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10 Weird Things You Didn’t Know Your Body Could Do

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The human Body is probably the greatest example of the amazing wonders of the world. Our body is so dynamic and unique. The synchrony of something as small as a chemical, like acetylcholine, and something so large, like our tissues, to work together, is a phenomenon in itself.

Every second of every day, there are multiple physiological and chemical mechanisms that are keeping your body intact.

Intrinsic factors and environmental factors all have a role on how our body works. Read on and find out five different details on how your body works to make you the individual you are today!

1. Has someone ever told you to eat “brain food” before a big test or examination? While it may seem like food is made to satisfy your stomach, when you eat, you are actually feeding your brain as well.

Food is a source of nutrition and when you consume those calories, 20% of the intake is actually providing your brain energy in the form of ATP. ATP is the chemical molecule that your brain needs to properly function.

2. Exploding Head Syndrome: This condition is pretty much exactly what it sounds like. Our brain likes to play tricks on us, and sometimes it likes to makes us believe that we are hearing extremely loud, disturbing noises like gunshots. Although it seems real, its all just a figment of one’s imagination. EHS is of rare occurrence but can happen more than once in a person’s life.

What causes such a traumatizing experience? Doctors have diagnosed the condition as one that results from sleep deprivation and sleep paralysis. Unfortunately, there is no concrete cure for the condition yet.

As people get older, they experience a sudden growth in length and girth of their feet. This change in size is due to changing physiological factors, including the elasticity of their tendons and ligaments. As a result, many of these individuals experience a deteriorating arch and growth in shoe size.

3. It is a common misconception that our growth takes place during our childhood years, stopping once we hit puberty. There are actually certain body parts, such as our feet, that can grow even in our later years.

4. Tongue Print: Many of you know the fingerprint as a common form of identification, considering everyone has a pattern that differs from any other individuals. The tongue is another body part that actually shares this characteristic.

Every single individuals has a tongue print that is unique to their body. While the tongue can be used for identification purposes, the fingerprint is the more sanitary way to go.

5. Weather Prediction: I guess satellites are not the only way of predicting the weather. Did you know that your body parts can actually give you some sort of hint about the weather? Whenever your body is exposed to colder weather, like rain or snow, your joints can swell as a response to the drop in air pressure.

This physiological change is particularly prevalent among those who recently experienced damage or previous consistent pain to their joints.

6. B.O: While we everyone is victim to B.O., its important to consider that different age groups of people are victim to different B.O. of different nature.

You would think that as we get grow, so does the smell of our oder. Quite the contrary, the smell grows more pleasant with age.

7. Teeth Movement: Our teeth are actually one of the most dynamic parts of our body. They grow, they fall out, they grow again… we get braces but after that are retainers to maintain the shape. Our teeth actually have memory and like to move towards their original state.

In addition to the effect of memory, is the effect of aging. As we age, our, we suffer from bone loss. Since our teeth are primarily composed of calcium, this physiological change results in our teeth shifting even in our later years.

8. Next time, you experience your eye twitching uncontrollably, don’t freak out. It’s actually a common response our body has to a number of things.

Stress, lack of sleep, or any vision-related problems can be a factor for this uncontrollable flutter of your eyes. Environmental factors, such as caffeine intake, eye strain and allergies can also be responsible for the act. There’s also the scarier factor of eye infection but tiny mites, but we’d like to not think of that possibility!

9. Belly flops: Your body is more dynamic than you think. Your body can actually move around and shift organs in response to external movement.

Here’s an example for all you thrill-lovers. Ever been on a roller coaster and had that exciting, nervous feeling that kind of feels like your stomach dropping? That’s actually caused by the shifting of your organs in response to external pressure from the coaster. That’s why some of us, who are more sensitive to our environment, may vomit getting off of our favorite roller coaster!

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10 Weird Things You Didn’t Know Your Body Could Do


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