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Guide to Choosing the Right Earrings for Women

Guest post by Olivia Rodrigo

We, women, love our jewelry. We do not leave any opportunity to show it off to our loved ones. A good set of jewelry is a sign of sound social status and good financial background. Due to this reason, we are very fussy about every piece of jewelry.

Things like the design, pattern, finishing, and so on matter a lot to us. Therefore, there are so many varieties in every piece of jewelry in the market. Also, newer designs emerge now and then, which redefines the currency of fashion and starts a new trend.

Earrings, in particular, are of varied designs. Besides, they come in numerous intriguing styles. They form a distinctive style and accentuate our beauty, especially when looked at from the side. Nevertheless, finding the right pair of Earrings can be a challenge.

Here Are Some Tips For Choosing The Right Set Of Earrings For Women:

Choose the Right Construct

Some earrings, like most other pieces of jewelry, come in various forms. Some are formed of a single piece metal; however, some are a combination of smaller pieces. The single-piece units are typically small. They are either circular, square, or rectangular in shape.

Guide to Choosing the Right Earrings for Women

The earrings made up of combined pieces are usually long. It is this combination that makes them droopy. It also enables them to dazzle greatly.

It depends on your preference, whether you want a pair of small and minimally visible earrings or a large and conspicuous one.

Choose the Right Material

Earrings are available in a wide range of options when it comes to the choice of material. Traditionally, they were limited to a few options, e.g., precious metals like gold and platinum, or diamonds. Nowadays, you have a more extensive range to choose from. You can get gold and silver in various hues. Rose gold, champagne gold, light gold, and yellow gold earrings are the most typical option in gold.

Guide to Choosing the Right Earrings for Women

Besides, you have options in gemstone earrings, as well. Standard brilliant white diamond and various other shades of the precious stone also make up the variety.

Pearl earrings are unmatched for their exceptional brilliant looks and make perfect bridal earrings.

Go for the Right Shape

Apart from the size, construct, and material, the form of the pair of earrings should also match your Face. It is a common practice to choose the shape of earrings that suits the shape of the face. As a standard, your face’s structure can be deduced as triangular, round, oval, heart-shaped, long, or square-shaped.

It depends on how elongated the face is, how tapered the chin is, how smooth the overall look is, and how accentuated your facial features like Cheekbones are.

An Oval face typically has cheekbones more protruding than the forehead and chin. A round face is characterized by a non-protruding chin, cheekbones, and smooth forehead bumps. A face layout can be said as long if it has a rather slender look and tapering chin. Square-shaped faces have broad jaws and a non-prominent chin.

Although there is no such strict standard; however, the face layout is expected to suit only specific shapes of earrings. So, the oval-shaped dangle earring suits an oval-faced face.

For people with round-shaped faces, long geometric hoops are ideal. Another option for circular faces is dangle or teardrop earrings. Such droopy and dangling designs give the illusion of elongation to the face. We recommend you to choose feminine and graceful designs instead of bulky and detailed ones.

Guide to Choosing the Right Earrings for Women

Heart-shaped faces have the feature of wide forehand with bumps and prominent cheekbones. The cheeks narrow down with the chin. Earrings with the most suitable design for such a facial feature are typically long earrings. They could be lengthy, bulging at the bottom, or somewhat spiral or wavelike in shape.

A square face has the jaw line nearly the same size as the cheekbones or forehead. The cheeks are parallel to each other. Circular looped earrings are said to suit square faces the most. The big round design subsides the cheekbones and jaw line majorly.

Narrow faces hold the characteristic features of recessed jaw line and cheekbones. Women with narrow faces typically swear by their looks with teardrop earrings. Such earrings tacitly make facial features like the cheekbones look protruding. Alternatively, fine studs bring out the intrinsic feminine features like cuteness.

To Conclude

Choosing the right pair of diamond earrings isn’t tricky. With the proper guidance given in the article, you can select the right material, shape, and size for your set. Earrings usually serve for a particular purpose, like occasions or general uses.

We advise you to reserve at least one pair for special events, and at least one other for regular use. Besides, the overall design and color pattern may suit some types of attires and not all; therefore, make a choice sensibly.

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Guide to Choosing the Right Earrings for Women


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