re out the door and on time for your day!

Happy juicing and blending :)

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Do you prefer blending or juicing?

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Juicing and Blending: A Trend or Actual Health Benefits?


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