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Guest Post from Gutter Art Cheshire


Gutter cleaning hacks

Its official, autumn is here. The roads are lined with fallen leaves, the trees are going bare and there is a definite chill in the air. It’s at this time of year when you start hearing people talk about how much they love this season. It does have a certain cosy, romantic feel about it, but autumn does have one big drawback, the mess. The wind and rain gets even worse, blowing leaves and dirt around our gardens and drives. Unfortunately, with this comes blocked gutters, an inevitable nuisance that we all must combat at some point. We know that nobody really enjoys cleaning gutters, it’s dirty, messy and can be hard work. Well, we are here to help you tackle this problem with some simple and effective Gutter cleaning hacks. With the following tips you will be able to safely and quickly clean any debris out of your gutters.

Hack Number 1

If you think your gutter has a blockage in a certain area, but are unsure of where it is, then there is an easy way of finding this out. All you need is an extending pole, camera, paint roller and transparent bag. Turn your camera on to record mode, wrap it up in the transparent bag then slide this securely into the paint roller. Once this is attached securely, connect the roller and extending pole together. Using this makeshift tool you are able to safely see the inside of your gutter from the floor. Due to the weight of the camera, when you hold the pole up over the blockage it will always face down, providing you with the video you need.


Hack Number 2

Many of us would prefer to stay on the ground when cleaning out our clogged gutters but are unable to clean it thoroughly enough from the there. Well, there is a way that this can be done by using leaf blowers. These aren’t just useful for clearing drives, they are also a great way of clearing out debris from gutters. You can either purchase extensions for your blower that can reach the heights you need, or you can do this yourself by attaching a plastic pipe. Ideally, you would have some pipe that has a 90° bend to ensure the air pressure is forced downwards out of the angle. This device means you can clear out leaves and twigs from the safety of the ground. The exact same method can be also used for garden hoses and jet washers. By attaching the same extension you can easily push the debris away allowing for a clean and clear gutter.

Hack Number 3

Safety tips are always important and should never be overlooked. It may sound obvious but before taking on your gutter check the weather outside. If the conditions are wet and windy then this can lead to accidents which can be easily prevented by simply avoiding cleaning on that day. If you choose to use a ladder, to get to your gutter, but don’t have anyone who can steady it for you then it might be worth investing in a ladder stabiliser. Protective clothing, especially gloves and safety goggle, are essential too.


If you are comfortable with heights and would prefer to get up high to clean your gutters then we have some great ways of making this easier for you.

  • Buckets – Some of us are guilty of bringing a bucket up the ladder and trying to awkwardly balance it on the roof. However, if you simply get an ‘S’ hook and attach it to the bucket handle then you can hang it off the gutter, making it much easier and safer for you. It is worth doing this for both a tools and debris bucket.
  • Trowel – A standard garden trowel is perfect for scraping up any leaves or twigs causing blockages. However, if you do not have one then fear not as anything with a similar shape will be fine, even salad tongs can be used to pick up those pesky leaves.
  • Sponge – You will be surprised at how good a sponge is at pushing away any unwanted dirt and debris. Not only does a sponge push it away, but it also cleans the gutter, leaving a clean trail behind.
  • Damage – Be careful when placing your ladder as this can actually cause damage to your gutter by denting and bending it.

Where To Start

Work away from the downspout as this will help prevent any extra debris collecting there.

  • Clothing – Rubber-soled shoes are great for working on a roof as they are able to help prevent slip and fall accidents. Many gutters get are filled or contain sharp objects so protective gloves and goggles are very important.
  • Recycling – The decomposed leaves make great compost which you can use to fertilise your lawn.
  • Downspout – Don’t forget to check and clear out the downspout as if water isn’t draining properly through then this can lead to sagging gutters.

With these Gutter Cleaning Hacks you should be able to successfully clear whatever is inside your gutter safely and efficiently. Simply remember these little touches and we are certain the next time you attempt this you will be surprised at how much easier it is for you.

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Guest Post from Gutter Art Cheshire


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