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Morocco, Vietnam or Bhutan? The ‘IT’ New Year Holiday Destination.

We are sure you must have read that meme which says, “ January, Febru… August… and Boom! Its December Folks!” Well, it’s not exactly December yet, we would like to think we are on time to realize that at least someday in advance before yet another year went away in a similar patterns. Oops? And to give you guys a reality check, all your plans to ‘Travel solo, ‘cause Yolo!’ or ‘Lets just go SOMEWHERE’ have been pushed far behind in the pipeline, while things like ‘Next year for sure, I will travel someplace great’ sounds more like a plan. Well, Hello! Been there, done that. More often than not. How about we tell you, there still might be a chance for you to grab your bags, get your tickets booked and take that one international trip you have been dreaming about all this while and still be able to do that not only in your budget but before this year ends! We’ve picked out three destinations that are hot on the radar recently and we’ll give you every reason why these countries could be the best places to visit and Celebrate your New Year. And since you mature being refuse to accept yourselves as responsible adults ( don’t worry, we are no different :D), we decided to categorize them into ‘vacation-on-a-loan-friendly, ‘I-am-somewhere-in-the-middle-friendly’, and of course ‘I-own-a-bank-friendly’. Its okay, thank us later. 

I Own a Bank Friendly


So in Morocco, there are many places gives a special offers for the New Year’s Eve Night, Hotels, Cities, and Bars Restaurants so Marrakech is one of the Hot spots that offer specials for the new year’s Eve, Other type of travelers they prefer to do it in the desert as they prefer, the calm, and watching the stars and enjoying the fireworks, Locals drums Music, Gnoua, and Dancers, and some other types of travelers chose to spend it in a Bar, drinking and dancing enjoying the Live Music.


  New year is a great time to visit Morocco, as there are numerous offers running in and around the country giving your special discounts for the holiday season. There are offers not just in hotels, so you do end up in luxurious places within limits but also get to party and vibe in the mood around the country as bars and cafes also have numerous clever schemes to make you spend your money. But since this is ‘I own a bank friendly’ vacation, who really cares about discounts really! You will find the entire country coming together unitedly to celebrate the holiday, and can be seen celebrating the New Year with utmost joy and excitement as seen in most countries around the world. While most Moroccans celebrate in nothing unusual sort of way, food for them is an important part of any Moroccan celebration. 

In Morocco, the New Year is usually devoid of its religious connotation and rather seen as an occasion to exchange gifts, enjoy a good time with family and friends and wish everyone happiness and success for the year to come. But there are still some from the country, who like to celebrate in the old traditional way, which is a three day celebration in honor of the new year. They celebrate the New Year’s Eve, The New Year’s Day, “Higgrea” and the “Amazigh Year”. 

I Am Somewhere in the Middle Friendly 


Tet, short for Tet Nguyen Dan is an important celebration in Vietnamese culture, which is Sino-Vietnamese for ‘Feast of the First Morning of the First Day. It celebrates the arrival of spring in the culture and is usually. The Vietnamese prepare special holiday food  and clean the House for the celebration. They start their day by visiting a close one’s house on the first day of the year to wish new year greetings and by giving money to the children by the elderly which is considered as lucky. Food for these people is very important and they like to celebrate it with their families and often travel back to their homelands even if they live far away. 

Since the Vietnamese believe that the first visitor a family receives brings good fortune for the entire year, people never enter a house without being invited first. sometimes , people can be seen entering their own house a few minutes after midnight to avoid any evil spirits or unfortunate event, from entering the next day. So if you come across someone who might be going in and out of their house at midnight, restrain yourself from calling an ambulance. The people of Vietnam also continue their celebrations for three long days, as the second day is usually reserved for friends, their for their teachers, who command respect. 

Families who have a prosperous background pay for dragon dancers to perform at their house while others also have a chance to watch public performances. Colour red and yellow, like much of the Asian countries, Vietnam also consider these two colours to be prosperous, lucky and to bring good fortune. 

Vacation on a Loan Friendly


Losar as the Bhutanese call it, occurs not in January, but between February and march depending on the lunar calendar. The new year they celebrate is marked by ritual feasting, family gatherings, offerings for thanksgiving as well as for an auspicious year to come. Although the celebrations are quite similar to those of the Tibetan Losar, the celebrations differ from different regions. The food eaten during Losar and its preparation, presentation, consumption, and symbolic meaning are highly important traditional rituals that serve to reinforce community ties and Bhutanese identity and culture. The Losar includes a morning meal coinciding with the rising of the sun, as well as a midday meal and an afternoon snack. And of course to digest all that food, one has to engage in some sort of activity right. Well, what better way to do it than holding archery competitions, dart games with family picnics, people dancing, singing and offerings. Another reason to visit, is that the food that was once rare and extremely expensive is now easily available all year round. 

It is a special time when Bhutanese gather and renew their ties with friends, family, and the wider community, celebrating the cultural traditions of Bhutan and hoping for an auspicious New Year together, strongly holding  their heritage, traditions, culture and values together.

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Morocco, Vietnam or Bhutan? The ‘IT’ New Year Holiday Destination.


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