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17 Unseen Backstage Images Which Show That WWE Is Different Back Stage

We have collected rare and unseen Backstage photos of wrestlers that depict the legendary and complex characters on screen but are simple and humble in real life.

1. Vince and Shane McMahon with Hayabusa.

Hayabusa’s journey in wrestling ended early as a result of the in-ring injury which paralysed him. But, he was still active in the industry. He regularly visited all over the world for seeing matches and also meeting wrestlers. In 2006, he went to the backstage of SummerSlam to meet the wrestlers and even satisfied Vince and also Shane.

Hayabusa never ever played a match in WWE, however the respect he gets is the proof of his legacy.

2. Broken and bloodied Foley with his family.

The surprising image was taken after Mick’s ‘I Quit’ match with The Rock. Mick Foley is referred to as the hardcore activity wrestler in the industry, as well as this image is the proof of it.

Now, WWE is a family pleasant program, and they try to maintain these type of images away from the web.

3. The real side of two legends.

John Cena and The Rock battled their hearts out in the two matches which occurred on WrestleMania 28 as well as 29. They both have asserted that they hate each other in reality and also during the beef which was created at the time of WrestleMania 28, they both also battled behind the scenes. Luckily, they both found regard for every various other some months prior to their match at WrestleMania 29 and later on came to be wonderful friends.

4. The Undertaker, Paul Bearer and Papa Shango.

Two giants with one of the best managers in WWE background, late Paul Bearer captured in in a single frame in an empty stadium before 1992’s SummerSlam.

5. Austin’s usual day at the office.

The ring’s about the feel the wrath of Stone Cold Steve Austin.

6. Shaq was here.

So much is happening in this photo, but the centre of focus is the basketball legend, Shaquille O’Neal with unrecognisable Mark Henry and also D’Lo Brown.

7. How cool are these pants?

John Cena and CM Punk have represented some greatest feuds in the wrestling history, however no matter exactly how they have actually shown themselves on screen, they both are great close friends behind the scenes.

8. Time for polishing the shoes.

Charles Robinson is just one of one of the most popular referees in the WWE. I have seen him take beatings from almost every famous wrestler. But here, we see the respect he gets in actual.

9. Two best in the world in the same frame.

WWE’s management got angry when The Rock called CM Punk’s name in the ring after his departure from the WWE. They also thought of silencing The Rock’s microphone, but luckily the situation was controlled.

No matter what, the connection of Punk and people’s champion was shown onscreen proving that both were great friends backstage.

10. Friends for a lifetime.

Triple H and Shawn Michaels are one of the best examples of friendship. If a book on wrestling’s history is composed then their bromance will be included surely.

11. The toughest interview.

You can only imagine how tough it would’ve been for this interviewer to ask question to Stone Cold Steve Austin.

12. Backstage- a place where foes become friends.

Trish and also Stephanie McMahon’s friendship is not known to many peoples. Trish’s distance with Mr McMahon created controversies, and also it even caused a battle in between Stephanie and also Trish. But, this backstage image informs you a different story.

13. Don’t tell me it is not real.

It is difficult for lots of fan to believe that WWE is unreal but that’s the fact.

14. It is too soon to retire.

When Daniel Bryan announced his retirement, many fans and also wrestlers were left in tears and so was his wife Brie Bella. But, let me tell you that the star was also broken.

I hate it when young wrestlers like Daniel and Edge retire due to injuries.

15. An emotional hug by Vince.

No matter how Vince as well as Shane portray themselves on screen, they both really like each other. This picture was taken after Shane’s match with The Undertaker at WrestleMania 32. Shane also gave comments on this moment by asserting that it was the very first time when he really felt that his father is proud of him.

16. Beaten but not broken.

Wrestling might be fake, however the pain and also suffering are genuine, and this picture of Sheamus’ back is the proof.

17. Alter Bridge and Edge.

Music is among one of the most important parts of wrestling. Throughout the career, the Rated-R Superstar, Edge had excellent theme songs. One of his entrance themes, Metalingus was offered by Alter Bridge.

That’s all, folks!

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17 Unseen Backstage Images Which Show That WWE Is Different Back Stage


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