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DIY T-Shirt Trends 2020 Part 2

Welcome to DIY T-Shirt Trends 2020 Part 2. Part 1 DIY T-Shirt Trends 2020 was full of stylish current trends such as DIY muscle tees, henleys, and distressed scoopneck tshirts. However, there are yet more DIY T-shirt Trends to cover! And even better, all these top trends can be accomplished using low cost wholesale tshirts. First on our DIY T-Shirt Trends 2020 Part 2 we have the DIY lettuce-edge tee. Lettuce-edge Tshirt simply refers to the “lettuce like” rippled edges on the tshirt as seen below.

Forever 21 Lettuce-Edge Crop Top

DIY T-Shirt Trends 2020 Pt. 2, Forever 21 lettude-edge crop top

Although you can wear the lettuce-edge wholesale tee in its full length, I prefer the lettuce-edge crop tops. Follow below for the super easy how to DIY lettuce-edge crop tee using discount bulk tshirts.

DIY T-Shirt Trends 2020 Part 2: DIY Lettuce-edge Crop Tee

The 90’s are back baby and going strong! I’m sure you all remember the lettuce edge midriff tops with denim skirts and perhaps some platform sandals… For the DIY lettuce-edge tshirt you have the option of using a wholesale tank, tshirt, or wholesale longsleeve. In addition to how-to instructions I will also include basic apparel item recommendations.

Check out this instructional video from Fashion Wizardry!

Step 1:

Measure the desired amount of length to cut to create the crop top. I recommend wearing the tshirt while you make a small mark on the side whereabouts you wish to cut. Then lay your basic tshirt down on a flat surface. Using a ruler mark a straight line across and cut at your mark.

Step 2:

Take your wholesale cotton tshirt or any knit lightweight shirt (I like using spandex or triblend tshirts) and take a look at the direction of the stitching. You will want your lettuce-edge hemming to be perpendicular to the grain of the fabric. Most likely your stitches should be vertical unless you are working with a fabric like spandex that stretches every way. In which case your stitches can be horizontal or vertical.

Step 3:

Prepare your sewing machine with plenty of thread and set the machine to a zig-zag stitch with width of 4 and length of 1. Without pulling too hard gently stretch the fabric (using both hands on either side) as you sew directly on the fabric edge. Do this on the bottom edge and edges of each sleeve (cut original hems off sleeves first). Since this may require a couple times practice to get the hang of it, try buying from a tshirt wholesaler for lowest prices.

Bella + Canvas 8413 Women’s Triblend Short Sleeve Tee

Wholesale Bella + Canvas 8413 Women's Triblend Short Sleeve Tee, DIY T-shirt Trends 2020 Part 2 from BulkApparel

This Bella + Canvas triblend womens short sleeve tee is made of an extra soft triblend of 50/25/25 polyester/airlume ringspun cotton/rayon. Wholesale triblend tshirts are known for being incredibly smooth apparel printing and design canvases. The bulk apparel Bella Canvas 8413 women’s t-shirt comes in 21 vibrant colors and 5 sizes. Buy in bulk for bulk order discounts and free shipping!

Anvil 2455L Women’s Stretch Three-Quarter Sleeve Tee

Wholesale Anvil 2455L Women's Stretch Three-Quarter Sleeve Tee, DIY T-Shirt Trends 2020 Part 2 from BulkApparel

Wholesale three quarter sleeve tees like the 2455L from Anvil are a great place to start for the DIY lettuce-edge tee. Stretchy and soft, this women’s blank tee consists of 57/38/5 combed ringspun cotton/poly/spandex blend. And with a high-stitch density, all your screenprints, heat transfers, DTG, etc. will come out crisp and clear.

