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Dirty Leaked Snapchats That Didn’t Disappear Fast Enough!

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It doesn’t matter if it disappears in 24 hours – for some images, that’s not fast enough! What you think you sent to one friend still has the potential to travel and wind up, well here! Here are some of the saddest, sickest, and troubling Snapchats we’ve seen.

Laughing tear faces and an enormous boob shot with the banner “It’s too hot.” Does she mean outside? Because, she might benefit from some lessons in visual perspective… It’s more provocative if your tit’s not just, you know, hanging out there like you’re about to be milked…

Here we have a girl with her head in the toilet and the Banner Reads, “Got her!” So, got her to puke? Got her drugged? Enjoy catching people in toilets? Or simply caught her puking? Is this one Snapchat friend you’d punch in the face for posting something like this? How about an ex-boyfriend who would post something like the next shot…

Looks like someone regrets what he did the night before… and felt the need to admit it to just a few people… as in, the PLANET. Considering it looks like he might have gotten laid last night, what’s with that fearful expression? Grow a pair and tell her what’s one your mind! The next one will bring up tales of imaginary friends… except, this is not a child in the photo.

Isn’t this just… sad? If it’s a joke, well, hardy-har-har, but, it kind of looks more like this guy is making up a sweet love life he wishes he had. See those busy toes in the mirror behind him? Gotta admit – those must be some pretty dexterous tootsies. You can’t help but feel a little sorry for the guy. And now for a study in contrast…

Say, wuuuuuuuut? The banner reads, “my brother just got in town,” while two shirtless boys pose for the camera with this unsettling, Caravaggio-esque look on their faces. Do you and your brother pose like this…? Does it give you the creeps? If it doesn’t, the next one might…

This is not funny. If you threaten an innocent animal for any reason, you’re only showing the ladies what an asshole you are. Someone go rescue this sweet dog and teach this person a lesson. Maybe organize a gang of angry PETA nudes to beat the shit out of him. Sick AND Twisted AF.

Well, Babe, looks like all the good ones ARE taken. (Don’t you sort of hope it was the babe’s dad, not Rudolph’s?) Wonder if this guy was at the party from the next photo…

Guess all the toilets were taken? Or, did this person just not like Chardonnay and thought, “Well, THIS would be hilarious!” Though, perhaps not as funny as the next photo!

If you’re trying to show off your new, pretty, white dress online, you might want to clear the counter of your toothpaste, pills, watch… oh! And the slick, shiny, red dildo! Just a thought. If that slippery phallus isn’t red enough for you, get ready for the next image!

This guy is the same one who came up to you at the office holding something out of the fridge up to your nose and said, “This reeks! Smell it!” We can tell HE doesn’t give zero fucks, but, spare those of us who don’t need all the red shoulder, nipple-pressing action! Whoever took this shot really should put the phone down and take this guy to the doctor!

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Dirty Leaked Snapchats That Didn’t Disappear Fast Enough!


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