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Why isn’t your beard growing?

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A question that comes up quite a lot, especially to a Beard oil manufacturer is, why won’t my beard grow? Will beard oil make my beard grow?

We’ll look at the growth process of a beard, the genetics behind the growing process and also what you can do to help grow a magnificent beard.

What is a beard?

A beard is a collection of hairs that grow on the chin, cheeks, upper lip and neck of humans. Some animals also grow Beards (take a look at a lions mane for example). The growth is usually only persistent in adult males, however, some adults will never have the genetic capabilities to grow a huge viking beard. Some women with excessive hair growth from a hormonal condition also can grow beards.

Despite becoming a big boom in the fashion world recently, beards have long been grown by men throughout history, for fashion and cultural reasons. For example in Sikhism or Islam, growing a beard has often been seen as a requirement for men who are able to grow one and have it as one of their official dogmas. Despite not being officially recognised, other cultures through history have also seen beards as a sign of wisdom, sexual prowess, strength and social status, often seen as pivotal to a mans virility.

In colder climates beard are also perfect for protecting the face from the elements, although if you’re in an extreme climate, you’ll definitely want to look at grooming your beard with the various, oils and balms available to you.

What beard styles are there?

There are many different styles to go for when growing a beard, from the full blown caveman beard, to the short well managed jawline. Lets go over some below

Full – This is a full downward grown beard, with a styled or integrated moustache.

Chinstrap – This is created by shaving the beard to create a strap from the sideburns round and under the chin.

Chin Curtain – Similar to the chinstrap, this is pretty much the same, however the beard covers the whole chin. Has also been referred to as the Lincoln

Soul patch – A small beard just below the lower lip, above the chin.

There is many other styles out there, which is best is up to you and your personal preference.

Why do men grow beards and not women?

The hair follicles on a mans chin are sensitive to the hormone dihydrotestosterone (DHT), which is derived from testosterone. This stimulation causes the hair follicles on a mans chin to grow. Women do have the same number of hair follicles on their chin, however these are less sensitive to DHT and women have a lower level of testosterone anyway. This is why, if women have a condition causing higher levels of testosterone, they will likely be able to grow some facial hair. This could also be why beards are often seen as being alpha in the male world.

Why Beards are so popular?

There’s a lot of debate as to why beards are so popular, and we’ll never be able to cover all the reasons, however lets look at what could make a beard popular.

Beards are a symbol

The testosterone required to grow a full beard is high, which means they’ve become a symbol of power, strength and authority. In reality though, a good beard, is just hard to miss. You notice a magnificent beard, and so do other men and women alike. This causes men to aspire to have that level of statement.

Are beards dirty?


Well, they can be. That is if you don’t care for your beard in the correct way, and start rubbing your face around a toilet (if that’s what floats your boat).

In a recent study it was found that their was a number of high microbial counts in a persons beard, in comparison to the same swabs taken from a dog. However, it’s to be noted that you’d likely find a number of similar in a persons hair or fingers if you was to take a swab that way, so it could be false. It’s suggested that the recent flurry of negative stories are just pogonophobia and nothing else.

Beards could be good for your health?

Take a look at this statement from another study:

Dr Adam Roberts also found bacteria in beards. but to his surprise, he found one strain of bacteria that was killing bad bacteria. When he tested them against a particularly drug-resistant form of E. coli, the beard bacteria also killed that. 

So we may all be growing a big or little antibiotic on our chins.

Lets get back to the moral of the story…

Why isn’t my beard growing?

First of all, lets remember that facial hair won’t grow overnight. It takes commitment, and lots of work, whether that’s the correct maintenance or keeping healthy.

You firstly have to commit to the process, don’t stress yourself if you’ve not grown a luscious beard in a month, or some of your beard is patchy, it will come. Commitment is first and foremost

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Why isn’t your beard growing?


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