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Your Pinup Pageant Questions Answered!

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Hello beautiful friends! After these long months of quarantine and social isolation, it is time again for me to venture into the world of Pinup pageantry. On October 24th I will be competing in the Arizona Rockabilly Bash Pageant! Although I am no longer a newbie to the scene, I am still nervous. I have never been to one of this scale.

It’s been about a year since I first started competing and I am feeling strangely nostalgic about it. Today I wanted to help any girls that are just starting on the scene and answer all of your burning questions. I asked my followers, friends, and facebook groups to learn what you ladies wanted to know!

Back at my first pageant, Miss AZ Rumble Rockabilly.

Keep in mind, I am by no means a pageant expert. But, I have competed in a few and I have an idea of what mostly goes on. So without further ado, here are my thoughts.

Do I need to come up with a pinup name and persona?

Most ladies who do any sort of pinup modeling or pageantry will have a pinup name just to keep themselves a bit more anonymous. I know, it’s kind of shocking, but Aphrodite isn’t the name my parents gave me. Shh…

All of the lovely ladies at Miss Red, White and Blue!

There are a few girls that choose to go by their first name or middle name because it’s easier. At my first pageant I was just “Miss Kate”. That’s completely fine to do.

But, it’s also super fun to have a pinup name! Who doesn’t want to have an alter ego like a superhero?! And as for the persona, that leads me right into the next question.

How much should I work the stage?

This is entirely dependent on you! You get to craft your pinup persona on your real personality and what you want to play up to the judges and audience. What do you want your pinup self to be like?

When I get on the stage, I’m bubbly and flirty. But it isn’t a one size fits all, it’s whatever works for you. What seems natural and fun for one person can seem really weird and off putting on someone else.

Working the stage at Miss Valentines.

So what are you like in everyday life? I am usually a huge goof so I like to go onstage and ham it up. However I have pinup sisters who do it totally different. Some are sultry and coy, some are demure and sweet, and some are elegant and poised. All have done well and placed in competitions.

My best advice for your persona is not to worry about how much you are working the stage and what other girls are doing, but to be confident and do your own thing. Your confidence is what will really shine through when you get up there, no matter what your personality is like.

Will I have points taken away for not changing outfits?

The answer to this will totally depend on the pageant you are attending. Some require different types of outfits, such as beachwear, casual, or evening wear. However, if this kind of outfit change is required, the pageant coordinators will let you know.

If the person in charge doesn’t mention anything about outfit changes, you should be fine just bringing one. Though one thing I recommend is always having a backup outfit/dress. Just in case something happens to yours, or someone shows up in the same dress as you.

What shoes should I wear? I can wear heels, but rarely do because I feel like a klutz.

Basically, you should wear whatever makes you feel like a million bucks! My recommendation though, wear heels onstage if you can deal with it, and bring a different pair of shoes such as flats or oxfords to wear anytime you aren’t directly in front of the judges.

As you can see, the four winners of Miss Roarin 20’s had flats or low heels!

Remember when I say heels that I don’t just mean your thinnest, pointiest, sky high pair of Louboutins. I often wear chunky heels or wedges because they’re easier to walk in, and won’t sink into grass or dirt if you’re outside. You also have the option of wearing a one or two inch heel! They will still give you the elegance and class you’re going for, without the difficulty of walking.

Above all, make sure you feel comfortable and confident. Looks are only a part of the competition. If you are awkward and uncomfortable, it will show, and you want the focus to be on your personality.

What are the different rounds going to be?

This also depends on the specific pageant you are going to, so I will detail some of the different activities that commonly happen during a pageant! No matter what pageant it is there will likely be an introduction where you go onstage and the audience gets to learn a little bit about you. Sometimes you will be asked to introduce yourself, or write a bio that a presenter will read.

It is also very common to have a round where you are asked a question and then get to answer onstage. Sometimes you will know what the question is ahead of time and sometimes you won’t, but either way is it your chance to show off what makes you, you! Don’t be afraid to be yourself and let your personality shine through!