The DIY Tie-Dye T-Shirt

The 90’s fashion resurgence in 2020 has brought back iconic 90’s styles from lettuce-edge tees and hair barrettes to platforms and everything tie-dye. DIY tie-dye is everywhere currently with tie-dye sweats, tie-dye pants, swimsuits, you name it. Designer brands as well as home-based online clothing stores are diving into this year’s tie-dye swell. No doubt this should be included in my DIY T-Shirt Trends 2020 Part 2. Although there are a million fabulous ways to create a  tie-dye t-shirt, let’s keep it classic with the retro swirl. For an extensive look into tie-dyeing how to’s, trends, and tips, check out my instructional blog DIY Tie-Dye like it’s 2020. For Summer 2020 I want to keep it vibrant with bright and neon colors as seen below.

Neiman Marcus Ovadia Men’s Mouse Eden Tie Dye Long-Sleeve T-Shirt

Neiman Marcus Ovadia Men's Tie-Dye T-Shirt

For other DIY tie-dye ideas here’s a video from Handimania!

Step 1:

After you have your chosen dye colors (info on dyes for different fabrics found in my DIY tie-dye blog) as well as your wholesale apparel items you are ready to get started. Again, it’s best to save money and purchase from a reputable wholesale clothing distributor. Lay your unisex basic t-shirt on a flat covered surface. I recommend using garbage bags and maybe a few old towels. I like to use a plastic condiment bottle for dye application which can be purchased cheap on Amazon. But you can easily re-purpose a shampoo bottle or similar that you already have.

Step 2:

Dilute your dye with water as per brand instructions. Pinch the middle of the blank wholesale tshirt and and twist to create a flat spiral ball. Try also using a fork direct center and spin as if you are twirling spaghetti around the fork. One its in a tight ball place 3-5 rubber bands all around creating equal triangles. String or hair ties will also do just fine.

Step 3:

Apply your dye one triangle at a time. Try to avoid colors next to one another that might bleed into a murky brown(purple+yellow, blue+orange, red+green, etc). Make sure to saturate both sides top and bottom of your bundled shirt. Depending on the fabric, brand of dye, as well as desired intensity, let sit anywhere between 1-24 hours. Finally, rinse with cool water until water runs clear and then machine wash+dry separately. And that’s pretty much it for a basic tie-dye job.

100% cotton t-shirts like this Champion Brand one below are easiest to dye and offer the most pre-mixed color options.

Champion T425 Short Sleeve T-Shirt

Wholesale from BulkApparel

The T425 Champion shirt is made of ultra soft and breathable 100% cotton with durable double-needle stitched hems. You’ll find the Champion brand logo on the sleeve as well as a convenient tag-free neck label.

Since DIY Tie-Dye sweats are all the rage this year, here’s a wholesale hoodie fave perfect for tie-dye or screenprints. The Champion S101 Reverse Weave Hooded Sweatshirt resists shrinking and maintains its ultra soft feel. Offered in color white, this one’s a no-brainer for high-quality blank hoodies for tie-dye.

Wholesale Champion S101 Reverse Weave Hooded Sweatshirt

Wholesale Champion S101 Reverse Weave Hooded Sweatshirt color white from, DIY T-Shirt Trends 2020 Part 2

DIY Corset Lace-Up Tee: DIY T-Shirt Trends 2020 Part 2

If you are anything like me you want the best of both worlds when it comes to fashion. However, finding that perfect balance between comfort and trendy can be rather difficult sometimes. Behold the DIY corset lace-up oversized t-shirt dress. You’re welcome… The corset lace-up method can be applied either to a regular fit t-shirt or a large oversized tee for a corset dress. Throw on some sandals during the day or transition to nighttime with a pair of thigh high boots. And try a corset style crewneck sweatshirt for the cooler months. This method is seriously so easy and can be done on the front, back, or even sides.

Missguided Ireland Black Graphic Rock Metal Corset back T-Shirt Dress

Missguided Ireland Graphic Rock Metal Corset T-Shirt Dress

Take a look at this quick video from Raven Elyse

Step 1:

First off you are going to want to purchase a 2-in-1 Eyelet Hole Punch and Press Plier and a spool of ribbon or drawcord. Grommet eyelet tape with fabric glue is another simple option as well.

