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These 13 Teenagers Who Fight Every Day With Their Lives!

brings you a list of people who will not only amaze you however will also motivate you.

Some of them are struggling with specific incurable ailments. But irrespective of that, they decide to rise above their issues and also face life with all the might they have.

Some are of course god-gifted and also have the abilities which you can not possess in your lifetime, no matter how hard you try.

Read on about them.

1. Hannah Kritzeck

She is a teenager Suffering from primordial dwarfism (very rare kind). There are just 100 Human births with this kind of defect worldwide. She is 39 inches tall.

Hannah weighs less than 30 pounds and also looks like a 5-year old lady. Kritzeck is said to be a happy individual even after knowing that people suffering from this sort of problem don’t survive after they turn 30.

Yet, she wants to pursue singing, dancing, and acting.

2. Fu Wengui

Normal humans have 7 vertebrae in their neck. Fu has 10. It prompts people to call him “Giraffe”, which isn’t really depressing as much as the fact that three additional vertebrae keep him in severe pain. It restricts his movement as well.

3. Isa-Bella Leclair

Suffering from what is called Parkes Weber Syndrome (PWS), Leclair is affected by a problem where her right leg weighs 40 pounds. Her right leg is said to be double the size of her left leg. The affected leg has several abnormal blood vessels. Despite of just what has happened to her physically, Isa-Bella is not scared to put on shorts outside and also is proud to be born like this.

4. Malachi Love-Robinson

This guy would enact as a fake gynaecologist and also massage therapist. The 18-year-old posed as a 25-year old doctor and also earned 70,000 US bucks till he was arrested by a undercover cop for practising medicine without a license in 2015.

5. Haley Smith

When she was 14 years of age, Haley’s parents got divorced. This shook her as well as led her to see more of horror movies. This made her obsessed with graveyards to the extent that day, she started viewing herself as a walking corpse. After getting in touch with a psychiatrist, she discovered that she had developed Cutters Syndrome for which she was treated eventually.

6. Deepak Jangra

It takes 11,000 volts of energy to power 500 houses. Remarkably, this teenager can endure this much quantity of power From placing an live wire on his bare tongue to sitting inside a bucket ull of electricity wires floating all around, Deepak could do everything. But you don’t even try it, Jangra is gifted.

7. Tori Punch

Suffering from Proteus syndrome, Tori’s skin, as well as bone grows abnormally in different directions. Due to the exact same factors, her legs have grown much longer compared to the normal and the skull’s growth is in the upward direction. She is confined to a wheelchair as well as she can not use footwear. Her mental age is 7 years.

8. Jonathan Gionfriddo

A Connecticut resident, Jonathan was birthed with Epidermolysis bullosa (EB) syndrome. A simple human touch his skin makes the 16-year-old bleed while his skin starts to crack. The tissues had to hold the skin together are absent. Moreover, drinking leads to intestinal pain.

9. Delorian Cole

When Cole was 9, her breast began to grow bigger which was later diagnosed as Virginal mammary hypertrophy. In 9th grade, she had a breast size of 50, which made them look like breast implants.

10. Julia Vins

As a teen girl, she’s could lift 400 pounds of dead weight. Today, she is 21-year old and is known as – Muscle Barbie.

11. Mahendra Ahirwar

He is an Indian teen with an rare condition called congenital myopathy. It has actually compromised his muscle to the extent that his neck is always hanging off his shoulders at an angle of 180º. After speaking with 50 doctors, one of them was able to help Mahendra with reducing the pain. Unfortunately, he passed away in 2016.

12. Nihal Bitla

Remember the film “Paa”; Nihal also is a patient of progeria makings him age 8 times faster than a regular human. With the mind of a child but looks of an old man, his younger days were the only time when he looked normal. In 2015, Bitla too passed away.

13. Lucy and Maria Aylmer

The twin sisters hailing from Gloucester, England, do not seem twins. Since their mom was half Jamaican and also dad being a white man, they happen to get characteristics of both. This has made them look different.

14. Abigail and Britany Hensel

They are conjoined twins from the time they were in their mother’s womb. Interestingly, their bodies combined however the heads remained to be separate and unlike others of the type, their bodies are very symmetrical down from the neck.

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These 13 Teenagers Who Fight Every Day With Their Lives!


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