Me strutting my stuff during the pose off at Miss Valentines!

Sometimes, too, there is a pose-off. This can sound intimidating (and it kind of is) but it’s a lot of fun too! All of the ladies will line up and get a chance to show off some cute poses, usually in front of a classic car or bike. You’ll be allotted a certain amount of poses, and you’ll get to go up to the car one by one and do however many poses you are allowed. There will be lots of photographers there to snap pictures of you during the whole process.

Different Outfits?

If there are various rounds to show off different types of outfits, you’ll be given time to change. Then you will get to take the stage and show off all the angles and little details of the ensemble! Every time you get up in front of the judges you have another opportunity to dazzle them with your presence.

Me and Miss Sassy Marie while we went out and talked to all the audience at Miss Spring Break.

If there is a people’s choice round, there will likely be time for you to go out amongst the people who are watching. You can talk with them so they can get a feel for what you’re about and decide who to vote on. Be friendly and inviting and you will win all the votes.

Then of course there will be the crowning, where the judges will give the winners their sashes, crowns, and other prizes. All of the contestants normally receive goodie bags for competing and usually they’re pretty awesome.

How long is the event?

In my experience, the actual pageant only takes a few hours. However, it is usually spaced out throughout the day interspersed with other activities so that it takes most of the day. Most of the ones I have attended have started at around 10 or 11am, and ended around 3 or 4pm. But as I said with lots of other questions, this will be unique at every pageant.

The event coordinators should provide you with a detailed schedule of the day’s activities a little while in advance. I would say to block out the whole day for a pageant. You will want time to prep beforehand, and time to rest after. It’s exhausting!

Do I need to be there early?

As far as being early, there will usually be a check-in period time specified on the schedule for all the ladies competing. For example, 10:00 – 10:30am will be the time to show up and get registered. It will be before the pageant actually begins, and if you arrive in that window of time you don’t have to worry about being late.

I will say though, give yourself plenty of time to get there. Especially if you are traveling across town or even across the state, you never know what could happen on the way. Trust me, things have a way of going sideways on pageant days, so be prepared for anything! Allot yourself plenty of extra time to get there. Once you’re there though, it should be smooth sailing.

How do I deal if I get nervous to be onstage?

Honestly, I don’t have any life changing tips for this one because I am still trying to figure it out for myself. I know a lot of people won’t believe me, but I get terrible stage fright! Half the reason I do pageants is to show myself that I can do it.

Just know that everyone there is nervous just like you, even the super experienced ladies. Everyone there will be able to cheer you on and support you through everything, even if you are a bundle of nerves. And you will be there to root for your fellow pinups!

All of the contestants at Miss Spring Break. You will have lots of supporters and friends there to help you!

So even though there isn’t anything crazy awesome I can say about this, I know that you’ll be able to do well at the pageant because of the amazing community of women that will uplift you the entire time. All I can say is to rely on your pinup sisters and push through it, and it will be an extremely rewarding experience.

What are some essentials I should bring the day of?

Now this is a big question, and one that I could make en entire blog post about! But basically, you will just want all the essentials that you carry around with you every day, plus a few extra things.

Make sure you have your phone, wallet, and ID! These seem self explanatory but often the people running the pageant will want ID so they know it’s really you. I always make sure to have my lipstick, eyelash glue, setting spray, and a small snack. Many of the pageants I’ve been involved in have been outside, so bring sunscreen! Nobody wants a nasty sunburn.

Those were most of the questions I received! I wasn’t able to answer them all but I hope I was able to give most of you some good information for your upcoming pageant. If you have any more feel free to leave a comment below or send me a message, and I will try to answer in another blog post.

You’ll make some of the best friends at pageants!

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SURE LOVE YA! — Miss Aphrodite Darling

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Your Pinup Pageant Questions Answered!


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