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Sloane Ranger Style Guide to Nail the Wealthy British Look

What is Sloane Ranger Style?

The Sloane Ranger Style is a way of dressing characteristic of upper-class Londoners residing in Chelsea’s Sloane Square, with aesthetic roots in British aristocracy and their countryside activities.

The Sloane Ranger style has gained global recognition in the 80s thanks to its most famous proponent, Diana, Princess of Wales, dubbed the “supersloane.”

Comprised of high-quality garments, footwear, and accessories in traditional British countryside patterns, the style is sported by the upper class educated in private schools, hence being described as the British counterpart to American Preppy fashion.

While both have aesthetic roots in British culture and reflect an affluent lifestyle and social standing steeped in tradition, the Preppy style is more colorful and gives a collegiate vibe, while the Sloane style has a countryside feel and an air of subtle luxury.

The Origin of Sloane Ranger Style

The style was baptized “Sloane Ranger” in the early 1980s by Ann Barr and Peter York, contributors to London’s Harpers & Queens magazine in their bestselling book, “The Official Sloane Ranger Handbook.”

Like American Preppy’s roots in the northeastern suburbs and Ivy League colleges, the Sloane Ranger style originated in the British countryside, particularly in shires with strong academic roots, like Oxford and Cambridge.

And, just like the American Preppy style with its Northern, Ivy League, and Southern variations, Sloane also has regional variations, all emphasizing understated luxury.

Eventually, Sloan Ranger gained international awareness as a West London style thanks to Princess Diana after being featured on the cover of “The Official Sloane Ranger Handbook.”

Over the years, the Sloane Ranger style has remained a symbol of upper-class British lifestyle, understated wealth, and social exclusivity.

How to Dress Sloane Ranger?

To achieve a perfect Sloane Ranger look, you must adhere to sartorial guidelines reflecting affluence and tradition.

The style is not about ostentation but showcasing a refined taste cultivated over generations.

For that, specific clothes, footwear, and accessories from distinct brands are paramount.

Key Clothing in Sloane Ranger Style

1. Houndstooth Plus Fours

Knee-length trousers showcasing a houndstooth pattern with roots in traditional British hunting attire.

  • Best for: Hunting expeditions, countryside weekends
  • Recommended Brands: Barbour, Holland & Holland

2. Tweed Trousers

With aesthetic roots in the Scottish Highlands, tweed pants were adopted by the upper British class for hunting and fishing, symbolizing rural elegance.

  • Best for: Country outings, casual office settings, and social gatherings where a touch of formality is appreciated.
  • Recommended Brand: Ralph Lauren

3. Fawn Corduroy Rolled-Up Trousers

Initially used in workwear and later adopted by the academic and intellectual circles, Corduroy is a staple in conferring Sloan Ranger style with a relaxed yet refined touch.

  • Best for: Casual weekend gatherings, daytime events, and semi-formal settings where comfort meets style.
  • Recommended Brands: Paul Smith, Ralph Lauren, J.Crew

4. Calf-length Skirts

Made from wool or tweed, calf-length skirts nod to British countryside attire, offering a feminine twist to traditional rural garments.

  • Best for: Daytime social events, casual office settings, and weekend outings in urban and rural settings.
  • Recommended Brands: Ralph Lauren, Boden, Barbour

5. Shooting Jumpers

Originating from British hunting attire, shooting jumpers feature reinforced shoulder patches for durability during shooting activities.

  • Best for: Outdoor sporting events, shooting, hunting, and casual gatherings in rural settings.
  • Recommended Brands: Schoffel, Rydale

6. Pie-crust Collar Blouse

With Victorian-era influences, the pie-crust collar blouse adds a touch of aristocratic womanhood to the Sloane Ranger style.

  • Best for: Formal luncheons, daytime social events, and occasions where a refined yet relaxed look is desired.
  • Recommended Brands: Laura Ashley, Boden, Ralph Lauren

7. Wool Sweaters

Originating from the pastoral settings of the British Isles, wool sweaters are a nod to the country lifestyle and are essential for the Sloane Ranger’s wardrobe.