Step 2:

While wearing your oversized bulk tshirt, make two small marks directly underneath your chest in line with your nipples. Also make a small mark at your belly button. Remove your wholesale tee and lay flat. Using a ruler proceed to draw two straight lines down from each chest mark until in line with belly button mark (think rectangle, do not actually connect lines to belly button). Then draw marks at every 1 inch increment. Fold inwards at each of the 2 lines about 2 inches and secure loosely with tape or pins.

Step 3:

Now it’s time to hole punch and apply the grommets at each 1 inch increment using your 2-in-1 tool. To be clear, you should only be working with the 2 inches of loosely secured fabric on each side. You should not be hole punching through the entire bulk t-shirt. Remove any tape or pins. Once your eyelets are secure you are ready to lace it up with ribbon or drawcord. It’s really that quick and easy!

While some can get away with using a regular large/XL unisex t-shirt for this dress, us tall people might need some extra length. Try a wholesale tall t-shirt for additional length. Keep in mind though that tall tees add extra width as well so make sure to check the t-shirt size chart.

Bella + Canvas 3001USA Unisex Short Sleeve Made In The USA Jersey Tee

Wholesale Bella + Canvas 3001USA Unisex Short Sleeve Made In The USA Jersey Tee from BulkApparel, DIY T-Shirt Trends 2020 Part 2 blog

The Bella+Canvas 3001USA consists of supremely smooth, soft, and lightweight 100% airlume combed ringspun cotton. And of course made in the USA! Features include convenient tearaway label, shoulder-to-shoulder taping, and side seams. The 3001USA is offered in unisex sizes with versatile retail fit.

Gildan 2000T Ultra Cotton T-Shirt Tall Sizes

Wholesale Gildan 2000T Ultra Cotton T-Shirt Tall Sizes from BulkApparel

The Gildan 2000T Ultra Cotton T-Shirt Tall Sizes is a bestseller among wholesale tall tees for its soft pre-shrunk 100% cotton and durable double-needle stitching throughout. Enjoy shoulder-to-shoulder taping, satin label, and smooth seamless collar.

DIY Ruched V-Neck Crop Top

For Summer we are all looking for those fun and flirty clothing items. And let’s be honest, even better if we can show a bit of skin and slim that waist all in one. Or rather give the appearance of a slimmer waistline. For this next addition to DIY T-Shirt Trends 2020 Part 2 you will need a wholesale v-neck t-shirt and basic elastic band.

Forever 21 Mustard Yellow Ruched V-Neck Crop Top

Forever 21 yellow ruched v-neck crop top mustard

Step 1:

Take your wholesale women’s v-neck tee and lay it flat on a clean surface. Starting at the top of the bulk t-shirt, measure down about 15 inches or so. Use a ruler and make a straight line across at the marked point. Cut along the line to create the women’s crop top. It’s up to you whether to leave the raw edge or hem the bottom.

Step 2:

Turn your shirt inside out. Starting at the very tip of the v-neckline, draw a straight line all the way to the bottom of t-shirt. Measure out a piece of elastic band 1/2 the length of the line you just drew.

Step 3:

Use a pin to secure elastic at the very top of drawn line and lay elastic along the line. Gently pull the elastic(so that it reaches shirt bottom) as you sew all the way down the center of the elastic band.

Below I’ve linked a couple soft and comfy low cost v-neck options from wholesale apparel distributor BulkApparel.

Next Level 6740 Women’s Triblend Deep V Tee

wholesale Next Level 6740 Women's Triblend Deep V Tee from BulkApparel

Like other triblend shirts, the 6740 Women’s Triblend Deep V by Next Level is an ultimate smooth canvas for logos, artwork, screenprints, etc. The fabric laundered 50/25/25 polyester/combed ringspun cotton/rayon blend is soft to the touch and features set-in 1×1 baby rib collar and satin label.

Next Level 5040 Women’s Festival Sleeveless V

wholesale Next Level 5040 Women's Festival Sleeveless V from BulkApparel

Made of 65/35 polyester/cotton jersey material, this wholesale sleeveless tee has a relaxed fit and self-fabric binding. Available in 11 classic colors with side seams and convenient tearaway label.

DIY Graphic Halter Top

Since the 1960’s the halter top has been a summer essential. This classic style is versatile enough to be worn with swimsuits at the beach or with jeans and heels for date night. Get you a shirt that can do both…. And just like the resurgence of tie-dye, retro graphic tees of your favorite bands or artwork are back in full force. The DIY Graphic Halter Top is quick, fun, and one of my favorite ways to re-fashion a basic t-shirt. For this one you will need an iron.

Romwe Graphic Print Halter Top

Romwe Graphic Print Halter Top, DIY T-Shirt Trends 2020 Part 2 blog from BulkApparel

A’Pril Najm did a great step by step video for cutting a “No Sew DIY Halter Crop Top.” Check out below..

Cutting the T-Shirt

Step 1:

Lay your blank crewneck t-shirt  flat. Use a ruler to draw straight lines from the neckline(point where neckline meets shoulder) to the armpit of the sleeve. Cut along these lines. Raw edges are very trendy right now but if you prefer to hem try No Sew Iron-on Hem Tape which is applied with an iron. For tips on hem tape application here’s a quick video from Norris Danta Ford.

Step 2:

Crop the bottom of t-shirt about where your belly button lies. Leave raw edge or hem using iron-on hem tape. Skip the cropping if you want a full length shirt. Now turn shirt over and draw a mark in center of neckline. Make a line from this point to the bottom of shirt. Cut the line.

Step 3:

Starting at outer ends, cut below neckline seam stopping 1 inch from center slit. Now pivot and continue your cut downwards 1/2 way down the shirt. Do this on both sides. These are your halter ties.

Step 4:

Leaving 3-4 inches of back fabric at the bottom, cut out the rest of the back of the shirt. You should now only be left with the two top neck ties and a band of material at the bottom. Cut the bottom band in the center to create your lower back ties. Now let’s move on to applying your graphic!

Apply Heat Transfer Iron-on

There are many different means of applying graphics and artwork to wholesale apparel. But for this we are going to stick to a simple iron-on method. For more tips/info on various methods of t-shirt printing at home check out my other blog Start an Online Graphic T-Shirt Business from Home.

Step 1:

First off purchase some Iron-on Transfer Paper. Make sure the paper you choose works with a basic home iron. Either cut out your design/letters etc. or you can even print out your own creation. (Yes, this particular paper is compatible with inkjet and laserjet printers.) Also depending on the color of your shirt choose transfers “for dark fabrics” or “for white and light fabrics.”

Step 2:

Once you have cut out your t-shirt graphic, peel and place where desired. Iron on as per brand instructions. Don’t worry if it starts lifting as you remove iron. Carefully press again with your iron.

Hanes SL04 Nano-T Women’s T-Shirt

Wholesale Hanes SL04 Nano-T Women's T-Shirt from wholesale apparel distributor BulkApparel

This wholesale women’s t-shirt by Hanes is a top choice for its 100% ringspun cotton and contoured design. Side seams create a nice feminine fit while double-needle stitching provides durability. Also features set-in rib collar and tagless neck label.

J. America 8138 Women’s Glitter T-Shirt

Wholesale J. America 8138 Women's Glitter T-Shirt
Nothing says summer fun like glitter and more glitter. This J. America wholesale women’s knit is made of 95/5 cotton/Lurex with dazzling glitter throughout.
Well that concludes my list of DIY T-Shirt Trends 2020 Part 2. Have some fun with it and get creative! See Part 1 below for any DIY styles you may have missed!

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DIY T-Shirt Trends 2020 Part 2


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