  • Best for: Cold weather outings, casual winter gatherings, and holiday events.
  • Recommended Brands: John Smedley, Pringle of Scotland, Burberry

8. Wax Jackets

With origins in naval British culture, wax jackets evolved from apparel for fishing and hunting to Sloane Ranger dressing staples.

  • Best for: Outdoor activities such as hunting, fishing, and country walks
  • Recommended Brands: Barbour, Belstaff, Hunter

9. Husky Quilted Waistcoat

The husky quilted waistcoat has its aesthetic roots in British equestrian and shooting culture, designed for warmth and ease of movement during country pursuits.

  • Best for: Equestrian events, shooting outings, and casual gatherings that require a blend of comfort and rural elegance.
  • Recommended Brands: Joules, Dubarry

10. Herringbone and Houndstooth Patterned Tweed Jackets

With roots in the Scottish weaving techniques of herringbone and houndstooth patterns, tweed jackets are quintessential in the Sloane Ranger look.

  • Best for: Business meetings and events where a sophisticated yet traditional look is desired.
  • Recommended Brands: Burberry, Paul Smith, Ralph Lauren

Essential Footwear in Sloane Ranger Style

1. Wellington Boots

Initially designed for agricultural and outdoor activities in the muddy terrains of the British countryside, Wellies have become synonymous with British festivals.

  • Best for: Outdoor festivals, rainy days, and country walks.
  • Recommended Brands: Hunter, Barbour, Joules

2. Riding Boots

Roots in equestrian culture, a significant aspect of British upper-class life, leather riding boots are everyday wear among the Sloane Rangers.

  • Best for: Equestrian events, casual outings in the countryside, and as a stylish winter footwear option.
  • Recommended Brands: Ariat, Fairfax & Favor, Dubarry

3. Horsebit Leather Loafers

Although of Italian origin – Gucci designed the horse-bit loafer in the 1950s – the shoe has become a British upper-class symbol of understated luxury.

  • Best for: Semi-formal events, office settings, and social gatherings where a polished yet relaxed look is desired.
  • Recommended Brands: Gucci, Tod’s, Church’s

4. Suede Lace-up Bucks

Popularized by early Ivy League preppies, suede lace-up bucks are also a favored footwear among the British elite.

  • Best for: Casual outings, weekend brunches, and daytime events where comfort and style are equally important.
  • Recommended Brands: Clarks, Grenson, Church’s

Essential Sloane Ranger Style Accessories

1. Wool Socks

Designed for British countryside activities like hunting and hiking, wool socks are a crucial accessory to any Sloan Ranger outfit.

  • Best for: Cold weather, pairing with wellies or riding boots
  • Recommended Brands: Johnstons of Elgin, Corgi, Pantherella

2. Irish Walking Hats

With origins in Irish country fashion, Irish walking hats symbolize rustic sophistication, blending with the Sloane Ranger’s affinity for countryside elegance.

  • Best for: Elevating casual outfits with a touch of British heritage.
  • Recommended Brands: Hanna Hats, Jonathan Richard, Mucros Weavers

3. Silk Scarves

With aesthetic origins in French and Italian couture houses like Hermès and Gucci, the context of the Sloane Ranger style, silk scarves depict classic British motifs such as paisleys and equestrian themes.

  • Best for: Elevating casual and formal outfits, particularly when attending social events requiring a polished appearance.
  • Recommended Brands: Hermès, Gucci, Liberty London

4. Pearl Jewelry

Pearls have long been a favorite among British aristocrats, a symbol of timeless elegance and sophistication, making them a natural fit for the Sloane Ranger style.

  • Best for: Formal events, dinners, and occasions where a refined touch is essential.
  • Recommended Brands: Mikimoto, Tiffany & Co., Cartier

Similar Styles to Sloane Ranger

  • Preppy
  • Old Money
  • Ivy League
  • Southern Preppy

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Sloane Ranger Style Guide to Nail the Wealthy British Look


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